Senators vs. Capitals- Highlights

SensChirp November 28, 2013 5
Senators vs. Capitals- Highlights

  • SensChirp
  • Sicilian

    Hmm, the only comment is a link to the Heritage jerseys…
    Anyway, it was a good game but not pretty to have so many goals
    We desperately need to string some wins together!
    Go Sens (And yes I will buy a jersey. I’m thinking Karlsson)

    • SensChirp

      Did you see the new posts that have gone up since? Hope you haven’t been sitting here all alone!

  • MethotToMyMadness

    It sounded as though the Sens battled hard after going down 3-1. I had to settle for listening on 1200, because neither TSN2 or the SportsNet Sens are available as part of my current Rogers package. F’ing blows goats.

    The Sens gave up chances, too many really, but that’s been their MO these days. The turning point was they capitalized on their own, which is something our Boys hadn’t been doing enough of lately. If we are going to string a few wins together, they need to continue putting those chances in the net. And Greening!!! Finally gets the monkey off his back. I see him scoring again tonight, hopefully this gets his game back and he becomes a regular contributor on the score sheet.

    Have to say the PP sounded much more controlled, scoring 3 was great. It’s a key in today’s NHL, If you can’t score on the PP, you may as well just pack it up and go home.

    Looking forward to tonight, we need to see the same effort against Vancouver. This is a game we can win. Go Sens Go!!!!

  • CrazyFish

    It was a solid 40 minutes, they dominated the game after the 1st period. Now if only we could play a full 60 minutes for a few games in a row we might get a winning streak going.