Senators vs. Hurricanes- Highlights

SensChirp November 25, 2013 22
Senators vs. Hurricanes- Highlights


    *sigh* Another shitty sports Sunday for NHL Sens + NFL Jets fans like me. Sad sleep. Sens are in a world of hurt right now… another back-to-back coming mid week.

    • Jacques

      Pretty sad for me too – Colts fan here! ugh!

      • RUSH RLZ

        Damn! That was a shocker! Cost me a few sheckles too, those darn Colts!

        • Jacques

          Haha – after their loss to St-Louis previously , I’ve woken up a bit!

  • matsoukas45

    They have to bench Greening or get rid of him empty net and can`t score.He doesn`t do anything out there waste of a jersey,soft player for his size but for some reason maclean keeps playing him i have to wonder about Maclean judgement to keep playing this guy.

    • Jacques

      I love the waste of a jersey theme – brings back Sylvain Turgeon memories…. sniff sniff feeling Nostalgic!

    • Jacques

      Now tell me how u feel about Condra – he’s equally USELESS don’t u think?

  • Sens-fan-in-mtl

    re: hit on Boro, wouldn’t hold my breath on anything being done. TSN2 Mike Johnson on “you be the sheriff”, called it a stupid play but not one that warrants a fine or suspension.

    seriously, WTF???

    if that were Crosby or any other star that got boarded, I am sure the tune would change.

    We’ll see, but if Wideman get nothing for the elbow to the face of Ryan, this probably gets nothing as well.

  • SensChirp

    Perhaps the most frustrating part about the team’s struggles right now is they actually can’t do anything about it. Murray can and has talked to teams but the complete lack of financial flexibility is making his job next to impossible.

    I imagine he’s getting pretty frustrated at this point.

    • hq8

      i think more frustrating is the fact that people who were supposed to atleast sustain performance have taken some serious steps backwards: Greening, Condra, Cowen, Gryba, Anderson.

      • SensChirp

        A good point. They were not expected to need quite so much fixing at this point. But now at a time when a call up or a deal might help, there just isn’t flexibility to do it.

        • hq8

          if flexibility is so bad they cant even call up someone…..yikes…..although have a hard time believing that.
          i think the sens may be better off clearing out some of their bottom 6 that may have peaked or more aptly: bottomed out.

    • RUSH RLZ

      At some point this money bullshit is going to start driving away management, scouting staff and of course players.

      Dark, dark days ahead if something doesn’t change.

      Hey Bon Jovi – wanna buy an NHL team instead?

  • Greening sucks

    If Greening scores that open net, its a 2-0 nothing game and its a much different game, Carolina would have taken more chances and we could have countered better.

    And I dont get how Cowen is still in the lineup without being sent to the press box for a game or 2 or sent to AHL for some conditioning like Karlsson had to do, Cowen sucks both offensivly and defensivly, gets played for 20min, Weircioch struggles defensivly and puts up points, but gets scratched regularly? ACCOUNTABILITY COACH MACLEAN, best players play right???

    What I would do is sit Cowen out, Greening as well, and maybe even Condra. call up some hungry AHLers who have been ripping up the AHL and can provide more offense than these useless players can.

    Macarthur- Turris- Ryan
    Hoffman- Spezza- Zibenjad
    Michalek- Smith- Neil
    Grant- Pageau- Conacher

    The defense I am actually lost in, we desperatly need a vet dman to carry one of our inexperienced young guys.

    Methot- Karlsson
    Ceci/ Cleasson- Corvo

    Philips- Weircioch

    • Doc

      Yes, AHL players will save the team from failure… *sigh*
      Nevermind the fact that we already have a 23 man roster.

      • RUSH RLZ

        At least it shows accountability which I completely agree with, and gives Richardson a shot of getting some of these dummies back on track.

        • Doc

          Accountability is one thing, but having a quarter of your roster sit is another. It doesn’t send the right message at all. Plus, like I said earlier, it’s just not possible. We already have 23 players on our roster.

  • Greening sucks

    Hoff tied for 2nd in AHL points and 8th in goals

    18gp 10g 14a

  • T K

    At least Sunday’s performance should finally quiet all this “The Lehner will save us” crap.

    Both goalies are equally strong and both must be encouraged and supported. The only thing that will save the Sens is consistent effort and team play.

    • Luc Wolfe

      Im sorry Lehner has been more sharper then andy. They’re both not playing awesome… but that being said the team in front of them gives them no support.

    • Conor_smythe


  • SensChirp