Senators vs. Blackhawks- Highlights

SensChirp October 30, 2013 106
Senators vs. Blackhawks- Highlights

  • OverMind

    and now we are tied with new jersey in the standings… playing tough teams aside, blowing another 4-2 lead is concerning, if Crawford would have been playing from the start of the game i think this game isn’t even close. Sens D is porous and its offense week and scattered. we are a mediocre team i believe…

  • Mark

    To not get points in any of the last three games really hurts. This team’s D is awful, just plain awful but I think they can turn it around. I think you sit Cowen at this point; I haven’t seen any positives in his game and he has been playing with no edge.
    Methot has been great and I’ve like the game of MacArthur.
    I haven’t been hearing much of it lately but what is the deal with Bobby Ryan? He has been invisible since the Detroit game. I was at the San Jose game on Sunday and actually forgot that he was in the lineup until I noticed him at the 10 minute mark of the third. I thought this guy was going to be a huge difference maker but he doesn’t show up every game.

  • The Apostle

    Whichever 6 have been put on the blueline we have been porous and so far we haven’t been routinely bailed out by stellar goaltending which is what happened last year. It isn’t just the defence of course, we don’t appear to be slowing down teams in the neutral zone, teams are hitting our blueline at pace which is causing us problems.

    It’s the same with the powerplay (although ours has improved from the start of the season) teams seem to be playing quicker than we are. I don’t think we are a mediocre team, but neither are we elite. We are middle of the pack, if we have a good year we finish anywhere from 2-4th in the division.A bad year puts us 6-8th.

    We are going to have to battle to get into the playoffs but I would prefer we finish off our homestand and see where we are there before predicting gloom and doom and troublkes ahead. There is a lot to like about this team but there is a lack of cohesion at the moment and the support players (players like Greening/Condra/Neil) have slipped a little from where they were the last couple of years and it’s that type of player who traditionally have made us pesky.

  • FBP


  • Mark

    Greening is another guy who really needs to start earning his keep. He has been a bug non factor so far and apparently the coaching staff has hinted to him to pick up his play… least that was the “scoop” that team 1200 was dishing yesterday.

    • boom

      No kidding! If he hadn’t paricipated in that “fastest Skater” competition at the all-star game a couple years back, and we all hadn’t read about what a physcical specimen he is – would any of us know that he’s (apparently) fast and strong?

      Casper is more visible.

  • Alcatraz

    Its pretty sad when Corvo is one of the few dmen that has “impressed” me so far. And thats not a lot of praise to him, as he has been excctly what we hoped as a 6th dman. That just shows how badly Cowen Gryba and Phillips have been. PW has been ok, but not consistent enough

    Would love to see Borowiecki call up. He has a one way deal next year, might as well start getting him ready to fill Corvo shoes now. I also think he has played some time with PW in the past?

  • kingforthewin

    We are losing against western teams, wait till we play teams from the east.

    • Conor_smythe

      A loss is a loss

      • Sandy

        1-6-1 against the West..
        2-0-1 against Atlantic division
        1-0-0 against Metropolitan divsion…
        Nothing else to say but that… This team didn’t play the West last season.. I wonder would the results be any different than those we seen this year.. if they did. My guess is NO.. It would have been the same..

        • hq8

          by your theory, COL and CGY should have leaking diapers right now then. esp COL considering their #2 D-man is Andre Benoit who the sens let walk.

  • Sen uru

    Take a chill ppl.

    We’ve face tough teams at the start of the season. All these teams are cup
    contenders, out of their first 12 games 9 games have been super hard. 2 against
    SJ, 2 Anaheim, Chicago, LA, Detroit, Phoneix n yes the Laughs. We only face Western teams twice and we are a different team from last year and need a little time to
    mesh. Return of Spezza, Karlsson, Michalek, Cowen, new additions Ryan n Mac

    Also, Gonchar was a second pairing and he is huge loss bc he was able to bring the
    puck out of the zone more easily, now we have rookie in Weircoch who was a
    third pairing last year and Corvo replaced him. So the loss of Gonchar is
    magnified in each pairing, Yes one guy makes that much of difference specially
    if the position is defence.

    We are the youngest team in the league and all these games specially last night
    against the defending champs are valuable experience. Its hard for any team to
    stop Toews when he goes into beast mode, thats just a fact. (Looking forward to
    the Olympics by the way :D)

    We are only 12 games into the season, ppl need to relax. I am more concerned about
    our next 5 games, we need to win atleast 3 of the five games to be competitive.
    If we don’t then we got a problem but I have complete faith in this team and

    Go Sens Go

  • hq8

    so im going to try and sum the issues without getting specific about individual players:
    1. notoriously unable to prevent goals on a-grade chances or reduce them atleast. this falls on our D-men, three of our forward lines (except turris line) and also on our goalie.
    2. clear lack of ability to clear the zone with a lot of confusing decisions – maybe lack of intensity, urgency and also nastiness. i feel the sens are too easy in terms of physicality when an opposing team establishes zone-time. this was not the case last year, it was an ugly place to be in the sens zone (except if you were the penguins in Rd.2).
    3. unable to hold leads – this definitely is new and now we have seen three instances of it, twice when the sens were leading by a good margin at the half-way point (TOR, CHI).
    4. the third and fourth lines have become a liability now. too easy to match up against all of a sudden. this is the hardest one to explain…..and make sense of. they anchored the team last season. whats happened now?
    i think that bag-skate where Maclean yelled at them “let’s go! why are we not ready to go!” is the crux of it all. this group is definitely capable of getting it done, i mean ask MTL about last year’s first round. its just not doing it.
    and SC – i don’t know if a slow start similar to 2011-2012 is a good thing. TB is back on the upswing and they are in our division. Florida, definitely has the pieces to take up a spot given up by a previous playoff team (us). unlike what everyone was predicting and us sens fans were hoping for gleefully: Toronto and Mtl have not regressed AT ALL. the Blue Jackets add a scary element to the east too and they barely missed in the west last year. the downfalls of NYR, NJD and PHI gives them just the room to make it in. and Detroit – they will make the playoffs, its the one constant in this league. so the standings picture is not good for us at all, let alone being a threat in the playoffs.
    i think we need a change in goal, and we also need to remove the A from Chris Neil – it is completely contradictory to give him the A. you cant get suckered into bad unnecessary selfish penalties and wear the A.

  • Alcatraz

    Enough with the “Schedule” excuse

    If we want to be seen as a threat in this league, these are games we need to win, especially when we put ourselves in the position to win. I’m tired of hearing about our schedule. Suck it up and play. We all knew we would have to play every team twice so its no surprise when we play them

    Honestly the way the Sens fans keep defending their play due to scheduling reminds me of people defending their spoiled children who break everything in sight and throw tantrums in the mall.

    Let it go, we have sucked this year. Our only real win worth writing home about was againt Phoenix. It took us 58 minutes to score against Buffalo, we managed a win vs Brodeur and the rest has been awful

    Right now we aren’t a playoff team. In my eyes we shoudl be able to compete with any team in the league if we were a playoff team.

    I’m not panicking just stating the facts. Our record is an indication of our play

    Chicago, San Jose, Anaheim aren’t all going to go undefeated. They can be beat, and we should be beating them or at least going 500 against them

    Instead we are what? 1-8 vs the West?

    At the end of the year, take all the East playoff teams and measure their record vs the West, guaranteed the good teams fair much better

    Anaheim-San Jose-Chicago = 10 points to be had vs them so far this year, Ottawa walked away with 0

    Thats not getting it done.

    Will we make the playoffs? I still think yes, but we need to get our act together quicklly to do so

    • Conor_smythe

      I was just about to write a very similar rant RE:excuses

      I don’t see the players blaming the schedule. They are only saying they need to be better

      This team has been bad, they know they’ve been bad, they are the first to admit they’ve been bad.. why can’t fans admit it as well, this team has been bad.

      Stop with the excuses.. Excuses are for losers

      • Conor_smythe

        I will admit this team has been good AT TIMES

        but the only thing that matters is Wins. I’m not about to start celebrating “small victories” unless it comes in the form of 1pt that we didn’t deserve

        • Alcatraz


          Yes the Schedule is a reason for his to struggle at times, but the godo teams find a way regardless.

          Put it this way what woudl you rather have: A tough schedule, or a full season without Spezza, Karlsson, Michalek and Anderson

          I know how we reacted to one of those situations, which was the complete opposite of what is happening now

    • hq8

      thank you. a lot of sens apologists here with the schedule excuse

      • The Apostle

        People are also forgetting that we weren’t very good away from SBP last year. This isn’t a new issue.

        The problem with all the away games against difficult teams at the start of the season is that playing catch-upis notoriously difficult in this league.

        So the schedule IS a factor – but it isn’t the only reason this team isn’t performing. Not even close.

      • Tooks

        Unreal isnt it, some fans just dont want to face reality. always making up excuses for the team. Its pathetic.

        • SensChirp

          A schedule of games against hard teams isn’t an excuse. It’s a reality. It doesn’t mean it’s the only issue the team is facing but it’s certainly one of them.

          • hq8

            just dont get how its an issue. unless the schedule was designed to screw the sens consciously then it would be an issue. I would say the sens have had a much lighter schedule to start the season than some other teams. they started later than other teams, they have had more practice time too i think. they have been at home too now. they got Edmonton at a very favorable point in the schedule some might say considering how badly Edm were doing and still are doing. that was a gimme.
            every team is given a schedule ahead of the season. its not an issue because they get to prepare for it. what would the sens rather have? a 5 game start against Buffalo?
            and last i checked, the sens were #fearless……doesnt that mean that it doesnt matter how hard the opposition or the schedule?
            this is ridiculous. i didnt think that our fanbase would start doling out schedule as an excuse for some of the most shitty play we have seen from this team after a gap of two good years.

          • SensChirp

            Because they have played good teams? What the hell is so hard to grasp here? I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy against the Senators.

            I’m saying the teams they have played collectively have a good record. The teams they are about to play in November do not have as good a record.

          • hq8

            ok, so when you say that, i take that as you saying the sens cant face up to western conference teams.

            i disagree. imho, the sens definitely on paper can face up to any team in this league. they have shown it before with a much more lesser roster.

            i think the general consensus – even outside of sens fanbase/community – was that the sens had the strongest roster of all canadian teams going into the season. remember the top 3 in the east prediction by most punditry not very long ago? and lets not blind ourselves, we all though this year was going to be dominant. i think all signs point to the opposite right now……

            and hence my point that schedule is not an issue, bad team or good team in opposition.

          • bishbosh

            much more lesser?

            that is genius right there

          • Alcatraz

            But to be a playoff team and safe and sound playoff team (meaning not bubble) you have to win against good record teams.

            16 out 30 teams make the playoffs, therefore you can’t just win vs the easy teams, you need to win against the good ones

            Winning the hard games is what builds momentum and confidence. This schedule givent o Ottawa is one we should have capitalized on.

            If we went through the West Coast swing and now this home stretch and played well, do you know what that would have done for us?

          • Alcatraz

            Also, I loved our schedule. It got to benchmark us early, before the “good teams” really start to gel. Instead its us who hasn’t gelled.

            And also, do you know how great it was supposed to be to get one of our 2 west coast trips out of the way early? Compare that to other teams who will have to do that later in the eyar around the Olympic break when everyone is super tired?

            We were given a blessing of a schedule from that stand point. We will be able to play at home and rest in February/March when everyone else is travelling across the world.

            For this reason we HAD to capitalize on the schedule to play in our favor not against us

          • Alcatraz

            Anaheim struggled at the end of last year, lost to Detroit first round handedly. Lost Ryan, replaced him with rookies. Are getting older and didn’t add anyone of significance to their roster. They should be looked at as equal competition, not someone who is “better” because of a simple record. All their record states is that they have found ways to win and we didn’t. San Jose and Chicago are the only two true teams that we have played who are significantly better, and even then we could have won 2 of those 3 games

          • C H

            So it is still a blessing then becuase the sens will/should be able to capitalize on those teams with the road trips around the olympic break who are tired.
            good thing it is an 82 game schedule and not a 12 game schedule
            who cares if the sens win 15 in the first 41 games and 30 in the last 41 games. it still equals 90+ points and a playoff spot

          • Tooks

            Ya well you better pray to GODthat we dont go .500 vs the weaker teams during our soft sched. This place will explode!

            We generally have a harder times vs weaker teams, playing down to their level.

          • C H

            exactly Chirp, wait until the end of november before anyone judges this team
            and the posters saying a tough schedule isnt a valid excuse for the sens results better not be saying the sens have had an easy schedule in November if they win a bunch of games

          • Sandy

            Thank you Chirp… a voice of reason..
            The very good Sens teams of the past had trouble with these elite teams of the West.. but this young team is expected to win games against them… or else they are considered basically garbage…
            They have defensive issues… that’s for sure.. Nothing to sugar coat there.

          • Miguel

            Good point, however despite the tough sched, we have not been playing great hockey, and some would argue playing these teams after back to back, is actually in our favour

          • SensChirp

            I never said the reason they weren’t playing good hockey was a tough schedule. I just said the schedule was tough. Full stop.

    • Tooks

      Just goes to show that the expectations put up by Sens goggles fans were just unreasonably high for this team.

      We are a bubble playoff team that once IN the playoffs, could win a round or 2 but not fully compete with the contending teams.

      • TheTruth

        This. A lot of fans mocked other fans for saying the Sens wouldn’t make the playoffs. I understand you want to be optimistic about your team, however, I for one picked them to miss the playoffs and had the Wings, Habs, Leafs all ahead of them in the standings mainly because I didn’t believe the Sens D was that good at all last year. We had 3 goalies playing out of there minds and that is the ONLY reason we made the playoffs. Add to the fact we lost 2 important leaders in Alfie and Gonchar and its quite predicatable we are where we are. The only pleasent surprises this year are Turris, MacArther and Ryan who have been our more consistent line when together.

        • Aaron 2.0

          I’d actually argue that Turris is the biggest driver there. You can pretty much play anybody with him, and they improve. I think MacArthur has been really solid too. I’ve been pretty tough on Ryan, but thought he had one of his better games last night. He played solid in both ends.

          • Alcatraz

            Agreed time for:

        • Alcatraz

          We are drinking our own Koolaid right now. We think every prospect will score 20+. Cowen +PW aren’t developing at the pace we need them to. Arguably they are both just entering their 2nd full season in the NHL yet we want them to play top 4 minutes and 20 min a game. They are struggling, which should be understandable. But it does hurt us in the short term. Colelctively we need to do a better job of defensive zone coverage

          • The Apostle

            Some of us having been saying that for 2-4 years, but a realistic cold eyed look at the team isn’t valued here.

            I don’t know why we are struggling because every prospect we have is a sure fire hit. Every player in the top 9 is going to get 15+ goals a season and all our goalies are going to stop everything.

            The evidence is completely different – we can’t name a rookie who has genuinely set the world alight in his first season in the NHL with the Sens – Karlsson came close. Zbad and Silf both performed well (FOR ROOKIES) but those two forwards were both meant to score 20 goals last year and be the asnwers to gaping top six holes.

            I still get the chuckles when I remember Filatov being tipped to score 30 and Rundblad to win the calder. The unrealistic expectations that are placed on these players directly contributes to the frustration and anger that is felt when they don’t meet them.

            We have had a tough start to the season with some of the teams we have played, but the most important factor is not the schedule it’s that we haven’t handled it well – and that’s exactly what macLean and Spezza would point to if they were asked.

          • Tooks

            Cowen and PW46 were considered blue chip prospects by the Org and fans bought into it. They arent, Cowen is not a 1st round material, PW46 I’m more lenient on cuz he was a 2nd rounder but could of easily been a 3rd. (and he’s playing better than Cowen right now).

            Cowen has been slowed by injuries and his dev hasnt progressed as we want it to. Some guys are busts, some take longer, some are instant!

            I believe Cowen is one that is on the longer progressions, close to a bust, especially with the early injuries and all.

          • Sandy

            FFS — defensemen take several years to develop… These guys have played about 1 NHL season and are expected to develop not playing with a veteran.. which each should be.
            One with Phillips and the other with a decent defensive defenseman…
            But you have an Owner who won’t spend money on the team over his budget — so you have what you have.

    • Sandy

      But the thing is.. those Western teams.. the elite ones.. LA, SJ, Ana, Chi have been teams the Sens have struggled with in the past.. Why would we expect that to be any different now — especially with a less experienced team than those the past couple of years? (Last year doesn’t count as they didn’t play the West). They have played those 4 teams 6 out of 12 games.. So the schedule does matter…

    • Miguel

      Bang on. We had better excuese last year with Spezza, EK, Anderson, Cowen, all out with injuries, yet we managed to play pesky 60 minute hockey.
      No More Excuses, just win some damn games!

  • Alcatraz

    Heres a question for you guys

    If Sens only go 500 in this next 10 game stretch, does your opinion change from too hard of a schedule to ok maybe we aren’t so good.

    Now next step, how much will you panic when you realize we don’t have our own 1st pick

    • The Apostle

      If we are where we are now in 15 games time I will have the same expectations because I thought we were a 3-5 team in the division anyway.

      I don’tmind us not having our first round pick at the moment because I believe in the Ryan deal (i’ll believe it even more if he signs a new contract). Also if we are out of a playoff spot come deadline day, I think we get a 1st back because I think Michalek and/or Anderson will be on the block.

      • Jacques

        Excellent point.

    • sens23

      the only reason to panic about not having a first round pick is if the sens finish 29th or 30th because this is a god awful draft class.
      why do you think two 5-8th in the conference ranked teams (sens & Isles) have already moved their 1st round picks
      also going .500 in the next ten games would mean the sens are 9-11-2 in 2006-2007 they started 8-11-1. where did they end up that season?

      • Tooks

        Totally different teams too, we are nowhere near our 2007 team.

    • Jacques

      Not overly concerned about not having a first rounder. I will be more concerned with what Murray will have to do to get this ship going in the right direction. I heard a hockey general manager say the other day(can’t remember who it was) that the best teams are the ones that have the most 200 ft players. Thus why the Sens drafted Curtis Lazar and traded for Kyle Turris. I would put Zibby is this group as well. Sens have the building blocks but I believe a few bold moves need to be made or we’ll remain pretenders IMHO.

  • NickofTime

    Nice to see that the October games have finally come to an end & not soon enough. Movember should be the time the Sens turn it around or the season could be over. While it’s still too early to panic there does need to be some changes to the lineup. Conacher has not produced the way they thought he could & maybe it’s time to consider sending him down to Bingo along with Pageau to get their mojo back. Hoffman, JOB or even Robinson would be an interesting mix to see if they can generate something in Ottawa. Stone may not be ready for another week or so, he should replace Condra in the lineup.

    Michalek – Spezza – Grant
    Smith – Turris – Ryan
    MacArthur – Zibanejad – Hoffman
    Greening – JOB – Neil/Kassian

    • Tooks

      Damn, dare I say it….Insert the Kassassin!
      He just brings wins!

    • sprucesens

      conacher has played well. Its the bottom 6 excluding him that have been terrible. Smith has been decent enough for a 4th line center, but is being played as a 3rd line because the 4th is even worse. bringing up Hoffman, and robinson, and eventually stone are all good ideas though. Just not to remove conacher. He’s one of the only players outside of the 2nd line that has been playing well every game, points or not.

  • Hax

    Not going to read the comments since I’m sure there are many that I’d find infuriating (due to my own “homer” issues – not the fault of the commenters).

    I think this team is close to “clicking” and fully capable of being one of the top teams. But man, please figure it out soon. Yes we’ve played teams that leave little room for error but if that’s the case USE THAT to know exactly what we need to fix. Then fix it. If we can play like we’re capable in November we could easily win 10 games but only if we play like we did last year.

    Essentially, instead of thinking “Hey everyone’s healthy we’re gonna win a lot” they should be thinking “Let’s bust our asses every shift and play like we’re missing key guys – i.e. play the system, do your job etc”. Ironically I bet if we had a key injury or two right now we’d start playing better. Too often this team seems to expect to score/win and other teams to roll over.

    Again, I think we’re very close. We know this group can play defense. Essentially the same group as last year and the changes we’ve had shouldn’t be hurting our play in our own end. Lots of young guys who should be improving and only a couple of players that should be seeing any kind of decline. So I’m confident that this group can win games.

  • one gun mitty

    I miss Ben Bishop and Sergei Gonchar

    • Tooks

      I miss Chara & Alfie.

  • Sandy

    Not making excuses.. but this team has played 6 of it’s 12 games against the elite of the West teams. LA, SJ, Ana, Chi… with 1 out of 12 points to show. That’s why the Sens are where they are.. 8 of their 12 games have been against the West…
    What has me concerned is their play in the defensive end… Give up the puck against those 4 elite West teams in your own zone and it’s in the net..
    Was concerned for Andy on that Hawks 3rd goal when he took a knee to the head from Michalek.. He also took another shot to the head a few minutes after that. Was concerned about a concussion..
    I think a lot of Sens fans are panicking because of the good starts Mtl & TO are having.. but they have not played the number of elite teams the Sens have. Sure they both beat Ana.. big deal… Mtl also lost to SJ… TO also lost to Chicago… It’s just they haven’t played them back to back to back to back…

    Would Sens fans be this concerned if this stretch of games against the elite teams came in the middle of the season with the same results?

    Some fans on other sites were thinking about trading for Erhoff.. who is signed like forever with a salary of about 4M per season over the next 3 or 4 seasons.. Is he good enough? What would you have to give up?

    • WaitingSince92

      “Would Sens fans be this concerned if this stretch of games against the
      elite teams came in the middle of the season with the same results?”

      Yes, obviously. Sorry, I don’t mean to pick on you today!

    • Tooks

      Sandy we just played 3 teams on their 2nd of back to backs (2 at CTC and Chicago) all 3 with back ups…no excuses…

    • sprucesens

      agree with tooks. you say no excuses then give a 2 minute excuse. If they both (mtl and tor) can beat Anaheim, then why is it “ok” for us to lose to them because they are an elite team, meanwhile, shrugging off that we also played them on 2nd half of back to backs, with backup goaltenders. Including one that had his first game in the nhl???
      Also, its important to remember that we had 2 goal leads in 2 games, and came up with nothing to show for it. With only half a game remaining. That is unacceptable no matter what team you are playing.
      The fact is, the players in the bottom 6 and the D all around have played terribly. Something needs to change to fix that. We can do it within, or via trade. We can’t blame the schedule and hope to fix it against “easy scheduled” teams. If that’s the case, better start acquiring more draft picks, because the rebuild has taken an awful turn for the worse.

  • WaitingSince92

    Why would anyone come down on Ryan? He’s been in the corners, he’s been backchecking, hitting and scoring. You can’t just expect him to get a goal every game, especially when the rest of the team is playing poorly. Ryan is fine, certainly not part of the problem.

  • WaitingSince92

    Sandy, you did it again… If you say, not making excuses, then say “but” and list an excuse, it still counts. hehehheh. If we want to do anything in the playoffs (at least get there), then we will HAVE TO beat an elite team now and then…not once in a road trip, not once in a dozen games. even 4/12pts against those elite teams would have been something…

    • Sandy

      It hasn’t really happened in the past that the Sens teams have had success out West… those are the facts.

      Why would fans expect a less experienced team to do any better?
      The only games I’m upset with they lost when they should have won was Toronto & Edmonton..

      • sprucesens

        and we blew a lead to Chicago because we couldn’t play defence, or keep bringing the offence. And because the team is expected to be a better team this year, and have improved with all our rookies now being in sophomore years and having more experience having won a round of playoffs. The team is expected to progress and get hungrier and learn how to win against hard teams. End of story


    We’ve had a tough sked, it is very obvious we haven’t nailed our “identity” yet and we certainly haven’t gelled solidly as a group yet…

    I’m not “too” worried yet. Disappointing yes but give it some time. I don’t know a team in the league who couldn’t easily lose by a goal to the Shithawks.

    Chances are we will find our groove.

  • Sandy

    I did a quick look at a couple of seasons playing these elite Western teams..
    2011/12 – the trip was in Jan.. Win against SJ.. loss against Ducks, Kings, Coyotes, Hawks.. so 2 out of possible 10 points..
    2006/07 — Sens didn’t play the Calif teams.. only Hawks who won in a SO.
    2005/06 — Coyotes, Kings — wins
    Ducks, Sharks — losses — one was a shootout loss..
    so 5 out of 8 points — all of those games at home… Didn’t play Chicago..
    This year.. win in Phoenix.. losses to LA, SJ, Ana, Chi.. with one OT loss.. so 3 out of 10 points..
    They actually had a better record by 1 point this year against those teams than they did in 2011/12…
    Historically the Sens have not done well out West — that’s a fact none of you can say it didn’t matter. Even the best of the Sens teams struggled out West…

    So sorry… .playing those teams do matter…

    That doesn’t however hide the issues the Sens have.. that needs fixing. But it has to come from within as Melnyk won’t spend any more money.. Could be time for a new Owner.. that will spend.

    Teams with less attendance and revenue still manage to spend a lot more on their teams because they have outside incomes that compensate for that. Melnyk doesn’t have that… and that is the issue.

    • Tooks

      3 of those 6 games vs elite teams were on back to back road games (except CHI) for them with 3 back up goalies…Do you have more excuses?

      • Sandy

        Probably the same excuses as in 2011/12

    • The Apostle

      Has Melnyk suddenly taken more money out of the team since the start of the season?

      Because I’m pretty sure that when this team was being discussed before the start of the season the lowest anybody had us pegged to finish was 5th in the division and the vast majority of us thought we could finish in the top 3.

      The schedule is not irrelevant but it isn’t the biggest issue facing this team. But as I’ve aid before I’m going to wait until the 20 game mark before really looking at this team as being “set”.

  • Sandy

    If this stretch of games would have come in Jan-Feb.. and the Sens would have had a better start to the season .. would we still be on here trashing our team?

    • The Apostle

      Yes because this community loves shitting on the team after ANY loss.

      • Tooks

        But this is the best community of Sens fans, right?

        • Alcatraz

          And we aren’t here shitting on the team lol. I actually believe I was shitting on the fans haha and their continued use of the schedule excuse haha

          The players themselves aren’t happy, and know they eed to improve. Ask everyone one of them their opinion and they woudl tell youe xactly what these boards said this morning.

          “The schedule is ewual for all teams, regardless of its structure, everyone plays everyone. We need to find a way to win the close games. We need better defensive zone coverage and we need to find our own identity”

        • The Apostle

          Yep, I think it is and said so a couple of days ago. The one thing that pisses me off about this community is the overwhelming need it has to over react to anything and everything.

          Say we win 5 of the next 7 (which is by no means impossible) we’ll be back amongst the we are so great and we are going to win everything comments. And I guess that’s how it should be.

          But the message boards on here during or adfter a bad performance or a loss are absolutely brutal.

  • MikeS

    I think part of the reason for the panic is the Sens have raised expectations, and now are playing much worse then we believe they can

  • Miguel

    ok I am going to go there and I know this will be taken with very mixed emotions.
    Many of us were curious to some of our moves in the last couple of years, but I am questioning some of the decisions we have gone with, especially given the recent performances of some of our bottome 6.
    Those that we have given up on seem to be fitting in well where they have ended up, whereas the guys we have kept or brought in are really have questioning why we gave up on them.
    I would argue that Regin when healthy could help this team more than Condra or Greening, same goes for Daugavins.
    On D I have no doubt that Benoit would be more valuable to this team than either Corvo or Phillips
    And right now I would welcome O’Brien on our bottom six over many of the guys we have now,
    and yes I already know this will not win any popularity contests :)

    • Tooks

      I agree with O’Brien and Benoit but Regin and Daug can kiss my ass.
      Greening is the slowest, softest physical specimen I’ve ever seen…
      Corvo is actually doing well for what he’s worth and asked to do.
      Phillips, well, fans like the Org to be loya and friendly to its players….well thats a direct result of that. I say get rid of the guy as soon as possible. Send him to BOS to win a Cup with Chara.

    • Sandy

      Daugavins isn’t even in the NHL. Regin has skill but can’t stay healthy.. O’Brien is not exactly succeeding in the AHL, I believe.

      But Benoit is doing very well in Colorado.
      Greening & Condra were doing well enough the past couple of seasons for Sens fans to like them… now they struggle a few games and they are garbage in some fans opinion? Are they the only players on the team not playing well.. and it’s all their fault that the team hasn’t been winning?
      Phillips is past his prime.. but the most experienced D the Sens have.
      Corvo is what you get when you have an Owner with no money.

      • Miguel

        Just cause Daug is not in the NHL does not mean he can no longer play or help this team, he is playing well in the Swiss league
        Regin is healthy and playing very well in NYI
        O’Brien had 6 goals and lead the team after less than 20 games last year, and neither Greening nor Condra will ever meet that before 20 games this year.
        Finally yes Benoit was a big part of our success last year and is proving evern better in Col as a top 4 D-man
        Bobby Orr also has more experience than all our D but cannot help us very much anymore.
        for the same money instead of Corvo we could have had Benoit, so I dont buy the no money.
        And I am not saying that they are shit, all i am saying is that they are playing like shit right now,

        • Sandy

          I wish they would have kept Benoit.. but he probably would have been in and out of the lineup like Corvo and he probably wanted more steady minutes which he is getting with a good team in Colorado..
          If O’Brien was so good last season why was he a healthy scratch at the end of the year?
          The Sens played a better game last night.. but still have defensive issues.. and that is the reason they are losing a lot of these games.. that and the penalties.

    • Phil.

      I think there is a bit of Monday morning quaterbacking there.
      -Regin is doing ok with the Iles playing 12-13 mins and 5 point in 12 games. It would have been and was however a gamble given his injury history. His play last year (3 pts in 27g) did not justify that risk over other Cs.
      -benoit is doing well in COL. My understanding is that he left in part because he knew he would be slotted 6-7 based on who had contracts and wanted a chance at more playing time. yes right now he’s be getting more ice time, but that’s ow how things looked when he left. So I don’t see it as Corvo vs Benoit.
      -Daugs proved himself a in/out of the line-up kind of guy. maybe some nights he’d be an improvement, maybe not. Definitely not enough to make an impact, I think.
      -I don’t get the whole O’Brien story, but again I doubt he could have enough of an impact to replace a bottom 6 guy.

    • The Apostle

      Benoit i would have liked to have kept but can understand why we didn’t. With Karlsson, WireCock already on the roster and Ceci on the way, we couldn’t offer him the sort of deal he was able to get in Colorado – good luck to him.

      The concept of keeping the others is laughable. Just who is Regin going to replace, Turris? At best Regin is a 3LC and I would MUCH rather have Zbad or Pageau there instead of him.

  • Sandy

    After 12 games in 2006/07 the Sens had 9 points. Their opponents in those first 12 games were Toronto 4 times, Buffalo, Calgary, Montreal twice, Colorado, New Jersey, Boston & Carolina.

    As you can see, that year the schedule to start was SOOOOOO much harder than this season. (sarcasm intended).
    Sens fans in the City were screaming for Alfie to be traded… All they did that year was go to the SCF.

    So please put things in perspective before you start demanding players get sent out of town..
    Sometimes teams have tough starts…
    This is still a young team trying to find it’s identity for the first time in 17 yrs without Alfie..
    If you can’t be with your team in the bad times.. then you don’t deserve to be with your team in the good times… AKA — fairweather fans.

    • hq8

      lol actually that schedule start was not that hard:
      Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Carolina all missed the playoffs. infact Toronto and Boston used to be a pretty shit teams then. CGY was 8th in the west. COL missed the playoffs too.
      so by today’s measures, it was a much easier schedule as the sens still had Heatley-Spezz-Alfie on the top line and were just coming off a season where they were tops in the eastern conf and had outscored the whole damn league (314GF) with a diff of +103. yea……..
      maybe this is not a new problem after all. whats still here from that team:
      Spezza, Phillips, Neil and CORVO!

      also being harsh on the team doesnt mean we are dumping the team, it means we are just holding to a higher standard. which in this case, they themselves have set. after all isnt this originally supposed to be year 3 of the rebuild???

      • Sandy

        I was being sarcastic when I said the schedule in 2006/07 was harder..
        Just trying to prove a point that this schedule this season made a difference for a young struggling team…
        Some fans are giving up on a few players especially those 2 young D who are struggling in Weircioch & Cowen.

        • hq8

          as far as i am concerned, i dont think the sens have a personnel issue. therefore, im not rooting for a trade or signing, especially not giving up on a 2009 #9 overall pick who has played much better before.
          there was one personnel issue, where they had pageau and SDC playing ahead of Zib, but thats fixed now.
          yea Neil and Phillips frustrate, but i think if the other 21 play to their potentials and roles, we wont have an issue.
          the sens problem stems purely from execution and not being ready to play the game. it has nothing to do with schedule and has even less to do with personnel.

  • spezzerman

    These boards are toxic. Nothing wrong with a little adversity. These are all coachable issues and there are 70 games to play. It is much better playing like shit in the beginning of the year and get rolling later.

    • Alcatraz

      Agreed and if we are going to play like shit and throw away points I’d rather be it to West teams like we’ve done the last 3 games.

      I know we all complained last year in saying how unfair it was that everytime we played Toronto it was on the back half of a back to back.

      Using that logic, sure we have had a tough schedule in terms of teams, but those teams have made it easier for us. They started their backups.

      Put it this way, here are all our games so far and goalies we faced:
      Miller, Reimer, Quick, Niemi, Hiller, Smith, Brodeur, Dubnyk, Howard, Andersen, Stalock, Khabibulin

      The only sure fire starts on that list is Miller-Quick-Niemi-Smith-Howard

      Reimer-Dubnyk-Hiller-Brodeur are all low end 1b goalies

      Andersen-Stalock are rookies and Khabibulin sucks

      In my eyes, if you all think the NHL gave us too hard of an opening schedule, then the actual teams have tried to throw us a bone and evening it out for us

      Funny thing is…3 of our 4 wins have come against the sure fire starters (Howard-Miller-Smith)

    • Sandy

      Completely agree.
      Some fans of the Sens can only be fans when the team is winning and not when the team is facing adversity.

      Too many like that in Ottawa.

      Are they playing well — no. They have defensive issues that have to be corrected. They will have to do with what they have as no help is coming from the outside. The team is over their budget.

      They were better last night.. but giving up the puck near your net to guys like Hossa, Toews, Sharp, et al… it’s going to go into the back of the net..
      I want the team that played in Detroit back… they were just awesome that night. Still some defensive issues.. but they overcame them and won that game handily.

      • Alcatraz

        I’d counter that argument with some fans can only be fans by always painting a rosy picture and never seeing the glass half empty always half full

        Yes I’m angry with how they ahve started the season. Just because I expect more from them and don’t want to use excuses doesn’t make me any less a fan. I can pull out my poms poms also, but I choose to actually try and see what this team is at the surface level.

        Right now we are a fringe team. Keep playing the way we are we will fight for playoff spot all year. Work on a few things and we could be fighting for home ice

        • Sandy

          I don’t like the way they have been playing either (I said that in my post)…. they have big defensive issues. But I didn’t really expect them to go much over .500 for the month of October (agree or not.. they had a tough schedule to start)… and they haven’t actually they are below..
          I was angry with them in that Edmonton game.. and the Toronto game as well… That Edmonton game lacked focus, intensity and energy and mistake ridden… they basically gave those points away. Toronto they gave them too many PP’s and it cost them a point.
          Then again, I don’t want to put unrealistic expectations on this young team to do something the better Sens teams of the past struggled to do that is having a winning record in Calif and Arizona… A lot of you disagree on that.. it is what it is..
          Some call it an excuse… I call it reality and expectations.

      • Miguel

        Sandy, just cause we are not happy with their play at the moment, does not make you a better fan than those that are not happy with their current play.
        99% of the people on here a die hard Sens fans, that hurt when they lose, and are elated when they win, so calling out people as “non fans” when they are losing is unfair, an very short sighted IMO.
        Yes I do agree that we all need to support the team through thick and thin, and that we should all make efforts to show up to games and chant for our team, however to force us to be happy with the play of all the players, and be happy with all the decisions, will not make you a better fan than someone that is not happy with some of these losses.
        Their play right now especially sucks in comparison to our pesky Sens of last year, why this is, is the reason most of us come on here to discuss our opinions. If we did not care, this site would not be as interesting

  • Jason

    I don’t feel like being negative after last night’s game because it would be wayyyy to easy. SO here’s some positives.
    We scored 5 goals against the defending stanley cup champs.
    Smith played really good, seemed to forecheck hard and was hitting people. Scored a nice goal and won over 50% faceoffs.
    Corvo played really good, scored a goal. Was even on the night with 5 shots. People are quite negative towards him but he is a #6 -7 defenseman on the team, if you compare him to other teams 6-7 defenseman he’s probably one of the best. Keep him in the lineup.
    Methot played really good as usual. Best defenseman on the team so far this year.
    Spezza won 72% of his faceoffs…that’s all I have.
    Zibanejad seemed to have a lot more energy last night and scored another goal, he’s here to stay.

    • Sandy

      Nice to see the positives.. when so many delight in pointing out the negatives…

  • SensChirp
  • MoeDozer

    im still not concerned about this team. i never judge until atleast 20 games in… if i did judge then we would be no better than the leafs that prepare their cup celebrations by late pre-season…

    look at the positives..we are no longer a team that struggles to produce offence.
    we have goaltending depth..
    we have good staff..
    the defensive mistakes are teachable things..we have 4 towering Dman at over 6’4…that we all know can play better and will play better once their confidence gets to rise again vs some of our own conference teams.

    dont forget zibby pageau weirdo gryba cowen are all WELL ahead of their learning curve in terms of development. especially the Dmen… so seeing struggles now is only natural. its the hand we were dealt. we dont have a filthy rich owner that throws out money. deal with it. we will learn and grow from what we have.

    IF no improvment is seen after 20ish games which i really highly doubt..then you can hit that big red panic button and an imminent trade would happen. since i doubt any of our coaching or management staff are to blame for this start.

    • Jacques

      The thing that has me concerned is that the d problems have been evident since the California games and NO adjustments have been made. It’s like theSENS have a turnstile at center ice and its constant 2 on 1′s and 3 on 2′s. Karlsson keeps throwing slap passes cross ice in the O zone that result in the puck coming out on the otherside creating odd number rushes by the opposition at an alarming rate. Last year we won without Karlsson, he has to realize that he can play a more conservative game and the team will be successful. Getting the puck out of the zone and setting the first pass should be his goal. He has to learn to just get the puck deep sometimes will do the job instead of missing the net and setting the other team off.
      ALSO ANDY has been off and they haven’t played LEHNER, that is really the most head scratching of all things to date.

      Then that third line has to be bolstered. Greening-Smith-Neil is our 4th line IMO, and they are playing too many minutes.

      • MoeDozer

        i dont disagree with what youve said and to add on. why did we sign corvo if we are going to use phillips on the PP ? and why do we have 6 or 7 offensively talented guys yet still use neil out there on the PP and in last min of game.

        however these issues have not been addressed IMO because the team didnt have enough time to practice until after the west road trip..they have a short break between now and islanders to fix some of these things.

        i dont have an issue with karlsson free wheeling being creative doing his thing. its more so the other 5 dmen that all of a sudden think they are allowed or are even physically able to move like him..causing more turnovers.

        if i could say 1 thing to Pmac. please stop shuffling the lines every 5minutes.. stick to a line up for atleast 1-2 full games before completely hitting the shuffle else do you expect players to build chemistry if they are constantly playing with different line mates.

        • Miguel

          as always completely agree with all your comments and great discussion between you and Jacques, if many of these could be addressed, we could be back on track in no time,
          well done boys

  • Alcatraz

    Ok so lets talk about good news
    We still have 3 recent 1st round picks in the minors in Puemple, Lazar and Ceci, which is encouraging since 2 of them should become staples on our 3rd line as early as next year

    • MoeDozer

      we have a 2nd karlsson as well! if anyone has news on ludwig please do share..i know he has 1g in 2 games in the ECHL then got called up to bingo and was held pointless in his 1 game. and i know luke richardson said ludwig was bingo’s best player in that game.

    • Tooks

      You kidding right? that would be horrendous news…if both those FW’s dont pan out to be atleast decent top 6 players, what the hell are we doing development wise?!?!

      • Alcatraz

        Lazar is being developed to be the ultimate 3LC from what I believe. Styop labelling 3rd line as a checking line.
        Sure if they have room in the top 6 go for it, but no reason you can’t develop prospects as 3LC. Puemple, hey if he shows he can hang with spezza/turris go for it

  • Floridasensfan

    Well I thought we played well with the exception of some defensive lapses.
    It is a good learning experience if we learn some of the moves that happened and execute them in the future ourselves and keep our eyes out for them being tried again.
    You learn more from bad things than good.
    I am looking forward to the next game, I don’t think we are going to suck all year like some and bottom feed, kind of glad we don’t have a first, I don’t have to listen to tank for whoever this year because we have a few losses.
    Miguiel your too bad we lost the players that could not cut it on the team was funny.
    (shaking my head)

  • Alcatraz

    So this will make people laugh for those who never knew this story. I was listening to fan 590 this morning and Wayne Gretzky was on it. They asked him about Al Strachan new book. Gretz said he wasn’t involved by Al is a good friend. Anyways he went further to talk about parts of the book including the summer he was a UFA and he signed with NYR

    He said before signingthere he was close to being a Canuck but more so than that he was really close to being a Maple Leaf

    Now get this…..

    He said that at the time, Toronto ownership and MGMT were trying to allocate resources and they were in stages of building ACC and getting out of the Garden, therefore Toronto decided not to sign Gretzky so they could keep the money for the arena
    Wow, I bet you Melnyk is not even that stupid hahahaha

  • esk

    ott is available from the sabres..should the sens get him? he is center but if he can play wing…why not?