Senators vs. Sabres- Highlights

SensChirp October 5, 2013 21
Senators vs. Sabres- Highlights

  • Bobby Ryan

    Leaf suck

    • Floridasensfan

      always and forever

  • Sicilian

    Will finally watch my first game of the season tonight. Go Sens

  • Conor_smythe

    The thing I loved about that goal was Macarthur looking over his left shoulder while protecting the puck, before spinning right and making the pass.

    He tried the exact same “skate hard and curl back” move 4-5 times, – it is an extremely common move for Toronto Maple leafs players (in fact, its their #1 set-play) – and it worked almost every time.

    But I just loved that you could see him looking over his shoulder. He probably spotted Karlsson at centre-ice and then started counting “1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, pass”

    Great 1st game by MacArthur, I hope its a sign of things to come

  • SensChirp

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    • Colin

      Thanks ‘Chirp!

      Works for me!

      Really like the new format. Congrats and looking forward to a great season.

  • Sean

    Time to take it the the Laughs tonight! Go Sens Go!!

  • procdaddy

    Great game by MacArthur. It’s time to put Da Costa on waivers.

    • Jacques

      What r you talking about??

  • hq8

    as much as the focus is on spezza’s line this year, turris and his line may be the real surprise. really like the speed all three bring and i also really like turris’s puck hunt and conacher’s tenacity.
    spezza is still making no-look behind the back passes though…..

  • SENSor

    Love to hear all the praise for MacArthur this morning (and deserved)…when a certain former captain signed with another team this summer and our first move was bringing in MacArthur, the reaction wasn’t quite as positive, if I remember correctly….

  • CowensMyEskimoBro

    Loved the amount of shots thrown on net. Im hoping a few games like this to get the chemistry going and that would be a 4-5 nothing game

  • Senut

    Well it to me a couple days but I think I’m in………..
    looks good Chirp…gosensgo

  • Senut

    whoa …….did I lose my moniker hedpucker ?
    did my prediction make it ?
    are you still doing that ??
    am I posting to myself ???

    • SensChirp

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      Good luck!

  • Jelinek

    Nice to aboard here. New member. Have been following Chirp on Twitter for a while.

    Great game last night. Karlsson’s goal was almost identical (same play, minus Yashin)to the 1997 Duschene goal in a 1-0 Sens win over the Sabres to put them into the playoffs for the first time.

    I was there. Best live memory for me. Just ahead of opening night in 1992 vs the Habs. Wow time flies.

  • karlssens

    Game day post?

    • SensChirp

      Waiting on line up notes. Stay tuned!

  • SensChirp
  • The Apostle

    like the idea of a highlights update – hope it becomes a regular thing

    • SensChirp

      Here to stay!