Hemsky Leads Charge in Winnipeg- Highlights

SensChirp March 9, 2014 20
Hemsky Leads Charge in Winnipeg- Highlights

  • Saumurp

    What a win. With the Wings loss this afternoon, only 4 pts back.

    • sbs138

      too bad the Wings are in 9th.

      • CUP 2014-15

        One bump at a time, Wings then Lightning should be dropping by right about then on their way down the standings.

      • Aaron 2.0

        CBJ in 8th have same number of points. Just a tie-breaker situation. I’m most worried about the Blue Jackets for that final spot though. If the Sens ever did get hot, I still see catching the CBJ as a huge, huge challenge.

  • Spoons

    I really liked Hoffman with Turris and Ryan. Trying MacArthur alongside Zibby would be nice. Hopefully Hemsky click with Spezza for real. Yesterday’s game game me a bit of hope for a playoff push.

  • savagestix

    Thanks again chirp for the great promo tickets ;)

  • Kumar

    Will MacArthur play tonight ????

    If he does, I will sit Greening or Condra. Having Kassian in the line up gives our skaters some kind of comfort.

    • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

      Hope he doesn’t play tonight because I like his game and don’t want to see him traded…or something

      • Kumar

        Funny…I was referring to tomorrow night. Any how, please don’t look for mistakes to make your point. Life ain’t worth it for pettiness.

        • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

          Was more of a gentle poke…Internet sucks for getting tone/intent across.

          • Aaron 2.0

            That’s something to keep in mind guys (Kumar and Richard)! It’s virtually impossible to get tone via text based platforms! I wouldn’t assume the worse. This is a great community. I don’t think anyone (or at least very, very, very few) are going out of their way to bring people down!

            Just something that’s neat, and sort of related. This is actually a huge problem in several movement disorders, where people lose control of facial muscles. These people have a very difficult time expressing tone and feelings! Not-so-fun, fun fact.

        • Richard Gough

          I agree !
          Lightly I have been noticing a few ass holes on here dragging other people down in public about their comments and how they are typed out .
          It as happened to me a few times .

          • T K

            If you hear all criticism as angry or mean spirited then maybe that says something Freudian about your perception and interpretation rather than something negative about the emitter. Criticism can be intended as a pointer towards growth. Ask most parents…

  • Andrews theory

    Obviously, I’m cheering for this team to win every night but dropping games against Edmonton and Calgary significantly changed my expectations for this season.

    Really happy to see Hoffman break out. I’m sure it was a nice vote of confidence when Murray spoke about him deserved to be in the NHL.

  • CUP 2014-15

    CC89 with a helper for the Sabres, good to hear

  • SenaTHOR

    Karlsson would be a shoe in for the Norris IF he could play defence.

  • runningbear1974

    I missed a bunch of games lately… But, i got to see the highlights… Glad to see Spezza crashing the net for the first goal… Seems there’s some chemistry with Hemsky… Hopefully Neil punched some hockey sense into Cowen…

    • boom

      Speaking if Cowen – I only watched the game in bits and pieces, at the cottage. How did he look?

      • runningbear1974

        I only saw highlights… Looks like he scored, he fought, and took a penalty in which the other team scored…

  • SensChirp

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    displaying on home page. Tech guy tells me that a clearing of the
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    trick. Let me know if that doesn’t work…