Sens Claim Ontario Cup-Highlights

SensChirp April 13, 2014 28
Sens Claim Ontario Cup-Highlights

  • LeafsSux

    Last nights game really took the sting away from this seasons misfortunes and short comings. Finishing ahead of the sorry ass Leafs doesnt get any better!!

    • s3nsfan

      Careful. Someone on here will cause you of being ok with mediocrity. Lol
      Considering the less than stellar season & missing the playoffs, last night was something we could cheer on and be happy about.
      Where has this team been all season. What’s this now 7-2-1 in there last 10. Man that sucks they couldn’t do that all year. Alas I digress. Will be a long summer around here of speculation, hypothetical lines, trades & signings. Looking forward to it.

      • Simple Jack

        Being on a roll now will help hemsky forget that 6 game losing stream and want to resign.

  • Cicero

    I really hope that wasn’t Spezza’s final game in a Sens jersey. Did anyone notice if he picked-up a puck?

    Gordie interviews Jason in Bell All Access. — select Bell All Access from the Channel drop-down menu tab.

    Gordie is very sly — a couple of questions open the door to our Captain expressing some sort of commitment to returning next fall, but Jason doesn’t bite — not even a hint. He even explicitly, and wthout a prompt from Gordie, refers to changes over the summer as a result of missing the playoffs.

    I guess we’ll know when we know.

    • Simple Jack

      Not sure why people think spezza or ryan might be gone before next season, they are under contract.

      Michalek will be replaced by stone, condra by lazar, pageau needs a spot great two way guy and allows mika to be on the wing.

      Either way excited for next season, if spezza or ryan are eventually traded, expect it to be done on deadline day next season where players are usually overpriced. I expect them, plus hemsky and anderson, lehner all to have new contracts.

      Our new tv rights kick in an we’ll have some extra cash flow and potentially bigger fan base.

      • Yukon Cornelius

        I’m not really for trading either of these players but if it has to be done it should be done in the offseason. Doing it in the summer shows management is disappointed in this year’s outcome and wants to shake things up in hopes of a better results next year/in the very near future.

        Overpricing at the deadline? Look at the deadline trades this year: Vanek was traded for a prospect and a conditional second, Gaborik only yielded Frattin and a 2nd round puck, the Sens got Hemsky for a 3rd and a 5th. Maybe the Callahan-St Louis trade seemed unbalanced at the time but so far Callahan has put up more points than Marty, and the Miller trade was pretty understandable considering Miller is an elite goalie, so of course the Sabres made out like bandits but I would argue that St Louis did not overpay for him.

        At trade deadline, GMs, who have players on expiring contracts that won’t resign, have their backs against a wall, and have to trade a player to avoid losing them for nothing. This organization is not about to lose more players for nothing, so I trust what BM & Co. end up doing but I really hope it involves Spez and Ryan in Ottawa.

    • Corey Trevor

      I saw on the TSN highlights that Turris (I think) placed the puck in Andy’s mitt after the buzzer, so… I donno what that means.

      • CUP 2014-15


        • Corey Trevor

          Hahaha, ya I agree. But still, does he always grab the puck after a shutout? Just passing along what I saw.

          • CUP 2014-15

            Very common for most goaldies.

      • Simple Jack

        If hemsky walks i’d be ok with

        Zibanejad spezza ryan
        Macurthur turris stone
        Lazar pageau hoffman
        Greening smith neil

  • Tony

    FYI – EM accepting questions from fans on Twitter and will be answering them tomorrow between 2-3

    • Corey Trevor

      Hm, I may need to create a twitter account. Burning question #1 – why don’t you actively explore selling the team to someone willing to spend what it takes to build a champion? Burning question #2 – what did you say to Alfie and/ his wife to run them out of town? Burning questions #3 – does my pee smell like gonorrhoea?

      • ChampIsHere

        Sell the team to whom? Canadian Billionaires aren’t lining up to buy the Sens… no one is lining up to buy the sens.

  • CUP 2014-15

    Nice win last night, great goal by the Captain. Should have been two, but yet another phantom goaltender interference penalty, man how many of those did we have this year? My fav has to be the one in MTL. Greening get tripped heading to the net, delayed penalty on the way, he slides into Price due to the trip and Neil pops home the loose puck…..No goal due to….GOALTENDER INTERFERANCE….WTF. Looking forward to a win against the Pens tonight, still possible to move up two spots and push that pick up the ladder a little further. 92, Ninety-two points again will do it, maybe 93. Same every year. Just have to find a way to play one game over .500 every eight games and your in. Funny how after thousands of games, changing of players and realignment the numbers never change. GO SENS GO. Keep the captian, resign Hemmer, move Ryan to the Left side on that line ( played a ton on the left in Ana.) leave Stone where he is. Top six will look good. The middle is fine on 3 and 4 with ZBad and Smitty. Lots of work ahead for BM. GO SENS GO

  • Corey Trevor

    Gameday!!! Yea! Also, how ’bout Ryan Malone getting a DUI as well as being caught with 1.5g of cocaine? Ouch, bad call(s) on his parts.

  • WaitingSince92

    Bobby Ryan stays. We cannot afford to lose him.

    If Spezza is traded, I hope we get an arm and a leg for him. If he stays, well, I hope he’s the dangerous Spezza from the second half of this season, not the burden that he was in the first half.

    Michalek, meh, who cares. I think it’s best to let him go. Maybe because of injuries, but he never fully realised his potential.

    MacArthur must be resigned.

    Then we just need a real top 4 D (as opposed to someone who MIGHT be able to grow into the role as they play it)…

  • Dirk-Diggler

    I am glad we won… It was a nice way to end the home season and this team is showing that they have the ability to be good but definitely need some work!

  • Don Ciccio

    Imo Pageau and Stone should have been up from the beginning of the season. Watching Pageau play last night and not anchored by Kassian made me wonder how this guy was not up all year……He and Stone are such intelligent players with incredible hockey IQ and determination. This is what I would do for next year assuming Spezza is back…I am still on fence with him only because he will want a 5-7 year contract at around 6-7 million. Not sure how Ottawa can do that.
    Ryan – Spezza – Hemsky
    MacArthur – Turris – Stone
    Smith – Zibanejad – Hoffman
    Greening – Pageau – Neil

    • Captain Nitpicker

      Pageau WAS on the team at the start of the season

      • Don Ciccio

        I know that he was on the team at the start of the season but, he should have been up for the whole year.

        • BeJamin

          I think its arguable he should have been sent down for a short time and then called back up. And it’s fair to say Pageau was never really given a decent shake in Ottawa this year. He was always placed on the 4th line, usually anchored to some useless players. Da Costa was also great when he was called up and should have stayed. Unfortunately, “BUDGET SITUATION” in Ottawa dictates that players with contracts such as Neil, Greening & Kassian will play ahead of those guys. As if they weren’t completely useless and terrible at hockey… which they are.

    • Billy Bob

      Didn’t produce like they know he can

      • Don Ciccio

        Depends what your idea of producing is….Hard to produce with Kassian at your side and playing 5 minutes a game.

        • Billy Bob

          2 goals and a -5 in almost 30 games, last year when called up he didn’t have the greatest linemates either.

          • Don Ciccio

            He doesn’t have to have the greatest linemates but just decent ones. He looked very good last night playing with Greening and Neil. I don’t think someone playing on the 4th line should be judged by how many goals he scores.

  • Brutus5247

    Us winning the Ontario cup by wunning this game may be disputed by the Laffs fans.

    • Billy Bob

      Don’t spoil the fun