Senators Win Again- Highlights

SensChirp March 31, 2014 45
Senators Win Again- Highlights

  • Sicilian

    They’re playing like I know they can play. Why did that chemistry elude us for 70 games??

  • Jimmy!

    Winning bitches!

  • Zelle

    Winning is a great way to end a season, hope they keep it going. A loss tonight and they kept swept by Carolina. Sens haven’t been amazing on back to backs but they have been playing some good hockey. Hoping for another entertaining game tonight. Go Sens!

  • whammer44

    Only because its more interesting to live in denial…lets say the Sens can win 6 of their last 8 games and pick up a point in another thats 89 pts. That would require the teams in front of them to do the following:
    CBJ go 3W-5L – 88 pts
    Caps go 3W-3L-1OTL – 88 pts
    Leafs go 4W-2L – 88 pts
    Devils go 5W-2L-1OTL – 88 pts

    Not a huge stretch for those 4 teams to finish like that. CBJ is the key. Their next 3 games are Avs, Flyers, Hawks which could easily be 3 losses and then the collars get tight.

    Sens have Carolina, Isles and Habs in next 3. All beatable teams for them. So if they sweep those 3 and the Jackets go 0 fer…then me wasting my time figuring this out is possibly worth it!

    • Aaron 2.0

      It would be a stretch for CBJ to start losing now. But, their schedule this upcoming week is certainly difficult, so you never know! My concern is that teams like Colorado and Chicago don’t have too much to play for, with playoff spots locked up. Both of those teams still have home-ice to fight for, but that’s about it. Neither will be able to catch STL for the division. Hopefully those teams give it their all! Unfortunately, the Caps don’t have a very difficult week (DAL, NJD, NYI).

      • whammer44

        Agreed that it would be a stretch but as I said I would prefer to have some unrealistic hope than none at all. Sens lose tonight and none of this matters. Can’t see Roy letting his team coast into the playoffs (not sure any of those kids want to make him mad!) and hawks have just lost 3 in a row so they won’t be mailing it in.

        As for the Caps, finishing out 3-3-1 is totally realistic.

  • s3nsfan

    Posted this in yesterday’s game day post, interested to see what others think.

    Had this thought last night and was just wondering what everyone thought. What if the sens signed Michalek to a 1 yr contract. Lately with Hemsky and Spezza that line really has been going. Michalek has 16 goals, if he finished with 20 wouldn’t be a terrific season but it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. So hypothetically speaking they are able to get Michalek and Hemsky signed, this is what I thought you could do.


    Now I know that puts Bobby Ryan on the third line, but realistically how is that not a great top 9. With the chemistry the top 6 have been showing right now, you could certainly try and and if people are really that up in arms then swap Stone and Ryan. Even still your top 9 is pretty sweet.

    8 more games to go only 6 points out of a playoff spot. Columbus has to win 5 and get at least 1 point in another game to clinch a spot. 6 points and we have two games in hand on Toronto. It’s not impossible.

    Go Sens Go

    • Harv

      My only change would be Ryan and Stone. Putting Ryan on the third line would be like telling him he was not valuable. I want to keep Ryan in Ottawa. Playing with Turris and McArthur is a great motivator to stick around for at least one contract renewal. Stone and Z’Bad would be able to progress on the third line and, when Ryan moves on and Spezza moves on, they would be the obvious fillers to move up along with Hoffman. Stone, Hoffman and Z’Bad would be a good line. Hoffman has the speed and the will to back check, they all have good hands and Stone goes into the tough zones.

      My defence based on today’s performance is: Karlson and Methot, Ceci and Gryba and Cowen and Weircoch with Phillips in the booth watching.

      Bottom line is that I don’t see the need for a lot of changes if Michalek keeps playing the way he is right now and we can sign Hemsky.

    • The Apostle

      I like the idea of this but as it assumes Michalek will be happy signing a 1 year deal it’s not going to happen.

    • runningbear1974

      We had a really hard team getting all our lines the right amount of ice time… That’s been a huge problem with this team… We weren’t particularly successful rotating through 4 lines…

  • s3nsfan

    Watching the highlights are Turris and MacArthur not freaking outstanding!!!! Amazing chemistry

    • runningbear1974

      Turris has already scored tons of very important goals… This guy is extra special… And it seems MacArthur has easily replaced Alfie on that line…

    • my2sens

      I have this on an endless loop! LOL

      Turris and Mac = WOW!

      The Czechs are putting up numbers!!

      Great game – HAVE to beat Canes tonight… GSG!!

  • Conor_smythe

    wowsers! what a game

    This offence is really starting to click! Stone and Hoffman should be full-time NHLers… I would love to see both of them on a line with Zibby in the centre.. that would be a big, fast line.. good mix of size, speed, skill, 2-way play, playmaking, and finishing ability

    its not too late for playoffs boys.. dont care what the stats say.. Sens have been playing 50/50 hockey all year.. for every losing streak, its just as likely to have a winning streak… we haven’t had many winning streaks, so we’re probably due

    Love seeing the leafs out of the playoffs.. would love it even more to see the Sens grab that last berth

    we can do it!

  • FBP

    Can anyone recap what Pierre said about Spez and PMac/GMBM this morning?

    • SensChirp

      Essentially said you’ll have a hard time replacing Spezza’s production if you decide to get rid of him.

      And then on Murray/MacLean they played a clip from before the Chicago game where Murray didn’t exactly give MacLean his “full support” moving forward. McGuire said that isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for the Coach but also pointed out that Murray should accept his share of the blame.

      • FBP

        Makes sense. Hopefully Spezza re-signs.

        There is no way we’ll be able to re-sign everyone though. And if BMGM doesn’t do something to address the D, we’ll probably be giving up 45 shots a game again next year.

        • Zelle

          The SOG will dramatically decrease if they can stay out of the penalty box.

      • Dirk-Diggler

        Why is everyone so hung up on Murray’s comments? These radio guys like to look for any angle they can get to create stories and fill air time. Yes Murray is dissapointed about the season and so as we all. It’s Murray’s job to critique Mac. That’s what he’s hired to do! Do any of us think we are going to get fired when our boss provides feedback on our performance?

      • Imasensfan

        Bryan Murray could hardly give anyone in the organization a ringing endorsement given the shitty season the Sens have had. He did say that Mac is a good coach and has the ear of the room.

    • Conor_smythe

      He basically said Spezza is amazing, and we would be fools to trade him

      we wont get a better player in return.. because those guys don’t exist

      Spezza is top10 in the entire league (my opinion).. if we trade him, we are getting worse, not better

      • Dale Earnlove

        I think you will still see Spezza traded this offseason. Look at some of the goals Calgary scored last night. has individual goal highlights in their boxscores. Stajan’s goal was partly on Spezza and just watch Paul Byron’s goal and tell me you know what Spezza was thinking.

        I get it, Spezza can create offense, but not nearly at the rate his line gets scored on and you just can’t have that type of effort from your captain and one of your leaders. The players don’t follow Spezza and that creates angst.

        • SensChirp

          You may indeed see Spezza traded but it will have nothing to do with the reasons you’ve provided.

        • Conor_smythe

          Its funny how important “on-ice goals against” becomes when we’re talking about Spezza

          but if we’re talking about Karlsson,. well his offence makes up for allowing so many goals

          this is backwards.. if anything, the forward should be the one getting some slack on his defensive game.. not the defenseman

  • Cicero

    What a season…. How fortunate we are to get to the end of March and still in the hunt. I don’t have any number-crunching apps, but I break this season down into three phases: (1) The Fall. (2) Finding a way to win. (3) Winnowing.

    (1) The Fall. From opening day to the Christmas break, the Sens were a team trying to find a footing after reeling from the departure of Alfie. I don’t think anybody could have quantified the impact of the void he left in the squad, both on the ice and in the locker room. The record at the Christmas break summed it up well. On a more ‘speculative’ note, I think the disparity between PP on the road and at home had much to do with that impact. There’s enough material to write a long article on what went wrong before Christmas, but when we look back at the 2013-14 season, in my opinion it boils down to the ripping of a hole in the team, and a process beyond anyone’s control to see how it gets mended. That leads to phase two….

    (2) Finding a way to win: Between the Christmas and Olympic breaks, the Sens found a way to win, led by the leadership of veterans Spezza, Neil, and Phillips, and in no small way through the on-ice examples of the CMac-Turris-Ryan line. The establishment of 16-7-9 the as a legitimate #1 line provided the Sens with ammunition not only to win games and put together a run, but also to raise the bar for a challenge to leadership. The acquisition of Hemsky and the performance of 9-19-83 has answered this challenge with some volume. Now everyone is talking about re-signing to ensure both lines remain intact for next year. Quite a different buzz from January!

    (3) Winnowing: Separating the wheat from the chaff; the gold from the dross, etc. This process has been going on since the start of the season — room must be made for prospects and next year’s full-time roster players that have proven their worth in Bingo. The current run for a wild card is an opportunity to evaluate everyone on the roster now that leadership is no longer an issue (and it’s not — look at the strides the team has made since Christmas). The focus now turns to reconstruction. The Sens have an impressive line-up of youth, quite possibly the deepest group of young players in franchise history. And on top of that, they believe and have proven that they can beat any team above them in the standings.

    All of the adversity this year has been a blessing in disguise. First there was the void left by Alfie’s exodus: many players have stepped into a leadership role, more than amply filling the void. Then the young talent on this team rising into roster spots, challenging veterans and setting the table for what will be an interesting summer of contract talks. Things could be a lot worse! In fact, I think the situation is as good as it has been in many years. We’re just a team that is not used to missing the final 16 (and that ship hasn’t yet sailed without us!).

    Go Sens Go!

    • sben


      • Cicero

        Thanks! I enjoy this blog, the subscribers’ perspectives, and am always happy to contribute my thoughts (esp. to balance out my rants).

  • sben

    pageau called up.

    • Sicilian

      Who’s he replacing then? Is someone else hurt or are they sitting someone like Greening?

      • sben

        he’ll probably be winger instead of greening.

    • Dale Earnlove

      Kassian will probably sit and with Greening out, they needed a body.

  • Lorenzo72

    I really hope, that we will not repeat our second periods performance from yesterday.

  • SensChirp

    Kyle Turris named the NHL’s First Star of the Week.

    • s3nsfan

      Surprised MacArthur wasn’t a star as well, they rocked this week. Although it would be unfair to others to have 2 players from the same team lol

    • Sicilian

      Well deserved!

  • jasonontheoldsenschirp

    Re-sign Milan.

    • Sicilian

      Cheaply :)

      • esk

        always :)

      • Colin

        Is that you Eugene? ;-)

  • Moudy Mahfouz

    Looks like Hemsky really loves playing with Spezza. Best center he has played with and being able to play with Spezza will play a key role in re signing here he says. Love the way the boys have played since he has arrived. GO SENS GO lets just keep winning so i could be in agood mood during my exam season!

    • Zelle

      That’s great to hear. I’m hoping we’ll hear the same about Mac and Ryan about Turris. Resign Milo at a decent price and those are two very good lines for next season. Leave the third to be a young “tryout” line maybe with Hoff – Zbad – Stone, and then the fourth line with ? – Smith – Neil. With Pageau on the wing it might be the finisher they need as they often get chances in the opposing zone.

  • Dirk-Diggler

    I will be happy if the Sens resign Ryan and Spezza to long term deals. Both should get 4 year deals.
    On D I’d like to bring in Boyle.
    Guys I’d trade are Greening, Neil, Smith, Condra, Gryba, Phillips (I know we can’t)… Let Weircioch and Cowen grow this summer and shake off their slumps.
    Next season our D
    extra: Boro/Classen
    Ceci in the AHL next year

  • MethotToMyMadness

    So here we are, Sens are showing some of the most promising hockey all year and we are 8 games away from the end of the season. Sure, anything can happen but the playoff’s are not something I think the Sens will reach this year, and I’m a very opportunistic guy. I think it’s just expecting too much bad luck to happen to all the teams ahead of us, nothing to do with the Sens play of late. However, I do LOVE how this team rolled up it’s sleeves, dusted themselves off and continue to say, it ain’t over.

    9MM, Spezza and Hemsky continue to roll. Meanwhile CMac, Turris and Stone are on an equaling impressive run. So this starts the re-sign talk, bring back Milan. While I can understand the reason for it, he’s fitting in right now, if there is ever a time to work out some type of trade, it’s when his stock is the highest. He was worth nothing before the trade deadline and all the sudden, he’s now worth something. It would no doubt be a sign and trade type of situation, so the better the signing for Ottawa, the easier to flip him to a team for something at the draft.

    If 9MM is gone by next year, I see no reason why Stone could not jump on the line with Spezza and Hemsky, which puts Ryan back with Turris and MacArthur. Stone and Spezza already showed some chemistry, so I think it’s the natural fit.

    Ottawa has probably the worst record against Carolina, than any team in the NHL. I don’t know why they have so much trouble against them, but here’s hoping for a big win tonight. Go Sens!!!

    • SensChirp

      Bring this comment on over to the Game Day post :)

  • SensChirp