Senators Stun Stanley Cup Champs- Highlights

SensChirp March 29, 2014 36
Senators Stun Stanley Cup Champs- Highlights

  • luckan20

    Very good win for some of the young guys. Also, need to keep winning going. Always helps the organization to analyze what went wrong and need to some big questions resolved.

    Anderson was huge last night. We were completely outplayed in the 2nd period and the score could have got ugly.

  • Max Power

    mark stone is a keeper

  • FBP

    I had a dream we traded Zibby for Jack Johnson during the off season. No wait I had a nightmare.

  • CUP 2014-15

    Nice win last night, nightmare second period. I was sitting behind the visitor net in 1st and 2nd so I had a great view of the second period heroics from Andy. The team came back strong in the third and again the Turris line was working their butts off all night. CMac is a winner and it seems neither he nor Turris are willing to mail it in just yet. Stone looks real good, amazing hands and vision, the little flip pass to CMac was an “NHL PLAY” as PM likes to say. Please, please, please keep JC and EG together. They are a nasty pair to play against and their PK is outstanding.
    Can’t help it but I have to cheer for the Blue team to win in reg. tonight. Then if NYI can beat NJ and Carolina beats CBJ we will be facing Cal tomorrow and the standings
    T.O. 76 82
    CBJ 74 80
    Det 74 80
    Wash 74 80
    NJ 74 76
    CAR 74 75
    OTT 73 74
    So with a win V Cal it’s 4 pts back with 8 to go……..Never say never, lol
    Fight to the end lads….

  • Jacques

    Looking like the Laughs are going to lose another one! Hahahahaha love it!

  • luckan20

    TO has lost 5 in a row.

    • IAmThePaulrus

      8 in a row

      • luckan20

        Opps typo. Looks like Leafs are done for the season, unless they go on a 5 game winning streak, play off are done.

  • Sensturion
  • Sicilian

    I loved how they played last night. No, it wasn’t perfect but they played like I remember them from last year

  • WaitingSince92

    3 games in hand and 6 pts behind Toronto. Something to play for.


    So happy to see da laughs loose this is so sweet. The best, and I mean the best feeling I’ll get this year is to see us win the last game at home with all those laughs fans in there thinking they will win but find out that we will stand to avenge Ceci’s vicious hit. Sucks that NJ picked up a point and that Columbus won

  • T K

    Cool photo above. I’d love to know what Lehner is saying to Condra that caused him to have that look. He just scored but that expression makes it seem like he’s done it hundreds of times.

  • T K

    It’s great when the Leasts lose but it’s even greater when they lose to the Sens.

  • SensGod

    I think MacArthur is our best FA signing ever.

  • Andrews theory


    Absolutely beautiful

    Just when you think last years collapse against Boston was the bottom, the Leafs out do themselves and completely drop out of the playoffs down the stretch this year.

    It’s a good Sunday!

  • Billy Bob

    gonna be honest here, wanna see who else thinks this way….Yea I hate the Leafs, but I just don’t care about how they do anymore, they’ve been so horrible the last ten years it just isn’t even funny at this point. It does absolutely nothing to cheer me up, I was so pumped for this season after going to round 2 last year, this has been such a disappointment, really hoping to see some good hockey next year.

    • Spartanblood

      The Leafs are our immortal enemy. They beat us 4 times in the playoffs, we have yet to beat them once. Many of their fans come into our stadium drunk and make life living hell for sens fans. I do care how they do, and would prefer both of our teams making the playoffs so we can get some retribution.

      • FistsofNeil25

        I would be quite happy to never see the Leafs make the playoffs again in my lifetime.

        • Brutus5247

          “In the Summer of1967″ is their swansong

          • Billy Bob

            OK then haha guess I’m alone, I’ve personally been to so many leafs sens games and no matter how shitty they’re doing, their fans are so retarded and obnoxious that I guess I’ve just learned to laugh and not really care. Just me though, I hear you guys.

        • CUP 2014-15

          With you 100% if they went 10-72, It would be ten nights that I wish they would have lost. Knowing their draft history they could get the first overall every year and still take the wrong guy.

      • The Apostle

        Are you suggesting that the Leafs are like Highlander?

  • Brutus5247

    As Howard Cosell used to say
    Down goes Foreman
    Down goes Norton
    Down goes Frazier
    Nowadays he’d say
    Down goes the Leafs

  • Jacques

    Here part of an interesting article on the 6th Sens, reason why Sens should steer clear of resigning the Captain, trouble all over the ice!

    Among forwards, there’s a sizeable difference between offensive output from Kyle Turris’ line and the other three. What’s interesting is that they’re not benefitting from in-zone shot production above the averages predicted by their entries. The offensive component of the line’s shot differential seems to be driven by their ability to gain the zone with uninterrupted control. In contrast, the “energy line” sports woeful CF/20 numbers despite being tops among forwards in shots generated per entry. Jason Spezza is a strange case, here. He’s getting brutal CF/entry numbers while on the ice which should typically indicate poor luck more than anything. That being said, I hesitate to absolve him of any responsibility for these averages because I (like many others) have observed a recurring tendency to make poor decisions after having crossed the blue line. It’s showing up in his TOA per controlled entry, which is ahead of only Matt Kassian. On the defensive side of things, both Spezza and Michalek are getting blown away. Their inability to deter clean passage through the neutral zone for their opponents is causing all sorts of problems, and they’re not limiting shots enough within the resulting zone time to compensate for it.

    • CUP 2014-15

      Only one major problem with your source Jacques. 6th Sens also have stated that Stone does not have the legs to be a top six forward in this league and Gryba is an average AHL defenseman. They keep the stats they like and disregard those they don’t.

      • Jacques

        Listen, if the only guy he has better stats than are Kassian then do we want him out there 20 minutes a game! We give up a shitload of shots still if you haven’t noticed!

    • SensChirp

      Is there a date on this?

    • Roar…

      It’s a pretty useless article if you don’t break the numbers down to a before & after Olympic break evaluation. Everyone knows Michalek & Spezza struggled with injury recovery through the entire first half – and both have been much better in the last 30 games. Hemsky addition also helped their numbers considerably.

      Realistically, the numbers don’t matter too much if he continues to put up PPG averages. If he can do more with less, that means he has the talent to make it work. I’d expect those numbers to rebound quite a bit next year though. You can’t judge a player on one season – especially not one when coming back from missing a full season of hockey with injury.

      The only reason to deal Spezza is if we get a player like ROR coming back to Ottawa in the deal. Otherwise there isn’t much point. It won’t make us better and if it won’t make us better there is no value in doing it.

      • Jacques

        Ok fine lets keep trying to win games 6-5 all the time than, cuz a hell of a lot go in the other end making a PPG pretty irrelevant!

  • Don Ciccio

    Anyone else wonder why P. Wiercioch has been a healthy scratch so often this year? Team has a better record with him in the lineup than with him out of the lineup. I don’t get people who say the Wiercioch regressed this year when he would play 2 or 3 games and then sit for another 5 or 6……..Hard to improve that way….Kid has all the tools to play in this league and if he gets a little stronger could become a J. Bouwmeester lite.

    • SensChirp

      Battling Gryba for ice time. Gryba has also been good.

      • Don Ciccio

        Question is, why is he battling Gryba? Gryba is a RD and Wiercioch is a LD.

        • SensChirp

          Started playing the right side and struggled there. With Methot, Cowen and Phillips on the left, it became hard for him to find a spot in the line up.

    • CUP 2014-15

      Unfortunately he’s a left shot and when tried on the right side this year he has been God awful. On the left side he looks fine, young with errors but fine. I like PW but he needs to play on the left so you need to remove MM, JC or CP. We have seen the same results every freakin time, they tried JC on the right and they even tried MM on the right side with PW and JC was with Karl, that as well was a nightmare. The D has looked it’s best with the young guys playing on their proper side. I would like to see PW with EG and JC with CC but that’s not going to happen as CP will play (don’t know why but it is that way period.) JC and EG have been outstanding. They are down right nasty to play against, play v top lines and are our best PK duo, and I think PM is hesitant to have PW and CC together at this point. JMO.