Senators Edge Preds in Shootout- Highlights

SensChirp January 12, 2014 52
Senators Edge Preds in Shootout- Highlights

  • Andrews theory

    this team is getting a bit better every week.

    It’s taken longer than we all hoped but I think we’ll be in the playoffs when all is said and done.

    Really liking Stone, he’s an ugly skater but he continues to make skilled plays and the right plays. To all the doubters out there, suck it.

    can’t imagine why on gods green earth ottawa would turn around and move Ryan considering what they sacrificed to get him. Unless we are swapping for Malkin, Crosby, or Neal it’s ludicrous

    • sell the team Eugene

      Skating wise Stone is a pretty good fit for Spinner Spezza.

      Money would be the only reason that BR06 would be traded this year.
      Canadian dollar falling – Senators staff leaving / being fired.
      Not looking good the EM financial empire.

      • Simple Jack

        U talk alot of non sense, like an idiot would spreading rumors that the world is ending.

        Grow up.

        • sell the team Eugene

          Canadian dollar = 92 cents American
          Tim Murray says he was not happy with Ottawa’s player
          budget during his farewell speech.
          Staff Budget cuts of $2,000,000 announced last week.

          Maybe you should do some research before your Grade 3 level name calling.

    • Zelle

      Stone and Pageau playing on the Spezza line I think would do a lot of damage.

  • NickofTime

    Why is it taking so long to send Pageau back to Bingo, he is doing nothing in Ottawa & clearly needs to be back in the AHL where he belongs. Last night was a perfect example of a team taking advantage of Ottawa not having a tough guy in the lineup, it was stupid to have Spezza go after Clune who just laughed it off. Ottawa cannot afford to have Conacher, Condra & Pageau in the lineup at the same time, it just makes them too small, too soft & too easy to play against. Hopefully once Neil is ready to return which I hope is the next game, Pageau will be sent back to Bingo pronto.

    On another note, I guess BM won’t be moving Condra until next yr when he is on the last yr of his contract. Too bad to, he is clearly the weakest link out there & both he & Conacher are not producing enough offensively. Wouldn’t mind seeing Garnt back up along with Schneider to see what they can do at the NHL level, I didn’t think that Smith looked like he fit on Spezza’s line last night, Spezza is very hard to play with & Greening seems to fit the best with him. Smith is better served on the bottom six IMO. Good to see that Stone seems to be gelling with Spezza & that we may have found another scoring line. Replacing Condra with Neil & returning Pageau to Bingo & replacing him with the bigger Grant could make this team a lot harder to play against IMO.

    • sell the team Eugene

      Lots of 3rd and 4th line forward talk here for a team that is scoring plenty of goals.

      Improving the defense is the much bigger problem that needs to be solved.

      • sben

        Personally I don’t understand why corvo was signed. We should be developing gryba and PW. Personally I love that line of gryba and methot. Perfect shut down line. Cowen should be traded for or be made the 7th defenseman. He sucks. I think that if the sens waived him only 1-10 teams would want him which is not regular for a top 4 defenseman. If you disagree with me I beg you please watch the way he plays and re-evaluate what you think about him because he has no balance. His feet are as heavy as lead and he stretches out his stick too much rather than skating. His plays 8 times out of 10 end up on the other teams stick rather than with an ottawa player. Ceci should be with karlsson next year when phillips retires. PW and Boro should make up their own line. If PW and Boro don’t work together than trade or sign a different defenseman to play with either PW or Boro.

        • SenaTHOR

          I thing Gryba is in a don’t play him don’t pay him…contract year?

    • Zelle

      Conacher was pretty much the entire reason for Ottawa’s only regulation goal last night. He is a work horse. No other Senator will battle off 3-4 guys in their own zone and keep the puck in there while the rest of the guys do a line change. As for Pageau his hockey IQ is phenomenal, as is his speed and puck handling. He also throws in checks. He is NOT easy to play against, despite his size.

    • sben

      First of all conacher and zibanejad have such clear chemistry that not even an idiot coach would remove him from zib. Grant is not that good. I call him the “almost scorer”. He always almost scores but can’t execute. I agree pageau should be sent down but you clearly don’t really knwo what you’re talking about so I don’t know whether it is chance that you’re on the ball or you have a small amount of observational skill.

  • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

    Best part of my trip to Aruba…. Just ran into Bryan Murray in the Philadelphia airport.! Chatted for about ten minutes!

    • sell the team Eugene

      soooooo – did he tell you any team secrets ?

      Actually – was he in a good mood ?

      • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

        He was.. Has been on the phone A Lot since we stopped chatting.

        Asked if he thought Ryan was going to resign next year… He joked that it may not be his battle.. Haha

        I said all news points to it being his. He laughed and gave a “Yeah I know grin”

        Also talked about silfverberg a bit

        • sell the team Eugene

          He’s a veteran of the NHL wars but the last few months in Ottawa have been stressful.

          It is good to hear that he was in a good mood and willing to chat with fans.

          • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

            Also talked about the recent turn around… He expected that team all year and expects it to continue.

        • Phoenix

          Maybe its not his battle if a team backs up a boat load of an offer at the draft table.

  • Shane

    Hey Chirp,
    Love the site been following for quite some time. After you changed your site over I get alot of sexual ads on the site. Mostly games that have animated girls in bikinis. Working in a government building this is causing quite the issue as you could guess. Not sure if theres anything you could do about it but id love to continue following from work. I have seen people post in the past its based on my browser history but these servers are locked so down I had to ask for permission to access even this site meaning that cannot be true.
    Thought id pass it along to see if anything could be done,

    • Sicilian

      That’s odd, I never see any bikini girls on the site….

      • sell the team Eugene

        “5 Veggies that kill stomach fat” over and over and over for me

      • sprucesens

        well, you sir aren’t looking hard enough. lol

      • T K

        Right now, I’m seeing pick up truck ads. Lately, it’s been a lot of weight loss B.S. A good bikini ad would be a refreshing change.

        I don’t even like trucks… I’m more of a roadster kind of guy.

    • sprucesens

      i’ve seen the bikini game one a few times, and the veggies killing fat thing lots. I don’t have to worry about it at work, but i imagine in a formal business place it could get worrisome. I suppose one alternative, once the window is open, you could resize it so the edges are cut off?

      • RedFoxLab

        Yep thats what I have been doing to date but sometimes think that looks even more suspicous lol

    • aegiszx

      Yeah I just get a lot of Pizza Pizza ads…

      • Tony

        I get Holiday Inn Express adds… guess I travel too much! lol

    • FBP

      Maybe if you don’t have an accessible browser history it reverts to the ‘lowest common denominator’?

    • SensChirp

      Let me look into it a little bit. As I understand it the ads are based on browser history but not sure how that works when history isn’t available. Ads are all provided through a middle man of sorts so I actually don’t have any say in which ones display. I’ll do a little research and see if there are ways to block particular campaigns.

      Stay tuned.

      • RedFoxLab

        That would be greatly appreciated. Working and browsing Senchirp is very important in my career.

        I am actually shocked IT unlocked this site as the only ones other then internal work matrixs are the weather network and local news. Must be a sens fan lol.

        Either way thanks for looking.

    • sben

      if you haven’t tried it already I would try to put adblocker on.

    • SenaTHOR

      Maybe you should be spending TAX dollars by working?

  • Sensnation

    That Tim Murray quote on the usefulness of CORSI and advanced stats was pretty hilarious. Bloggers are living and dying by this stat, acting like it’s some moneyball magic formula.

    “They’re useful. I think, and I don’t want to talk down, but I think they’re very useful, the less you know about the game. And I think they’re useful to guys like me too a little bit, for sure. But if you don’t know what hockey sense is as a casual fan, I think they’re very useful. I think you see a guy that drives puck possession through numbers and it tells you a little bit that he has hockey sense. So I think the casual fan that doesn’t quite get what hockey sense is, and different things like that, I can understand totally why these are useful stats.”

    • Aaron 2.0

      I highly doubt casual fans are looking @ CORSI. I obviously love what the Murray’s et al. have done w/ the Sens. But, this quote seems a little off to me. Sure, you can probably just watch the game, and know who’s driving puck possession, and making things happen. But, as a general manager or scout you’d think they would love statistics that would help evaluate players on other teams (for a GM) or other leagues (for a scout), These guys can’t seriously watch every game to assess possible trade acquisitions or prospects. Teams send scouts. But over a small sample any player can look amazing or horrible. I’m not saying base decisions solely on stats. But, you’d think it would certainly help evaluate players over longer samples…

      • Sensnation

        I think it’s more that CORSI isn’t the main stat they care about as GMs, and that at most CORSI just lends towards a specific portion of the overall picture they’re looking for and it’s not 100% accurate for matching up with what they are looking for.

        In other words, it’s useful, but nowhere close to being the be all stat that some bloggers lay it out to be. It was just a funny comment from someone in the business imo, shows how little fans and media know being outside of the bubble.

        • Aaron 2.0

          I’d agree w/ that 100%. GM’s and scouts probably break down a player’s skill-set into much more, at an elemental level (e.g. skating, hands, shot, etc..), especially for evaluating prospects. In a day and age where the game is becoming more global, and the talent pool much larger (from more countries), I guess I just thought these guys would start embracing advanced statistics as a one tool in their tool-belt for guiding decisions. But, I agree about what you are saying. CORSI isn’t the only thing that matters in hockey.

          • SenaTHOR

            I agree Corsi is a ruddimentary stat. I like goals on for/against per 60 min. It reflects the effectiveness of the line with the player included as it is a team game.

  • Aaron 2.0

    Washington loses to BUF in a SO. They get a point, but BUF really played them pretty tough today. I think the Capitals are one team that has an over-inflated record. I like our chances of over-taking them!

    • Aaron 2.0

      Detroit loss tonight too! We’re only 2 pts behind these guys now w/ same # of GP. Their next game is at NYR. The rangers started slow, but I think they’re the 2nd best in that division behind (PIT). I think they eventually they pass the capitals. Add that they’ve been playing really good (including King Henry). That will probably be a tough game for the wings!

  • MoeDozer

    Any bingo sens fans able to shine some light on whats going on down there with Claesson? I was personally pretty excited when we drafted the kid i knew he was a 2way simple type player as he showed in the WJC. Keep seeing his name pop up about how great his play has been..
    man it feels good to have way too man NHL talent fighting for a spot. cant wait for corvo to move on from this team to make room for the youngsters.

    as for phillips, as poor as his play has been at times. no one can argue, he is a beast in the playoffs. he deserves the same treatment as alfie. let him end his career the way he sees best fit

    • MoeDozer

      Joy Lindsay ‏@PuckJoy4m

      #Sens prospect Claesson a standout in Binghamton #BSens

      guess that answers it

      • things that make me go hmmmmmm

        Interesting article – thanks Moe /Joy

        First CC05 and now FC making huge progress

        The Binghamton coaches must be doing something right.

        • MoeDozer

          yep as others have pointed out, our biggest loss is not Tim Murray rather it could potentially be Luke Richardson.

          we as fans dont really know how well our current assistant coaches are doing although many claim Dave Cameron runs our (ugly) Power Play. If a threat of Luke leaving us, i think an internal promotion would be imminent

      • The Apostle

        Joy LIndsay is a great source for B-sens opinion and news. Chirp should try and get her to contribute regularly on here.


    Honestly, the best end of season finish is for the Sens to get the last wild card spot off of you guessed it #11 and his team…that would just be awesome and THEN we will truly put this whole thing behind us..hahahahaha

  • MethotToMyMadness

    Well Sens Fans, great victory on Sat night. I don’t mind giving up the loser point to a Western Team, but far too many of them being handed out in the East. It seems like every game is going into OT. The race for the final 2 spots is 4 points between 7 teams right now, it’s crazy how close it is.

    I was hoping to see the Leafs tank again, only so I could rub it into a co-worker Leafs Fan who started off the year ripping apart the Sens. I kept my mouth shut all season and just said yup, Sens are having a hard time. I have yet to say anything to him, but he knows it’s coming. If they would have lost to Jersey, I had planned a friendly visit by his desk. But, thinking it all through, I may not say a word at all and just let the thought of my possible visit eat away at him. Sometimes silence does SO much more.

    Looking at the upcoming schedule this week, we play Minnesota on the road then we’re home for Montreal and the Rangers. All 3 are doing well in recent games, so it’s no easy task. But they have a day’s break between each game, which has worked well for the Sens of late. I just wish the game on Saturday was a late game, these 2pm starts are a real pisser.

    • CUP 2014-15

      LOL, Well said Madness. I have gone through the same thing over the years with leaf fans running off at the mouth. The fear in their eyes as the calendar turned was priceless. Just walking by their office and stopping to say ha, how’s the day going? It drove them crazy because they knew it was coming at some point. I think you should encourage them, it’s not that bad, lots of time left, they will be fine, it’s not like they have a history of tanking…oh wait.. Have some fun pal as we all know it’s going to happen. GO SENS GO

  • SensChirp

    Expecting an announcement on the Murray extension/Dorion and Lee promotion today.

    • sben

      do you know approximately hwat time it might happen?

  • aegiszx

    Went to the Hawks/Habs game on Saturday… If there’s anything that annoys me more than the Blue and White Fans, it’s fans of the Bleu et Rouge. Don’t get me wrong, the building was electric all night… But my god, the fans outside of the Bell centre were acting like they just won the Cup, saying how they “dominated” the Hawks all night, how PK “easily” runs through all the opposing forwards, and how they were able to keep up with the Hawks speed… LOL

    I seriously hope that the Sens face them again in the playoffs… Would love to make even quicker work of Thierren, Price, and Subban this year. They are a good regular season team, but they are not built for the playoffs.

  • sben

    Dorion and lee new assistant GMs right now. Murray promoted to president of hockey operations. He will act as the GM for 2 years and after that will serve a 2 year senior advisory role.

    • Hax

      But wait! I thought Dorion and Lee were going to Buffalo with Tim Murray. Isn’t that what the shampoo boy from the hair salon where Bryan Murray’s wife’s bridge partner goes said???

  • jasonontheoldsenschirp

    Great news.