Senators vs. Leafs- Highlights

SensChirp October 6, 2013 5
Senators vs. Leafs- Highlights

  • Robert Cyr

    Game was mixed with both highs and lows for both teams.
    Turris line played very well, and MacArthur is so unlucky after so many
    misses. Just have to get Line 1 into a better rythm, and goals will come.

    Wonder if Sens return to Ottawa, and leave on Tues for game in LA on Wed night?

    Hope to see Lehner in next game, as he will become too rusty if not playing.

  • Robert Cyr

    Just saw that the Sens are off all of Sunday, on your Twitter Account.
    Hope on Monday and Tuesday, that Michalek – Spezza – Ryan get to
    mesh their gears and start producing as we all expected.

    After first 2 games, they are not showing any chemistry, and MacLean
    will not accept mediocracy from these high profile stars much longer!

    Snoopy Senior

  • NickofTime

    I find it interesting how our smallish players don’t seem to make much of an impact against bigger, tougher teams. Da Costa got scratched for the bigger Kassian & although he didn’t play much it is hard to argue not having Kass in the lineup, just in case. Pageau didn’t do much & of course most will complain about his line mates needing to be better but this line was created IMO to defend more than score. I thought Condra had a pretty good night, although I just don’t see him on this team long term. Conacher scored a goal & was part of the line of the night but then again from my perspective, I thought it was the Turris & MacArthur show all night.

    My guess is that barring injury it will be about twenty games or so before we see Zibanejad back in Ottawa. That’s about how long I think it will take for BM to trade Da Costa for a pick. I just don’t think this team needs both Da Costa & Pageau, two small centres on the team at the same time, isn’t one enough?

    • Merchaholic

      I agree. I think Da Costa will either get lost in Waivers or pawned off for a pick.