Senators Fall to Panthers at CTC- Highlights

SensChirp December 20, 2013 57
Senators Fall to Panthers at CTC- Highlights

  • Hax

    Instead of these highlights (no offense Chirp) I’m just going to watch that Spezza goal on an endless loop while clutching my Sparty doll to my chest and repeating “It will be okay… it will be okay … it will be okay…”

    • Tooks

      Who made that nice pass to Spezza down the wing at full speed. Got to give credit where credit is due!

  • Doc

    I feel bad for you Chirp. Keeping this place positive and sane on daily basis. Should be a fun read for today though.

    Keep fighting the good fight! lol

  • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

    Alright here is a positive boys…. Zibby got hurt.

    Injuries seemed to help us last year.

    Am I stretching here?!?

    • CUP 2014-15

      LOL, I’ll grasp at that straw, what the hell.

      • my2sens

        I think we will take anything at this point!

        Although Zibby was one of best faceoff men…

        • Tooks

          And one of our most consistent scorers…

          • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

            Honestly this is a Young team… This may be exactly what they need, some adversity

    • Hax

      I’m with you (though I hope to Santa that it’s no concussion related).

      One of the reasons this team did so well last year was because the injuries to key players served to get everyone working harder.

    • Tooks

      Looked to me like it was a shoulder or chest issue, definitely not the head.

  • CUP 2014-15

    This season still isn’t over, hell it’s a five or six game win streak and with this roster that can happen. The issue is that management/coaching can not put their finger on the problem. When your coach has the same presser all season, something is wrong. They have to figure this out NOW, be it a bold move or not a shake-up is needed. This team ran out of gas in the third on back to back games against a team that has now won five straight, that in itself is not the end of the world. What does worry me is dressing Kass on the back end of the two, if anything this team needed four lines to roll last night. Go Sens Go

    • Tooks

      Soooo many excuses in 1 post, wow, you must need many tissues after a game.
      Sorry to bust your homer bubble but this season is over, this team CANNOT go on a 5 game winning streak, they havent done it all year, aint about to now when things are getting worse. Losing to 2 bottom feeders when we had the chance to put 3 wins together.

      Teams like Philly, NYR, DET, TB, TOR will all finish ahead of us, no way we pass them all for the 7th/8th spot.

    • TookieIs100PercentRight

      10% chance we make the playoffs at the moment.
      We’re mired in between 5-7 teams with the same amount of points.
      This team needs to spit or get off the pot, and quick. A 4-5 game win streak with no more than 1-2 losses following is what’s needed the rest of the way.

  • my2sens

    I was all revved up to watch the game last night after they got ripped into.

    I thought they played a strong game and Spezza finally seemed to play with heart! And that goal…well… was beautiful!

    Anderson played a solid game as well. The score wasn’t indicative of his play by far.

    Even thought the refs are playing against us, we NEED to find a way to win these. I will not place full blame on EK65 for the fourth goal (should have been tripping? not sure), but at that point, we need to keep it simple.

    All in all, a shitty result, but a bit better effort from some players. Spezza, Turris, Ceci all had great games. Greening played with a fire under his ass… for most of the game.

    Anyways… more games to come (although with Toronto winning an odd one last night) things are to be tougher.

    GO SENS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OverMind

    i just wonder at what point do we explicitly target Maclean and his system? I mean, these players either want nothing to do with his man on man D or they are just not fast / smart enough to get it? can you tell Maclean to change the D system that is not working to maybe a Zone D or is the only option to fire him? Are we at that point where firing him is in the conversation?

    • Hax

      If by “we” you actually mean Murray then no, firing MacLean is not in the conversation. Firing Dave Cameron might be though.

      • Tooks

        Maybe it is the system, if the players are not responding to it, then PMac needs to change it so they can be placed in position to succeed. right now everyone is failing.

      • TookieIs100PercentRight

        Disagree it’s not in the convo.
        Murray controls Melnyk. If Murray tells Melnyk “I need a new coach” then Melnyk goes “Yes Bryan, I love you, you’re like a son to me, get a new coach.”
        I expect a new coach by next season, with a 3-year extension for Murray because bff.

  • xiorcal

    Some of you are going nuts over a team only a couple of points from a playoff spot with 2/3 of the season left. The biggest concern is the crazy number of goal against. We are in the top 3 in the conference for goal for and worst at goal against. MacLean lines seems more about spreading is more defensive minded players than finding a perfect scoring line. We know Condra, Smith and Neil are not 1st line scoring material but in the last 15 games they have started more game next to Spezza than Ryan. If players have no confidence in the Goaltenders and if the guys between the pipes don’t thrust there defenses you will get a big confidence problem and you will see people cheating (Karlson on 2-1 is a good exemple) and trying to do too much. Ceci and Phillips are a good step in that direction. Id love to see Methot and Karlson last year chemistry back also.

    • CUP 2014-15

      yes lots of hockey left, just shy of half a season not 2/3. I though CC was in trouble a lot last night and I love this kid, lets not screw his future but rushing him, he has a ton of work to do in the D Zone and needs to get a bit stronger, he was knocked off the puck way to much last night, that being said, he will be a star in this league but spending more time with Luke is going to help his career. IMO

      • Hax

        Agree. I was hoping they’d send him down after the game and call up BoroCop. But I guess they figure they’ll let he kid spend Christmas as an NHLer. The problems this team is having go way beyond what Ceci himself can fix so let’s get him back to Luke for more training.

        • Senatollah

          Spend Christmas as an NHLer…uh-oh dont tell Yost, thats not what a team over its budget would do…

        • CUP 2014-15

          Ya Hax, he is not the issue that’s for sure and I think most would agree that this kid has a great 15+ year career ahead of him and this teams focus has to be to do whats best for CC right now, LUUUUUUKE

      • SenaTHOR

        Read on another board he’s over 5 goals against per sixty minutes played.

    • TookieIs100PercentRight

      “Some of you are going nuts over a team only a couple of points from a playoff spot with 2/3 of the season left. ”
      We have 34 points. The last wildcard has 39 points.
      There are three other teams with 34-35 points going for that same spot, and Florida has 33 poitns and Columbus 32.
      We CANNOT, repeat CANNOT afford to lose Saturday. Or Monday. Or next week after Christmas. Because the teams around us? They’re not going to lose lose lose. They will win some games, which means we need to get +2 more points.
      To make it easier.
      If we get .500 the rest of the way and so do the rest of the teams around us, we don’t make it.
      If we get .600 – .700 we MIGHT make it.

      We aren’t masters of our destinies anymore. We need the Wild Card teams to lose, we need the teams in front of us to lose and we need to win. Oh, we also need to have NONE of those other wins by our opponents to go to OT or shootouts.
      Murray can say whatever he wants but this team, as it is constructed and as it is playing, is NOT a playoff contender. Murray must make a move now before it’s too late.

      • CUP 2014-15

        Your making this sound better then it is. We know they will need 92+ pts to get in and as far as 2/3 left, well not unless they have changed it to a 108 game sched. WE are 5 games from mid way meaning that to obtain 92 pts this team needs to go 26-14-6 for example. Can they, I still believe it’s possible but it’s not as close as your making it out to be. Go Sens Go

  • Simple Jack

    i’m not in favor of trading spezza or cowen but if i did i would go crazy with it.
    j. spezza and a conditional 3rd 2015 (3rd is for if spezza don’t resign) for E. Kane
    j.cowen and P. weircroitch for J. eberle

    i see zibanejad/lazar as 2nd line centers.

    so top six could be:
    macaurthur turris ryan
    kane zibanejad/lazar eberle

    we also have a stockpile of d men coming up soon, i just don’t see cowen have great hockey sense, claesson,boro,ceci all nhl ready soon we can give up cowen/wiercroitch for a scoring winger, spezza for kane i believe is good value for both teams.

    • Tooks

      Might just be what we need, a huge shake up. See I dont mind losing our star player if we get 1 in return (Kane, Eberle). IF WIN and EDM like these players then its possibly been discussed already. Murray, tho, wont pull the trigger.

      • Sandy

        I would really like to know who plays D if you trade Cowen & Wiercioch..
        Anyone from B-Sens is not the answer. Putting them in this stressful situation is not the answer either, unless you want to ruin them..

        • runningbear1974

          Phillips Corvo
          Gryba Boro
          Methot Karlsson

          - I’d prefer to keep Wiercioch and trade Phillips(older)

      • Tony

        According to Edmonton staff an offer was made to Ottawa: Cowen + Conacher + 6th for Eberle… but since then looks like the Oil management’s interest in Cowen has gotten colder

    • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

      I’d do it… Both of them

    • sens23

      not sure i understand where people get the idea that turris is a #1 center. his best season ever was last year and he put up 29 points or a pace of 50 points over 82 games. i am sure everyone here would be going crazy if the sens number 1 center was only putting up 50 points
      to put it in perspective spezza is having an off year and is still on pace for 66 points
      turris is a great number 2 center, but he isnt built to be a number 1 center and doesnt have the point scoring skills to be the go to guy

      • Tooks

        Glad you see it that way too. Turris is a great 2C, maybe in 6-7 years he cant take over at #1C.

  • Simple Jack

    On last nights game, our group got too comfortable and coasted in the 3rd, its almost like they were saving energy for o.t. without playing out the 3rd. yes the pageau penalty hurt, but the high risk/reward of karlsson on the last ppg hurt with reality, an anderson save may have saved the day but i almost think our group needed this to wake up and realize they need to play a complete 60 minutes.

    Our media coverage got us thinking we were going to steam roll florida after the first period and that we had finally strung up some consistency, we were all fooled but i think our group will learn from this defeat.

  • Tooks

    A bit of good news! Alfie recorded his 700th NHL assist last night in a 2 goal 1 assist performance! WOW!

  • Sensnation

    Too much playoff math too early in the season. I’ve heard/read all the stats, the Sens are still just a good 2nd half away from the playoffs. Have faith or give up, that is up to each and every one of you, but we all know where I stand and I’m ok with that.

    GO SENS GO!!!

    • Colin

      Easy math is this:
      They have been playing at 45%. Need to play at least 65% for the rest of the season to have a chance.

      • Tooks

        And do you think this team can play at 65% the rest of the way?

        • Colin

          Quoting Alfredsson, “Probably not”. I would love to be proven wrong though.

  • Hax

    Glad to see Gryba in for Corvo. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Corvo’s game most of this season but he was atrocious last night. Way too soft and at no time did he give any indication that he gave half a shit. I know not all players play like Chris Neil and that’s fine – but after the dress-down by the GM and all the talk in the media at least make it look like you care.

    I think our problems are more about getting the puck out properly than about being bulldogs (so on that level Corvo helps more than Gryba) but his apparent indifference can’t be tolerated.

    Also glad to see that Zibanejad is day-to-day and no talk of concussion. That would be shitty since he’s playing the right way AND has skill.

    Go Sens Go!

    • CUP 2014-15

      Hax, where did you read Gryba in ?

      • iKarly65

        Wayne Scanlan ‏@HockeyScanner5h
        Anderson starts. Corvo out and Gryba in. Zibanejad is day to day. #sens

        • CUP 2014-15

          Thx, Now I have nothing to whine about. This is the D I have been crying for, Oh Oh…LOL

          • Jacques

            I agree about time. Corvo should be waved!

  • Sandy

    The playing system is the same they have had since McLean took over. Most of the players here.. except for Corvo, MacArthur & Ryan have played that system long enough.. so it’s not the problem..

    They say bad calls by the refs even themselves out over a season… But there have been 3 bad non-calls led to 3 goals by the opposition in the last 2 games — unexceptable. The two in NJ probably would not make a difference, but the non-call last night led to the GWG when Florida should have had a penalty while on that PP and it should have been 4 on 4 with a faceoff in the Florida zone… not the puck in the Sens net.
    These refs just continue to be bad league wide and there is no accountability. Bad games…. so what.. just carry on.. I hope Murray filed an official complaint with the head ref… because this is getting ridiculous.
    McLean is trying everything he can to get this inconsistent team playing as they should… he doesn’t want to be hindered by incompetent refs.. that’s doubling the frustration.
    In hindsight… maybe we should have expected this — the team having an off season and an inconsistent season. What team in the NHL makes the playoffs the first two years of their re-build. I mean … it almost never happens, but the Sens made that happen. Now expectations are too high for this team — we are expecting too much. This is still the 2nd youngest team in the NHL.. is this a ‘correction’ year? Taking a step back before they can move forward?
    Would some be complaining as bad this season, if the Sens had not made the playoffs the last 2?

  • my2sens

    With all the negativity surrounding the Sens these days, it is the Holiday Season.

    So first, I may not be around much (if at all) in the next few days… so Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to everyone!!

    Now, in light of our beloved Sens doing horribly in the first part of this season, I think we owe it to SC to liven it up and keep things in good spirit.

    What is one thing/are things you have been impressed with with our Sens – players, coach, team, attitude… etc.

    For me the one positive feature I have seen thus far is MacArthur. He plays hard, can score, can pass… He brings his game every game.

    What’s yours?

    • Tooks

      Definitely MacArthur and Ryan, the new additions! If not for this team stinking it up, they would have been a very bright light. Mac 25 goals and Ryan 35+. Now those stats are gonna be a bit lower but to come in and be the best players on the team, says something about their character!

    • Sandy

      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you here…
      I agree to relax the negativity..

      • CUP 2014-15

        Merry Christmas to you and yours Sandy

  • jasonontheoldsenschirp

    This is a good enough team to make the playoffs. There’s so much talent on the roster, it isn’t inconceivable to see them make a good run in the playoffs. But unless a change behind the bench is made, they won’t make the 8 team cut. A trade isn’t needed. The organization is deep with good players. But I can’t see how the team can turn it around with a coach who has no answers to what’s been happening.

    Just my two cent.

    Happy holidays guys!

    • Aaron 2.0

      I’m still a huge fan of MacLean. His focus is on puck possession & player support. It makes for great hockey, when the team is executing. Teams like NJ and FLA will win games with their systems. These trap-style teams have a lot more structure, and it can do wonders, even if there is a lack in talent. But, it’s the most boring hockey you’ll ever watch. Maybe our team is struggling somewhat because our style of play can be very punishing when player support falls apart. The team is young, and it’s harder to play this way (compared to learning the trap). But, i’d still take this and the growing pains over a trap system that might generate more wins short-term. I think the coach is right, and the style of play is right, long-term. I have no idea what he’s doing with the line combinations, and it drives me nuts. But, hopefully he will work it out. Because I admire the way this team is asked to play.

  • Frank

    That Bernstein Tweet is pretty interesting, isn’t it? Will Murray take the next week to work out a blockbuster deal???

  • Tim

    BSens snapping a long losing streak with a 5-2 win over Syracuse. Glad to have Lawson back 100%. Hoffman/Stone/JOB/Dizzy/Claesson with the goals. Wideman 3 assists

  • Conans River

    If I was Murray I would do one move.. Get Spezza to relax by removing the C and giving it to someone who is not going to have their play diminish by wearing it during a tough season. Spezza I do not know if you read this page but its not an insult to you if you just admit that you are not playing as well wearing the C. In fact a leader would do that. Are you following the walking dead? Rick took a break from the C.

    • hq8

      Patrick Marleau did it and has actually preserved and recuperated his career in a big way and almost cemented another spot on team canada. 35pts in 35 gms….16g.

  • Jacques

    Warren wonders about trading Jason Spezza to a Western Conference team. Spezza will make $7 million next year, the last year of his seven year deal. Someone may offer up a first round pick, allowing them to recoup a first since they sent theirs to the Ducks in the Bobby Ryan trade. Spezza has a no-trade clause.