Leafs vs. Senators- Highlights

SensChirp December 8, 2013 90
Leafs vs. Senators- Highlights

  • WaitingSince92

    Clarke was a real buzzsaw out there last night. He never slowed his furious pace. Mika too, but without the extra motivation of facing a former team. Both were fantastic, but for some reason Mika just couldn’t hit the net… must have missed 5 or times at least. Tough luck.

    Even though it wasn’t a ‘good loss’, I defy anyone to tell me that was not an exciting game. Not the result we wanted, but it was exciting as all hell! That’s SOMEthing…

    • CUP 2014-15

      Also enjoyed the game, not the result. Too many penalties but fun to watch. Now need a 6 game win streak to get mathematical back into it. Don’t think were capable of doing that and the further we fall behind the longer that streak will need to be. Ugh…

  • FistsofNeil25

    I don’t even know how to feel about that game last night. We were a dominant team against the lousy Leafs but we still found ways to shoot ourselves in the foot and let them come out with the win.

    That MacArthur-Spezza-Zibanejad line is a keeper.Zibanejad is playing on another level than the majority of his teammates and Mac has been our most consistent player all season. If we keep Zibby on the wing, we’re going to need to send Hoffman back down and call up a center. It’s too bad for Hoffman because he hasn’t had much of a chance to showcase what he can do.

    Unfortunately for Turris and Ryan, now that Mac is off that line we need to find someone else to get these two going again. If we can get both our top lines clicking we could get on a serious role.

    The Sens need a spark still, and remember who was the spark for us in the playoffs last season? I think it’s time to call up JGP! What about these lines….

    MacArthur-Spezza-DJ Zbad

    I’ve always liked the way Greening and Condra have worked together. They seem to always be on the same page and remember how great they were with Pageau between them last year?

    • CUP 2014-15

      I like this, but has JGP got his faceoff % over 30 in Bingo. That was his biggest issue here and as a defensive center he has to win draws. Mika was brutal on the faceoffs last year as well but has fixed that issue, I hope JGP has as well. Also agree with Mika, they have to find a way to keep him on the wing on that line. Would love for Stone to get an opportunity at some point soon with Turris and Ryan.

      • Jacques

        As long as MaCLean is in love with number 22 our real prospects will rot in Bingo.

        • CUP 2014-15

          sell high, buy low. He now has two goals in the last three games, sell, sell, sell…

        • Aaron 2.0

          I sort of have a man-crush on Condra. He’s a puck possession wizard, but, obviously not a lot of scoring touch. I think he’s a great utility player on a 4th line. I wouldn’t trade him. But, I agree the coach is misusing him this year. There’s still room with him here and for some prospects in the top 9 if we end up sellers a little later in the season (and sadly that is likely).

          • Jacques

            Wizard, well here’s hoping he can make himself disappear!

  • Floridasensfan

    We played a hard fought game, hard to say the refs did not have a hand in the outcome.
    I have not been a Kassian Basher but seriously we have far better options to bring up on the team from Bingo. Kassian to whoever for future considerations, don’t even care if we are the ones giving future considerations.

    Obviously he has nothing to do with our losses but seems like a waste of space on the team or am i missing something.

    • CUP 2014-15

      I was thinking the same thing, if it’s toughness they want, call up Cowick at least he can skate and play and has some skill to go with his aggressive play. If it’s not toughness, holy f#@k .

    • Aaron 2.0

      No clue why we have him. Last night he played a total of 1:05 (TOI). And, I doubt anybody missed him. Our team is tough enough. We don’t need a guys whose only skill set is delivering and absorbing punches. However, I did miss the fact that his line-mates also saw very little time on ice because he was dressed.

  • FistsofNeil25

    A lot of people have been critical of the way Paul Maclean has handled Zibanejad, but has anyone considered that maybe our coach is pushing all the right buttons with Mika?

    It’s important for coaches to push their young players to be the best player they can be. I mean I’m sure Maclean has always known that Mika was a GOOD player, but maybe the coach believes that Mika could be a GREAT player.

    DJ Zbad has looked better and better every game. He has high-end speed, he’s strong on the puck, he has a high hockey IQ, a heavy shot, makes high-skill plays (ie his two set-ups to Karlsson on the pp last night), and he’s extremely physical. The guy throws heavy hits.

    He’s 20 years old, and outside of MacArthur he’s been the team’s top forward the last 10 or so games, whether he’s on the top line or the 3rd or 4th line.

    Anyways, over the last couple years I’ve heard a lot of people criticize Murray for drafting Mika as high as he did. I’ve heard people say that Zibby will be nothing more than a 3rd line center in this league. This season, I’ve heard so many complaints about how Maclean has handled the young Swede. My point is I think people need to sit back and just realize that maybe the team knows what they’re doing with this guy.

    Sorry about the essay, but I’m pretty excited about this player. I think Mika has the potential to be an star in this league, I really do.

    • CUP 2014-15

      agreed to a point. Sending him down to start the season I am OK with but when he has scored in three straight with Spezz at centre and then send Grant down and move him to 4lc didn’t sit well with me. I was happy to see that Mac finally scraped that idea in the second last night, went with three lines and we saw what Mika can do. Not sure who’s move that was but Grant was playing well at centre and Mika was playing great on the wing.
      My concern is that this team messed with something that wasn’t broken just to call up Hoffman and give him a chance, I am sure sitting a more veteran guy like Milo, Greening or Conacher would have been better. It’s been a tough year for this coaching staff.

  • Randy Cunneyworth

    I thought Cowen actually looked pretty decent last night, physical presence and jumping up on the play. Hopefully it continues!

    • Eugenius

      As much as he has been disappointing so far this year, I still think it’s too early to give up on the kid. He needs a solid veteran to play with that’ll help him grow as a player.

  • Frank

    I’m loving MacArthur more and more each day. Guy has the heart of a lion. Zibby had one of his best games as a Senator last night. How does MacLean reward him? By sending a struggling Michalek out in the shootout instead of him. This team hasn’t scored a shootout goal in an eternity and yet he sends the same players out there each time. It’s mind boggling.
    I’m also getting to the end of my rope with Spezza. Not sure how many times this guy can kill an offensive zone forecheck with his blind passes back to the point. I counted at least 4 of them last night where the Sens had the Leafs pinned and he sends the puck out of the zone with a dumb saucer pass. Not to mention his one-timer shots from below the goal line. He needs to stick to simple hockey for once in his life…

  • Guest

    I think we are starting to see Jason Spezza regress.

    He’s no longer a top centre in the league. Everything he does is either predictable, or ineffective.

    • Sensturion

      And if we were to get rid of him, like every other player that has left the organization, he’d rip it up on another team.

      • Jacques

        Who cares, you can’t possibly commit to him long term. TUrris,Zibby,Pageau,Lazar, is the future down the middle.

        • Eugenius

          Agreed. I still don’t think Murray has the balls to ask Jay for a list of teams. He’ll play out his contract and we’ll get nothing in return (other than a bunch of cap space).

          • Jacques

            Kinda bad management don’t you think. I’d be forthcoming and say listen Jason we won’t be resigning you, and there are teams interested in your services. Might be his best option to get another long term deal in the future. You’d have to think a team like Nashville might really like to have him???

          • Jacques

            The cap hits have to match so maybe a Legwand,forsberg and a pick for Spezza. Sens get an expiring big cap hit, Forsberg a grade A prospect and a pick. Would give the Sens money to spend in the off season. You could move Legwand again at the deadline for a good pick.

          • sens23

            that package is less then the sens gave up to get bobby ryan and jason spezza is far more valuable then him especially to a team like nashville that hasnt had a 1st line center since peter forsberg left in 2007

          • Jacques

            Legwand is a solid 2 way center who puts up points, Philip Forsberg is a top pick power forward. And are you sure that Spezza is a better player than Ryan????? Not sure.

          • Jacques

            Sens have to move him to a team that needs a center desperately, Nashville, maybe Winterpeg. He may be untradeable??? Who knows.

          • sens23

            lets just say nashville would take that deal in a heartbeat

            quit trying to make spezza something he isnt. spezza is never going to be a two way center. but guess what he doesnt have to be. if spezza puts up his standard 65-85 points every year he is doing his job. if the sens trade him for that package you suggested the sens now have turris to carry the load and his best year is 29 points so far.

            turris is not a 1st line center. people are so quick to blame spezza but how about turris who has a whopping 4 points in his last 13 games getting the second pairing dmen.

          • hq8

            bad management really was:
            1. trading bishop for conacher. the trade is wrong on way too many levels. first, trading a solid goalie within the conference/division. then trading him for a kid who really is a flash in the pan with a contract that the sens cant send to Bingo because he needs to clear waivers now. they could have traded him for anything at this point but definitely should not have traded him to Tampa and should have got something more manageable. Right now, as it stands, Conacher didnt provide the so-called short term scoring help and is nowhere close to providing long term either.

            2. not assessing their D-corps more critically this offseason. dont know how much you can blame though. the numbers from last season were fantastic with the second lowest GAA in the league. gryba, cowen (immediately post-recovery), PW46 all performed great and it was hard not to buy into it. maybe the fault is with coaching for not using Corvo more smartly early on and over-relying on Cowen/PW46.

            3. having matt kassian on a one-way. he played less than 5 minutes yesterday i think.

            4. playing hide-and-seek with zibanejad early on.

            5. being stupid with SDC and Pageau.

            6. keeping dave cameron as PP coach when the writing has been on the wall for two seasons now. its actually shameful that the sens have EK65 on the back end and are this bad on the PP.

          • Jacques

            You knew that at the time, Conacher was player of the year in the AHL and in the running for rookie of the year in the NHL. We had Lehner and Anderson. Plus Murray picked up a fourth rounder. When the deal was made I thought it was great. In hindsight obviously not!

            Why do we not play Gryba, plus 5 this year, and if people watch carefully he’s fairly reliable and very good on the PK. Don’t get the thinking there. I agree Pageau and even DaCosta would have stayed up IMO, we need a third scoring line. DaCosta and Hoffman are magic in the minors! we shoUld try the together. chemistry is important.

            Not sold on Cameron as a coach! I think he’s a born loser.

            Good points.

          • hq8

            by being stupid with SDC and pageau i really meant playing them ahead of Zib. that i think was ridiculous.

            not playing gryba is another very puzzling decision after basically he played top pairing or 2nd pairing for the sens all of last season. remember, they allowed the 2nd lowest GAA in the league and their PK was the best – that was because of Gryba and Methot.

            SDC does not fit with ottawa. they need to trade him and recoup the asset value before its too late. but the league wants big skilled centremen, not small so basically SDC has to perform at St. Louis levels to be of any attraction.

          • SenaTHOR

            Optics Baby! You sign 2 and 46 this summer/fall and you sit them? Looks like you fucked up and you think Murray wants that. Gryba’s big problem last year was giveaways and he has brought that way down. They need offense and defence and Gryba hasn’t shown enough flair on O. He has less than 1 shot/game.

          • hq8

            i think trading spezza would be a step-backward for this team. he is still the top centreman on this team. a point-per-game career guy, injuries and defensive moronics be damned. all of it with the sens. the knock on thornton has always been playoff performance, but the sharks know all too well that the moment they trade him they will regret forever. not to mention, you will never ever ever get fair value. the parallels are there. thornton just like spezza is getting older but the sharks have to stick with him because without him the chances are lower and plus no fair value. look at the sedins, so many playoff disappointments, but the canucks know that if they let them go, its worse. its the same here, for ottawa, spezza with all his good and bad, its better to have him than not.

            the direction has to be provide spezza with enough a-type scoring around him that makes it very hard to match and defend against. he needs linemates that are consistent and skilled. ryan, zibanejad and macarthur finally seem like the answers.

            the problem for the sens is not in the front corps. its in the back end, its in goal now actually and its on the PP where they need a different strategy, not different personnel except obviously removing Phillips from the point.

          • Eugenius

            Nash or St. Louis maybe.

        • hq8

          actually committing to spezza long term is probably the best thing to do. look at what the sharks have now after sticking with Thornton. They sport three 1st line centremen now. Thornton, Pavelski and Couture. I think Ottawa will possibly end up better if Lazar’s progression speeds up: Spezza, Turris, Zib and Lazar.

          here is what i’d like to see Maclean start doing though because we need to win games: load up a first line of Turris-Spezza-Ryan. not for a full 60 minutes, but definitely for key moments in the game when trailing by 1 or 2 or on the PP or 5-on-3s.

          i feel our coaching is a bit……timid and is not maximising the tools available. Ottawa definitely has the offensive tools, the individual stats all support it. The defensive side of things is starting to come around a little, but goaltending still lags – particularly andy.

          One of the prime places where you can see the offensive potential underutilized is the PP. I frankly think we should no see Phillips next to EK65. it should be one of Corvo or PW46 or a forward. Need to put the pain on the PP and blast some pucks at the other team. the other team needs to feel the threat of a booming shot and think twice about blocking.

          • Jacques

            I respect your opinion but I think Melnyk will try to avoid a big contract to a guy with diminishing skills and health. To me Now is the time to move him, I said it this past summer that the best move was to trade Andy and now look where we are now. If we don’t trade Spezza now, he’ll just sign as a free agent elsewhere after the end of next year. Waiting for him to get hurt is the big risk.

          • TookieIs100PercentRight

            I agree with this. I would not sign Spezza to more than a 3-4 year deal. His skills are declining and health as you said. Turris is basically our #1 guy (which can be kinda yikes at times) so if we could find a #2 in the Fisher mould (Fisher prime not FIsher now) and go with Smith/can of tuna at 4th line we’re fine.

        • PraiseAlfie11

          Ive noticed turris mailing it in with more frequency. If he were the true 1C, the spotlight would show some issues just like it does for spezza.

    • hq8

      i think you watched the wrong game yesterday. spezza actually was pretty damn sharp yesterday and sported a destructive 66% FO rate last night. it was not even funny how he owned every leaf centreman against him. also had 2 pts and +2.

      I would say he had a good comeback performance after the TB game. on the other hand Turris had a regressive performance, especially letting Gardiner out-deke him on that 3rd goal.

    • H POTTER

      Bang on! He gets in the zone, fakes the shot goalie doesn’t bite, he tries going around and back in front with a weak pass because he cannot wrap around..same play game in game out

    • Conor_smythe

      I disagree. I hink spezza and zibanejad are really starting to build some chemistry together. If it keeps up, I think the best of spezz is yet to come

  • Sandy

    Reimer outplayed Andy. Leafs were outshot, outhit and Sens dominated the faceoff circle. I don’t know what happened to Andy.. but he’s terrible in shootouts.
    I don’t like fans trashing on McLean for his player handling.. BUT enough of Spezza & Michalek in the shootout. Logic would say the first shooter should have been MacArthur as he knows Reimer quite well. Then how about Ryan? The best shooter on the team? Zibby? Turris? Karlsson?
    Maybe McLean is just trying to get his guys going… I don’t know.. Baffles me.
    Wiercioch, Cowen & Gryba.. need time. Time to develop and learn… Not to sit in a pressbox every game or get traded out of town… One of them will be traded eventually but it won’t be Cowen.
    Tim Murray has his interview in Buffalo on Tues when the Sens play there. I hope to god he doesn’t get the job.
    Chris Kelly has a broken ankle after a slash from Dupuis.. That should be a suspendable offense..

    • TookieIs100PercentRight

      I hope Tim does get it, and here’s why.
      This team isn’t going to be a contender anytime soon. We’ve become attached to the Murray’s because they’re aw shucks local guys but this team hasn’t progressed at all under them. We’ve had a bottom 10 finish, another bottom 10 finish this year, a playoff round won last year, several first round exits. If I’m Tim I take the Sabres job; unlimited budget, TONS of first-round picks and a rebuilding team. Anyone that things “OMG THEY’RE GOING TO WIN.” The best the entire Murray family has done is a finals with Philly and Ottawa.
      It’s time to move on. Get a new GM in here that will turn this team into a defensive powerhouse with a sterling work ethic and we go from there.

    • aegiszx

      Andy and Robin are awful in the SO. Same issue last year.

      Alfie had always been our SO savior… Not sure why we keep putting Spezza and Milo in, ugh.

      • sprucesens

        i recall alfie taking half hearted shots that often just missed the net during shootout..? but thats just me. I’m sure he scored lots too. Probably just have more emphasis on the one’s he missed because that means we usually lost the SO, and that has happened a lot

  • Jacques

    Spector saying islanders may have interest in Anderson, says the Sens have been trying to move him for awhile now.

    • hq8

      finally a relevant rumor. andy is not game winning anymore. relegated to game surviving and that glove hand is now so Jame Reimer from two years back.

    • Sandy

      I pay no attention to Toronto media unless it comes from MacKenzie or Dreger.

    • H POTTER


    • sprucesens

      i can’t see a fit of any trade with the islanders that improves the senators. We would need one of the 2 no name goalies (poulin or nilsson)coming back, and i would assume a good prospect. But i doubt we’d get a A+ player like reinhart, strome, or pulock coming back, and anything less wouldn’t be worth our while. And not a single player on the roster would improve us without either A) exceeding the budget(vanek, which won’t happen based on the fact they just over paid for him, and we’d have to give much more) and B) massively deplete their current lineup (okposo, bailey and so on) They have no other desireable players other than prospects.

      So unless they are willing to do something like

      Anderson, PW for

      Poulin, pulock(a player we were high on, at the draft) and maybe swapping mid level picks

      i don’t see anything happening. And i think we could put together a bigger package to someone like the oilers that includes anderson, while getting better players in return.

  • Mitchell

    Alexander Ovechkin was told to be more defensive reliable when Daryl Hunter came to town and ruined #8 great offence touch. now SPezza played the PK and has been told to be more defensive. it wasn’t until Oates came in and told him to brig back his O game did he become himself agin. Just let the player play there strengths. stop ruining them.

  • LeafsSux

    Ill start out by saying I was at the game last night. Great 1st period lots of hustle..Flat 2nd period totally sucked..Great 3rd period with to many shots going array.. But you guys already know that.. What you dont know is about 15 minutes before game time a CTC employee came up to the wife and I and said how would you like to change your seats? Well we were in a sea of blue shirts so I said hell yeah! We went from here..


    To here!!!!


    Needless to say we were very happy.. Great game but the outcome could of been better.. :/

  • aegiszx
    • Michenator

      I live in Toronto now, which let me tell you as a SENS fan is brutal. For people in Toronto the trip to Ottawa to see the Leafs play the Sens is a yearly thing, and it’s growing and growing. You can’t really expect the opposite to happen when Leafs tickets at the ACC are ONE MILLION dollars. For people in Toronto, it’s a cheaper easier way to see their team play and it just so happens to be against one of their biggest rivals, in a city that already has too many Leads fans.

      We need to win a cup and make more babies like chirp! Then we’ll have a real Sens army that can sell out all of our home games and not worry about those dang blue shirts.

      GO SENS GO.

      • sprucesens

        all true. And likely a lot of those blue shirts seats are actually sens seat holders, but sold the tickets since the leafs lovers can’t afford to watch a game in their own barn. Sucks for the sens though, but really, can’t blame someone wanting to make a buck off the idiots.

    • Roar…

      So what? Some guy took a really good angle photo? I was in the building… there was 60% Sens fans or more. It’s a rivalry game. Nobody complains about this sort of crowd mix in London where there are 5 premier league teams and it happens all the time. Frankly – these gamse are the most energetic crowd of the year because we cheer against each other. I love them.


    Anyways guys, I’ll take that one point that we absolutely need but I ain’t impressed because of who we played against. Sens team A will show up against Detroit, Mtl, tor. Because the game means something more than just 2 points. Sens team B is the one showing up against Edmonton Islanders, Tampa, Florida, Columbus, Dallas etc…even though Sens team B have one a few of those games, it wasn’t a full out game performance but rather fluke, lucky bounces. the Sens have the fire power to destroy those weaker teams and it wouldn’t even be funny. Instead the poor play of the 2nd and 3rd D’ pairing and weak play of Anderson is costing up those valuable 2 – points games! It’s clear that they did not want to sit Anderson and risk not getting interest from other GM. Otherwise, I can bet anything that if we would’ve trusted Lehner with most of the starts after hide -in-your-net Anderson had like 4 consecutive 4goals allowed games we would be way ahead in the conference. Players do not play with the same level of confidence with Anderson in the net..

  • ReleaseTheKarlsson

    I thought MacArthur-Spezza-ZBad was the best line out there last night. But people still wanna trade Spezza? Is this ever going to end?

    • SensFanInMTL

      There’s always going to be mixed reactions regarding Spezza. Has been since forever. 50/50 split for sure. We won’t realize what we’ve lost until he’s gone.

      • sprucesens

        he was gone last year, and we played 10 times better than this year. Not siding on one side or the other, just making a point

  • SensFanInMTL

    Those highlights of the game and anytime when the Leafs come to town just sickening. Them visiting is an even louder pop than we when score at home. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for everyone when their contract ends within a year or 2.

  • 4thStringGoalie

    Here’s my thought about all the Leafs fans at the game.

    I’m a Sens fan, I go to games to watch Ryan, Spezza, Karlsson, etc.. Lets say I have $200 to buy Senators tickets for me and my son, I tend to sit in the 300 level due to price.

    I have two options

    A. Buy two tickets to see the Sens play the Leafs.
    B. Buy two tickets to see the Sens play Florida, Phoenix AND Dallas.

    I pick option B every time. The pricing on the Leafs game ensure more Leafs fans because well, I’m sure I’m not the only one that chooses option B over A. If this rare Saturday night home game was actually at the same price as all the other games I’m sure Sens fans would have jumped on the tickets (especially with so few Saturday night games this year) and it would have been sold out before Leaf fans decided to grab tickets months after they go on sale. Obviously a lot of us don’t have money to through away for the same product just so their are less Leaf fans in the building. Maybe when all the kids are out of daycare and the house is paid off….

    I’m tired of the media/people criticizing fans for not paying more money to see the Leads play.

  • sprucesens

    you start to wonder how much “business” is conducted on a game by game basis. We know that showcasing does happen for when a player is to be traded. So how many times this year has a player been showcased, thus changing our lineups and potentially costing us points? Not something we like to think about, but its a real possibility.

  • sprucesens

    also, read about december 19 trade freeze. Thats coming up quick, which means if there is a move to be made, it should be happening very soon. We need to win 3 of 4 this week. Philly, buff, buff, LA. Obvious choices are the first 3. If we can’t pull that off, our season is over. And we’d be closer to 1st overall pick(although its anaheims now) then making the playoffs. I honestly can’t see how we haven’t made a move before this potentially season ending or turning around week. I know budget is the biggest issue, but there just has to be a deal out there.

    there has to be a team out there willing to take at least one of our D and one of the forwards from the bottom 6 for a pick. Even if its only a 3rd rounder. Then we can shed salary and make an actual trade to take some money back maybe.

    Looking at Bsens stats, we really need to give claesson a shot.(+17 and was hardest working sen at camp) And boro deserves to be up. Ceci is 4th in scoring on Bsens. I’m thinking we can do the safe thing and trade one of gryba/weircioch for either a pick or both for an experienced D. Then give some time to these guys. Ceci is part of the future. Claesson is a 50/50. Not likely an upgrade over PW/Gryba, but not likely a downgrade either. And ceci will be 2nd pairing moving PW down if he were to stay. so something has to change on the back in the next 6 months. Boro on 1 way too. Make something happen before this ship sinks, and embarrassingly so at that

    • SenaTHOR

      You’ll get NOTHING for Gryba if he doesn’t play. Wiercioch/Cowen would be my guess with Cowen less likely. However, PW46 has played better(somewhat in the D zone). Most of Wiercioch’s shots are on the PP, does a lot less on 5 on 5.

    • WaitingSince92

      Like it or lump it, the team has to turn this around themselves.

      Do you really not trust Murray to pull the trigger on ANY deal he thinks will be beneficial?!? You glance over the budget quickly, then assume there is demand for Gryba/Wiercioch. Even if there were interest, do you really think we’d get anything of quality back, especially since one isn’t playing and the other isn’t playing particularly well?

      Also, Ceci is a great prospect, but almost certainly not NHL ready.

      We all know and feel the direness of the situation – Murray feels more pressure than anyone. “There just has to be a deal out there” doesn’t seem like a compelling argument…

  • WaitingSince92

    I’ve seen a few posts about trading Cowen and as bad as he’s playing, dumping him would be a huge mistake.

    Not sure why fans can’t see that, especially given how well he’s played in the past.

    He’s all of 22 years old (extremely young for a Dman) and is coming off major surgery.

    Most D his size don’t have his mobility and ferocity. I won’t argue against
    his performance being worse than horrible, but he’ll gain back mobility
    over time.

    Bonus point to you if you’re currently recalling our history letting go of massive Dmen.

    • Alcatraz

      Just curious. When exactly has he played well in the past?

      This is year 3 of NHL

      Year 1: Solid rookie, not special, played his low minutes well, not relied upon, #5/#6 dman

      Year 2: Injured all year, came back at end and played slightly worse than year 1. Played ok vs Montreal then was our worst dman vs Pittsburgh

      Year 3: Brutal

      I get the whole don’t give up on him. But he hasn’t really proved he can take that next step from “big rookie dman who can skate in NHL” to “Big Dman that can be relied upon in any situation”

      • spezzerman

        hasnt had enough time. Why is he your whipping boy when the entire team is shit defensively?

        You yourself just said he has been solid the majority of this career. the NHL isnt an easy league to play in, especially shut down D on a team that is incapable of exiting the zone.

        • Alcatraz

          I said he had a solid rookie season. Solid by rookie standards. we placed little expectations on him and placed him in safe minutes against lines 3 and 4

          He hasn’t taken that step beyond that yet. The minute we give him harder minutes he stinks up the place. The contract eh signed and the expectations that nwo come with it means we have little patience for him to find his game.

          Also, he is not my whipping boy. Only trade proposal I have for him is to swap him for another underachieveing highly regarded young dman in Kulikov.

          • spezzerman

            Regardless of his contract, he needs the time and experience to develop. It isnt a switch you flick.

          • Alcatraz

            So you want him to play bottom pairing minutes for how long? Who plays the tougher minutes? He wanted to be paid like a guy who is top 4
            He placed this upon himself. PW signed for 2 mill, and PW has been just as successfull in the NHL as Cowen has

          • spezzerman

            blah blah blah. all i know is he rejected an 8 year contract and I dont blame him.
            Do you have proof that he got pissy about being sent down to bingo which was the only available option to him? Or is that just convenient speculation?

          • WaitingSince92

            Also, feel like people have him improperly pegged a shutdown D. He’s actually pretty well-rounded (as you have seen when he jumps into the play), not a 1 dimensional player at all.

          • Alcatraz

            Also he got all pissy last year when he was sent down during the lockout to the AHL. He was pissed off and thats why he wanted extra money this contract. He thinks he’s a legit top 4 dman, so if he thinks that he better play like that

            And he isn’t

          • Killadi

            well when he played in the AHL his yearly salary of $55,000 instead of his NHL salary of $950,000. This makes a significant difference bc for the time period that he was injured he was being paid from his AHL which is from October till his return in May. Had the team paid him his NHL level salary of $950K, I don’t think he would have been as pissed. put yourself in his shoes and try to understand, at the end of the day everyone wants to be paid.

          • Killadi

            Why the hurry to trade him? He is got great pedigree we drafted him early so that he could grow and become a shut down defender. Like you said he had a solid rookie season then had a serious hip surgery which takes atleast an year to heal thoroughly and for him to find his mobility and feel comfortable.

            History shows that defensive dmen need time and Cowen is coming from a major surgery. Let him heal properly and then give him an year, he looked great the last four games and has been joining in on the rush.

            Plus Kuliokov is not any better and he has been inconsistent and he there are rumours that he might go to the KHL, why take on that risk when Cowen has more potential and wants to play for this team. Let the kid have atleast 3 solid season in the nhl to grow and understand the game before judging him. jeezz luiss

            p.s. the contract he signed he gets paid more at the first two seasons but would be underpaid significanlty for the last two years of his contract when he starts playing like a stud and his value would be around the 6-7 million range. the way i see it n hopefully Murray when he signed the contract, Cowen gets paid 2mill for the first two seasons and $4mill for the last two seasons of his contract. which is a steal if you ask me.

    • runningbear1974

      What if he only becomes good at age 30… Is it worth 10 years of shit for maybe 10 good years…

      • WaitingSince92

        Except that he’s ALREADY SHOWN us that he can be good (ie before he was injured).

        What if? What if? What if the queen had balls? She’d be the king…

    • spezzerman

      I agree. I would be ok if they sent him down to bingo while they still can to find his game and gain confidence. He is slowly but surely coming around but fans have decided he is the main reason we stink, will never be any good and we should trade him for players who have done less in more time, which is ridiculous.

      • Alcatraz

        He can’t be sent down to bingo as he would have to clear waivers

        • spezzerman

          Not according to cap geek waiver calculator. He is exempt until 147 GP. He has about 137 or so.

      • Killadi

        wow, some of these comments are becoming irritating. no wonder stars don’t want to come play for us and Alfie left. We got an owner who is stingy and don’t want to pay to get talented players and hence driving Alfie out who wants to win a cup.

        The fans don’t understand the ups and down of being an NHL player, he is going thru a slump and is starting to get out of it but the fans don’t have patience. He is coming from a major surgery to his hip which affect your movement specially lateral movement as a defencemen. He missed training camp (lets not argue abt who’s fault it is) and was behind everyone else in conditioning etc.

        The reason why we are losing are not entirely his fault, you win and lose as a team. Karlsson, Spezza, Philips, Gryba, Turris, PW46, MM9 have all made just as many mistakes as him but the media has decided that he would be the whipping boy and some of our fans have followed suit without thinking critically (which is a shame).

        Here are few examples of players that took a while to get going as a defencemen.

        scott niedermayer, Sutter, Seabrook, Phaneuf, Phillips, Chara so why are we so hard on this kid, i don’t get it.

  • hq8

    apparently conacher is in tonight. when will the #sens learn their lessons…….

    • Alcatraz

      ONly reason he came out was because he was injured.

      • hq8

        really? because maclean kept saying he was good to go. its kind of hilarious how he doesnt really contribute in any measureable visible way and still has survived this long on the roster. while the likes of grant, borocop, and even pageau, SDC were given much shorter leashes.

  • boom

    From TSN:

    Michalek Turris Ryan
    MacArthur Spezza Condra
    Greening Smith Neil
    Hoffman/Kassian Zibanejad Conacher
    MacLean is an idiot. That’s all i got.

    • hq8

      yup. i think he is too. absolutely nothing there to support bringing conacher back into lineup.

      • Alcatraz

        Hoffmasn-Zibanejad-Conacher woudl be a fun line. Thats essentially the rookie line from last year but replace Silf for Hoffman

        Just cause its listed 4th who cares. Let them find experience and chemistry on the 4th line just like everyone wants us to let Cowen develop on the 3rd pairing. If they play well they will see more ice time

        Condra has actually played really well on Spezza wing. He was laying out hits against Toronto, has 2 goals in 2 games, and is actually making Spezza turn his game around, along with Grizz.

        If you line it up like this:


        would you all be so mad?

        • spezzerman

          I like that line. alot Not looking forward to another 1 minute of ice from kassian tonight. would rather see hoffman get the game since he is here

          • Killadi

            There is a reason why MacLean gets paid millions of dollars to be the coach and both you and I are bums who have nothing better to do with our time.

            However, its a known fact that in todays NHL you need to roll three lines to be competitive look at Chicago, Sharks (Pave on 3rd line), LA, Anaheim, Boston, Detroit, Pens, etc. they all have three lines not your traditional two lines, also we add depth and balanced attack by having Mika center the third line.

            I think the team is trying to trade, Spezza so wants to ensure that Mika could become the 2nd line center. just my opinion not spreading rumours lol

        • hq8

          zibanejad is past chemistry finding phase imho. he is performing ahead of michalek at the moment, and that makes him the teams 5th best FWD.
          conacher, basically, you can forget his performance in TB last season and start thinking of him in the same terms as shane prince, andre petersson etc.
          condra’s second goal was with greening and smith – kinda funny how Maclean finally puts that productrive trio from 2011 back together.
          one thing i dont like about maclean – he moves productive guys aruond to try and spread the production. noble intent, but never works.