MacArthur Scores OT Winner- Highlights

SensChirp January 5, 2014 67
MacArthur Scores OT Winner- Highlights


    Thanks for a new thread Chirp, that old one was getting surprisingly gloomy.

    Oh and happy new year everyone!

  • NickofTime

    Good win although lucky & it was great to see Stone score his first NHL goal, he was also involved on almost every shift he was on the ice. I’m quite sure PM will match him with Spezza on Wednesday, the guy just continues to put pts up everywhere he has been. Now that I have Ceci up full time & hopefully Stone stays as well, I will continue to promote Grant over Pageau on the roster moving forward.

    • Simple Jack

      I see pageau going down when spezza is ready.

  • SensChirp

    Bob McKenzie’s Team Canada prediction. Looks pretty good to me!


    EX-Bergeron, St. Louis


    EX- Hamhuis, Subban


    • Luc Wolfe

      I don’t know why Nash and Weber are there for me they sadly passed their Prime.

      Giroux is good, but this season I would put him and an extra only

    • Heisenberg

      that 4th line is better than the US’s first loool

    • SenaTHOR

      If Subban makes the team I’m cheering for the Russians. He is so dislikeable.

      • Jacques

        Come on cheer for Karl’s team not the Russians. I can’t cheer for a team with Crosby, I hate that sissy, so I’ll be cheering for EK65!

    • Sandy

      I wouldn’t take Nash… he’s not done much this season.. Other than that… looks good…

    • sprucesens

      i’d rather bergeron on the 4th line than getzlaf, but i guess they go for chemistry with perry. Wouldn’t be surprised to see st. louis over duchene. I like duchene more, but i can see them wanting marty’s leadership and work ethic. So many options, we should be allowed to ice 2 teams. lol

    • SensGod

      This team can skate! and that will be important on the big ice.

      • sbs138

        this team can skate! too bad Stamkos can’t.

    • CUP 2014-15

      LOL, 4th line is Huge, fast on the wings and tons of scoring. Let’s hope Stammer is good to go. I like it.

    • Jacques

      Nash, can’t believe that people still something in that guy! If Ryan doesn’t know how to spell intensity than I bet you Nash doesn’t know what letter that word starts with.

      • 00000011111101010101010101

        RIM SHOT (hee hee)

      • Simple Jack

        Perry > nash. Perry on 2nd line. Nash shouldnt make it.

    • Simple Jack

      I would go bold and young on the 3rd line

      Hall tavares seguin

      Those guys will be our top dogs next olympics so put them together now and watch the magic.

      Hall/seguin draft too close to call, basically could’ve been 3 1st overall picks of their generation.

    • Sensnation

      Surprised there’s no Neal, Hall, Seguin or Letang. And is Seabrook not a lock?

    • aegiszx

      I’m surprised Seabrook isn’t a lock… but I guess if you take JayBo + Pietrangelo, you take them together. Keith is elite enough in that he can, and does play with anyone, and usually does well.

  • CUP 2014-15

    Four in a row, now we’re on a winning streak. Great job on the PK. Very happy for Stone, even the game before he had 4 shots in under 9 min TOI. His skating is fine, he will never have blazing speed but he scores and sees the ice well. Hope they keep him around, I like him with 93 & 89, give Spezz Milo back and let them earn second line minutes.

    • Brad Bernatchez

      Put stone with spezza they had good chemistry in the nyr series.

      • CUP 2014-15

        You may very well be right but my concern is that I would not want him with Spezz if he’s not 100% and playing at the top of his game. I am hoping Stone gets to play with hot players and he gets his confidence going at this level. That being said, I did like game five with him and Spezz.

        • Brad Bernatchez

          Agreed but be nice to have some who can score on spezzas line. He hasn’t had anyone all year really. (Bobby Ryan doesn’t count lol). Plus I think it would light a little spark under spezzas arse lol. But have to wait until he is healthy.

          • CUP 2014-15

            It’s a nice problem, but he did have both CMac and Bobby at one time, however I know what your saying, he’s a top talent and I agree he deserves quality line mates, Milo has been better, they have had great chemistry and in 11-12 they were outstanding with…..Greening, who knows throw the three of them together and let them work it out. That’s a hell of a third line or first line if they find that 11-12 magic again, up to them.

        • Simple Jack

          I think they played less than 3 minutes together before stone was moved off his line.

        • Sandy

          That was a very good play by Stone on his goal last night… Nice backhand to beat a really good goalie.. (who didn’t play particularly well last night).
          To score your first NHL goal in the Bell Centre must be extra special.

  • Brad Bernatchez

    Man do I ever hate bob cole. Love the monotone voice for our sens then he has a hardon when Habs touch the puck.

    Glad our boys are turning it around!

    • Sandy

      Watched in silence. I refuse to listen to Bob Cole and Glenn Healey..

  • Gordon Ramsli

    My thoughts on Spezza I love him when he’s good but if he’s indeed playing injured then I suggest he rests until he’s recovered properly, Good offensive touch but if he can’t skate on the defensive he’s a even more high risk player then what he use to be.

    I honestly can’t decide if I prefer Stone playing with Spezza or RW Position on Conacher & Zibanejad’s line would love to see Spezza getting a RW Chemistry going on but Zibanejad & Stone alongside Conacher could be exactly what we have been waiting for out of our prospects..?

    • Brad Bernatchez

      I wouldn’t touch conachar milo and zibby line they have great chemistry.

      • sben

        I would say that conacher and zib have chemistry not michalek. Any winger could take that spot and do really well because of the way conacher and zibanejad were playing.

        • Tooks

          Exactly, MM9 is a spare part. Inject Spezza with MZ93 and CC89 and they would do just aswell, probably even better.

  • Simple Jack

    Awsome game, but we almost lost it not playing and we started puck watching. Montreal at the begining of the 3rd was testing the waters, passing the puck, soon as they realized they were not going to get hit carrying and passing the puck they took it to us.

    We intimidate the hell out of the smurfs, we have to punish them when the touch the puck. Its our edge, we need to play tough or they end up scoring.

    Close call, we got an o.t victory thats great. Loved the game, but we could’ve really put the boots to them on the ice and the scoreboard.

    Keep it rolling boys, go sens

  • Sensnation

    MacArthur has to be one of the top 3 signings this offseason league wide. Don’t know how TO ever let him go for Clarkson, but I’m so happy to have him on our team!

    • aegiszx

      They let him go because he didn’t fit into their system, not because of Clarkson. Not surprised by his, Grabovski’s, and Ryan’s comments towards Carlyle, just not a coach everyone gets along with (like Kovalev/Gonchar on Clouston lol).

  • aegiszx

    Is Edmonton just terrible at developing their young guns or was Justin Schultz really that overhyped? Rookie last season with just 27 points and -17, this season, only 15 points and -17 already… And to think we almost had him…

    • Sensturion

      Last year wasn’t that bad. 27 points in 48 games for a rookie defenseman? Sucks this year, though.

    • SenaTHOR

      This is where the typical fan(not hockey guru) thinks that a PUCK MOVING DEF is the answer for a losing team. I think Karlsson is excellent BUT he really performs poorly around the net and it negatively affects the team. You need balance and the weight needs to tip more toward solid defensive players who have some upside. Having a solid shutdown pairing is a necessity. As soon as you can shutdown the other teams top lines you give your team a chance to win with hopefully less goals scored. You need balance but everyone needs to be defensively responsible and that has been our main problem all year. I’m just not sure PM buys into this theory. If your top dman is deep into the negative +- THEN THAT BECOMES A SERIOUS ISSUE.

      • sprucesens

        i have a problem with this statement. Mostly because it assumes the same thing that everyone assumes when they categorize a type of player. A puck moving D is assumed to be small and agile, when in reality, it could be a 6’6 behemeth that actually knows how to skate and pass. On the other hand, yes, you aren’t likely to have a small player that throws huge hits. Having said that, there is no reason a small “stay at home” D man, has to be big, since the term only implies defensively responsible.

        Basically, i hate the way analysts, and the filter down effect to fans, for naming players. If a player is a PMD, he’s skinny, doesn’t hit but skates well and is somehow presumed to be a better passer. If he’s stay at home, he means he is useless offensively, but likely does a decent job defending, with nothing flashy, and for some reason can barely skate or pass the puck. If he’s 2 way, he has size and is an offensive threat. But being in the 2way category, doesn’t actually mean better in the defensive end than a PMD, like say karlsson. It just means they are bigger. Nor does it mean they are worse defensively than a stay at home D, just that they actually contribute more often.

        So not disagreeing with your sentiment about a pmd being the fix for a losing team, just the fact that a PMD is assumed by most to be a skinny fast offensive threat type D. What if the player was cowen’s size and could skate and pass? lol, then we call him a 2way. So dumb. But i guess it works.


        • CUP 2014-15

          I would agree some feel that way in regards to size or big hits. However stay at home D come with the odd big hit but it’s clearing the front and winning battles against 230 lb forwards down low as well as boxing out. So size will be a factor in most cases. The same applies to the puck movers when it comes to speed and quickness. There are only a few that can handle both, we have one coming/here in CC. I agree with Thor that you need to worry about the D side of the D first and I believe you need four stay at home guys unless you have a Drew Daughty type.
          I also have the same fear in regards to Mac

  • Sandy

    Luongo injured in LA game yesterday.. Run over by Brown. Not playing tonight.. COULD be high ankle sprain. He finished the game yesterday and said it was okay after the hit… guess not.
    This could be very bad news for Canada…

  • aegiszx

    Just noticed the next 15 games heading into the February olympic break… 4 at home, 11 on the road, with many of them being against the elite teams. F.M.L

    Granted we just won on the road last night, but that was against the lowly Habs… the next 4 weeks could get veryyyy ugly around these boards should things take a turn for the worst.

    • Aaron 2.0

      The last week heading into the Olympics in February looks real tough. But I thought January was pretty reasonable. A lot of road games. Colorado, Montreal, and Tampa Bay (x 2) are as hard as it gets in Jan. If TB doesn’t have Stamkos back, those are winnable, IMO. Even if he is back, i’m guessing he won’t be 100%. January isn’t an easy schedule. But, I think it’s a month we can really rack up some wins. I’ve said it before, but I feel like this month is a make or break month for the team. February will be real tough. But, all the more reason that this team really needs to perform this month. I guess the hardest part with all of these road games is MacLean doesn’t get to line match. Everybody will have to be that much more dialed into these match-up situations, and make the right plays at the right times.

    • sprucesens

      well, if we can’t beat the elite teams, we won’t deserve the playoffs anyways…

      but we’ve done well recently and beat teams like boston, pittsburgh, st. louis, montreal, washington.

      and while i feel the habs record is better than they are, they technically are an “elite” team in the east right now. puke.

      We still need a trade of at least 1 forward and 1 D leaving us. The young guys are proving they belong. Each call up is playing well, and showing why they were called up. Stone, Pageau, Grant, Ceci, Boro, have all earned a good look on the team going forward. Would have been nice to see hoffman get more ice time. I really hope the team hasn’t given up on him. I think he could be part of a scoring 3rd line and maybe man the point on the PP. Better than having phillips back there. lol.

      Still have other players like prince, puempel, hoffman, and eventually lazar to consider for roster spots in the future. It will be a make or break month for sure. If we start losing, then the playoffs will be out of the picture. If we stay even, we won’t be going far, and likely the only move is michalek for a pick as a rental. It would be nice to keep winning though. Still have to keep the rebuild in mind. Likely a few in the bottom 6 won’t be with us past this year.

    • PraiseAlfie11

      “The lowly habs”? Last time I looked, they are in a playoff spot?

      • Tooks

        They might be in a playoff spot, but they are not a playoff built team. They will falter in the 1st round again this year. Unless Price plays like Tim Thomas!

  • sprucesens

    what do you guys think of trying to aquire cammelleri as a replacement for michalek. Not saying we could trade michalek for cammy, as it would be a lateral move for both clubs. But would require 2 moves on our part. Dollars add up. Then we try to resign him a bit cheaper next year? maybe a 3 way with a team like buffalo.

    To Calgary
    ott’s 2nd, buff’s 2nd

    To Ottawa

    To Buffalo
    PW, Michalek

    no idea if anything even close to that works. Michalek is really only a cash dump to buffalo, with them getting a sophmore D to help with the rebuild, and a chance to sign michalek first, at the cost of only a 2nd pick for both. Then we trade both 2nd’s for cammy.

    Just putting the idea out there as cammy is seen as a prime rental this year, but no teams have the cap and real dollars room. I think BM had inquired about him before. But because of budget, michalek would have to be leaving. And for it to make sense, we would be wanting to resign cammy for a reasonable contract in the 5 mil range. Always liked his game. Just thoughts.

    • Richard Gough

      Murray can’t afford to move another draft pick at this time but maybe a prospect would work or even Phillips

    • sben

      we don’t need cammaleri. He is a center. If we got him we would have a log jam at center. Pageau spezza smith zib turris and cammaleri. We should stay just the way we are. Michalek won’t stay with ottawa and that leaves space for stone or lazar. phillips and corvoe will be gone leaving space for PW gryba and boro. Everything else is fine. no real need for trades unless it is to somehow get rid of Spezza or Cowen.

      On another note brent wallace has tweeted the following:

      with Spezza’s return Zibanejad has been moved off line with Michalek and Conacher.

      Ridiculous. Spezza has to be traded. That line was clicking and maclean has to destroy it.

  • s3nsfan

    I was driving to work this morning and listening to TSN1200. I heard the call for the Mark Stone goal and something occurred to me. We in ottawa take a lot, A LOT of heat for having 50/50 home crowds against Montreal and Toronto. Well if you listen to that call, there is a pretty large erruption considering we are in the most storied franchise in all of sports and the visitors crowd were competing.

  • Tooks

    Why such a long break, damn, we only play Wednesday….
    I would love Cammalleri but I doubt anyone, ANYONE takes Michalek off our hands.

    • s3nsfan

      Hey Brian Burke is in Calgary, anything is possible lmao

      • Sandy

        Michalek for Monahan… LOL

        • s3nsfan

          Get to it BM lol

    • aegiszx

      I wonder if Burke would entertain the idea of having Michalek on Hudler’s wing. Two countrymen that could thrive, could be interesting… Spezza and Cammalleri would be sick IMO.

  • Alcatraz

    anyone see Anderson’s new Batman mask? Pretty slick

    • Simple Jack

      Why does he have a batman mask? Is the the mask finished or is it going to stay blue and white?

  • sben

    according to brent wallace:

    Chris Neil (injured) is skating alone prior to Sens practice at Bell Sensplex.

  • sben

    Is this serious by the way?

  • SensChirp


    • boom

      Smith on the wing with Spezza is something I have always thought might work.

      Chirp, do you remember when Smith first came up, they had him pencilled in as a power/scoring winger, alongside Spezza?

      He (Smith) ended up not having a good camp, but became a regular the following season, but as a center.

    • Lorenzo72

      I really hope that MacLean keeps together the well performing lines.

    • Tooks

      Are those lines from morning skate? Or just line you expect to see or wish to see?
      Cant see Spezza playing 3C for very long.

      Zib is better as a winger, get MM9 out of there and put Spezza 2C. Keep CC89 & MZ93 together.

      • SensChirp

        Morning skate

    • A-Train

      Pretty incredible that our forward group contains only two European players, and only one with a future in the organization. Huge turnaround from the Sens teams of old (or at least how they were perceived).

  • Miguel

    Great win in Montreal, that was a fun game to watch.
    everthing is for sale, including Spezza for the right price… but that is the key the right price. I would not entertain moving him, as he is still one of the elite players in the game today.
    a healthy Spezza coming back with the right linemates, should put this team right back to where we all expected them to be, closer to the top of the standings.
    Smith Spezza Stone = Triple S express! could be a very interesting combination.
    And I really liked the post about all the Sens fans cheering at the Bell Centre… it shows that the Sens Fan base is indeed growing

  • NickofTime

    I would be surprised if BM allowed any more of his managers to leave Ottawa especially mid-season. Losing TM is bad enough but if he were to lose another guy or two that would hurt the operations of the hockey team in Ottawa & Bingo. I suspect P. Dorion will become the new assistant GM in Ottawa & Randy Lee to become Head of Player Development.