Panthers vs. Senators- Highlights

SensChirp November 10, 2013 29
Panthers vs. Senators- Highlights

  • Robert Cyr

    Now that we have a 3 game winning streak , let’s leave our lines as is, to continue
    building much needed chemistry on next 3 games, and move up again in Eastern Conference Standings, ahead of Detroit and get on the heels of the dreaded Leafs.

    GO SENS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Snoopy Senior

    • boom

      Interesting. I don’t think your reply was in response to mine, but you are, essentially, saying the complete opposite of what i said.
      I don’t claim to be always right, so I’m curious to see if there are any changes coming, or whether it’s status quo. I also understand the “if it ain’t broke..” approach…

  • boom

    Hey Chirp,
    I know some will say we shouldn’t find anything to complain about, given that they are on a 3 game winning streak – but I would love to see what Hoffman could do in place of Greening, especially if it would be along side Jason Spezza.

    For the life of me, I don’t understand how much rope some guys (Phillips, Greening) are getting when, IMO, they have been completely ineffective.

    • sprucesens

      yeah, maybe the approach is, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. in that time, greening gets his chance to prove himself, and as soon as its “broke” as in we lose or its apparent there is no improvement, then maybe a rookie gets a shot. stone or hoffman, likely get first crack. Hard to believe phillips won’t be on the ice. I think as long as he is here, he will be on the ice.

    • Sensnation

      Greening does his job, nothing less and nothing flashy, but he’s consistent, reliable, has speed and fights for the puck. Michalek is the one I’m really losing hope for, he’s regained some speed but still as inconsistent as ever!

  • karlssens

    I hope we absolutely steamroll the Flyers when we see them. Let’s make it 3-0 at home!!

  • Robert Cyr

    Hey there boom,

    Since my post was the first post on the above Sens-Panthers Highlights, it is impossible that I replied to your post.

    So I am not saying the opposite of your post, but simply stating that we should stick to :

    Michalek – Spezza – Zibanejad, and MacArthur – Turris – Ryan to establish needed chemistry which Turris line has, and Spezza line is attempting to solidify.

    GO SENS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Snoopy Senior

  • Crabby Appleton

    Enough with the AFTERNOON games – even King Karl was in a funk yesterday

    • MoeDozer

      of the remaining 65 games. we have 12 irregular start times.. most of them starting around 5pm though. none the less. it cant be an excuse for us to lose those games. the team we are facing are also playing at a shitty time, especially when we play western team at home and start time is at 2pm which feels something like 11am for them..

      not sure if its bad luck with scheduling or the so-called rumor that Melnyk wanted afternoon games.. we gotta deal with it and hope the boys show up to play no matter what time.

      • TookieIs100PercentRight

        I heard they did a fan survey and some st holders said they wanted afternoons to go with kids. I haven’t seen a lot of kids at those games to be honest.
        It can also mess with your routine something fierce. Players are used to be eating/taking a nap around 1-2, then they’re playing a game.

    • rebel held suburb

      Crabby Appleton – rotten the core ? (I kid – I kid)

  • sensfan4ever

    Lehner should stand in nets again . he has been solid and Pmac shouldnt even be thinking about it .

    • Robert Cyr

      I believe that I read on SensTalk in Sens Website, that MacLean said he will go with Anderson vs the Flyers.

      So, you might see Lehner vs the Bruins, in game after the Flyers’ game..
      This way you keep both goalies staying sharp and in a rythm.

      GO SENS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Snoopy Senior

  • Kevin Jaeggin

    Don’t know if any of you listened to the B-Sens game which was carried by TSN1200 last night, but Hofmann and DaCosta had huge nights with 4, and 5 points respectively! It was a great day for Sens organization in the W column. :) the B-Sens won 7-3 over the Amerks,, and 2nd in as many nights. Hope they get the trifecta tonight against Hershey.

  • Jacques

    2-1 Baby Sens midway through the 2nd against Hershey – Pageau (remember him) with both goals! Hoffman has an assist on Pageau’s pp goal.

  • timwrx

    Won in shootout. Nice 3 wins in 3 days!

  • Mexican Baby Jesus

    Next year

    Phillips (lol)

    Each pair will have a mix of puck movement and toughness

    • MoeDozer

      id put ceci protected on bottom pair since he’d be the rook. but i dont disagree generally. going to be fun to have a PMD and a 6’4+ Dman on each pair

      • sprucesens

        methot is the best vet to pair him with, as he is the best defensive D we have. Just hope cowen can elevate his game enough to be considered first pairing material, not just there so karlsson can try to cover his mistakes. I do really like that D setup. Possibly with claesson and gryba as the extras. Hope phillips retires, so we don’t have to make the unenviable decision of not signing him, so he retires a senator. unlike some people…

  • Gordon Ramsli

    I wonder since Bingo went 3 for 3 on this weekend if we’ll see the Sens bring up Hoffman, DaCosta – Pageau both had there shots in the beginning of the season.
    Difference is that Hoffman is Left Wing and Spezza is looking for one..

    MacArthur – Turris – Ryan
    Hoffman – Spezza – Zibanejad
    Michalek – Smith – Conacher
    Greening – Grant/Condra – Neil

    From what I’ve seen previously, I like Michalek with Smith, He gives Smith more purpose then 3rd-4th line grinder/tough guy and from what I see Smith benefits give it time & add a speeding right winger in Conacher or Greening, If he can play Right Wing.

    For Spezza & Zibanejad. Hoffman adds a young Left Winger with good hands who deserves a fair shot. I do sadly have to make a remark about Spezza showing lack of Intensity at times. I hate it I love Spezza but He’s either playing Injured or from time to time he forgets he’s in the NHL and not in a pickup game.

    My opinion on Michalek I’ve always generally liked him never really had a issue with him He kinda has always flown below my radar. But to me Michalek was our 1st line Left Wing because he was the best we could afford. Now we have MacArthur who is on the top line and Spezza produces separately from our top line not what we were expecting but it could be better then we ever asked for.
    I see the Senators putting Michalek on display for the deadline unless the Sens go back to poor play in which a potential chance for a top 4 D Rental/Prospect with a draft pick or a prospect of our own going the other way also. If things go good though He’s traded at the Deadline for a Prospect/Pick or simply someone who fits our teams future more. No offense to Milan Michalek I have always liked him but it Seems like he got a larger role shoved on him when Cheechoo lost his Mojo He did his best I believe.

    Our future we have Hoffman & Peumpel and in my opinion Buddy Robinson & Shane Prince to a lesser degree. Stone could be ready for 3rd line Right Wing Duties. Which is why i like Michalek with Smith It trains him for a future line combo of

    Hoffman – Smith – Stone

    I want Hoffman up now for the reason of getting him some NHL Experience so we don’t have 2 rookies floating around Smith in the future.

    Lets make it 4 tomorrow in Philly ! GSG!

    P.S I Apologize for posting this same message in the other thread misclicked

    • MoeDozer

      Hoffman definitely has earned a call up but at the moment its just a number game IMO. because grant is 6’3 and playing really well on the PK, he isnt going anywhere yet. Hoffman can not play bottom 6, as soon as the 2nd line gets cold/injury *knock on wood* hoff will be the first one up

  • NickofTime

    Even though they are on a win streak they still aren’t playing very well, they had plenty of give aways. They were lucky to get out of the first period tied only because Lehner played so well. They can always improve there play & PM shouold make changes if he thinks someone is playing up to their potential. Personally, I can’t wait until Stone is called up or Hoffman, both could help in the scoring department instead of Conacher.

    • Chris

      Conacher may not be putting up a lot of points, but he sure gets a lot of ‘unofficial’ assists on goals. Seems like any goal he’s on the ice for, he’s involved in some capacity–usually screening and causing havoc in front of the net. The fact that he does this, especially as a midget, is crucial to those goals being scored. Without him causing this mayhem in front of the net, the goalie would have a clean look at some of these shots, and would likely make the saves.

  • Aaron 2.0

    Interesting there’s so much talk about calling up forwards. A few are making a good case for a look, but we’re not hurting for goals. The team is actually near the top of goals for in the East. The bigger issue is, obviously, the D. The team is struggling to execute in their own end. And, despite getting hemmed in for long periods of time (due to the inability of the defense to move the puck), the team is still scoring! There are certainly some forwards that are struggling, but these are mainly in the bottom 6. Spezza with Zibanejad and Michalek looked pretty good as L2. So the question is who would you call up? Whoever it is, they will be stuck primarily in the bottom 6. I wouldn’t call up Hoffman for that; i’m not actually sure he would be successful in that role. There will eventually be injuries, and call-ups will happen. But, right I don’t think calling up more forwards that can score is the solution to team’s very real problems in their own end.

    • The Apostle

      I think when Condra is healthy again we’ll run with the extras for a while. Sending Grant down immediately would send a terrible message to the Bingo boys. Grant does everything he is being to do and he is doing it well. That extra body would allow us to sit a body every now and then for health reasons or for having been playing crap reasons – first candidate: Greening.

      • Aaron 2.0

        Yeah, I agree with you. It would be a terrible message to send down Grant.

  • Robert Cyr

    To me, the Sens realize that defense continues to struggle, in either moving the puck up
    the ice , or in defending in their own end.

    They are always forced to play a LH defenceman on the wrong side, which is not easy to
    accomplish. Borowiecki (LH ) is fitting in well, and he should stay. Gryba is having a tough time and is a RH defenceman. Maybe the team should call up Cody Ceci, who is a RH defenceman, to replace Gryba , and balance out the defense brigade.

    Should they fix the above problem, they would really cut down the number of shots, being blasted at our goalies!!

    Like Chirp says, “Can’t be long before he gets a look in Ottawa”

    GO SENS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Snoopy Senior

  • SensChirp
  • Hax

    Nice to get the two points but if the Panthers didn’t completely suck we would have lost that game. A big step back after several small steps forward in previous games.

    That being said, hopefully it’s a blip and they continue gradually fixing the problems in their own end.