Fat Lady Warms Up- Highlights

SensChirp April 3, 2014 35
Fat Lady Warms Up- Highlights

  • xN1Cx

    Yarg – reposted from previous thread (1 minute ago)

    That game was our season in a nutshell. Can’t say I was surprised, disappointed yes but not surprised.

    Very evident how much we missed a healthy Spezza and Ryan. These guys plus Hemsky and Michalek need to be back next year. We need to move the dead weight out of the bottom six and call up some hungry players.

    This is realistically the best team we have ever iced (save for the mid 200′s).

    Expectations have been tempered, puck is in your end Sens.

    • spoons

      I think someone in our top 6 needs to go and be replaced by someone less injury prone. Spezza, Hemsky and Michalek as our first line, with Ryan the big player on our 2nd? On the bright side the bingo players would get many call ups.

  • Dirk-Diggler

    Also just posted in the last blog…

    Ok guys… Let’s all try to figure out what can solve the issues we have…

    Let’s say realistically we spend $60M in salary next season and we do not fire PMac..

    Chirp, can you do a blog with a layout of all of our contracts next
    season and who in the minors should be pushing for roles on the big
    team? Also, what if any FA we can arget and what trades to bring in help
    for the D?

  • my2sens

    01. Who let the fat lady out of Mahoud’s basement?
    02. Spezza haters – he’s injured for 2 games, we score 2 goals total last games… I being one of the few who think Spezza should be in a Sens uniform hope we don’t drive him out.
    03. Pmac haters – relax. Year 3 of the rebuild. We were spoiled last year.
    04. Sens problem. The only issue I see is budgetary constraints. Not saying being a cap team will solve issues, but not having the flexibility is.
    05. 33% chance of making playoffs if we win all games – get the elephant gone and put the fat lady down!
    06. Things can be worse.

    • Zelle

      I believe Karlsson may also be playing injured. Good points though. Usually I read through all comments but last night people were just going insane, it was tough to digest. I think fans need to have some patience.

      • my2sens

        Therein lies another issue. IF players are injured, let them sit. We have a plethora of talent in the wings to replace and people hungry to show what they can do.

        • Zelle

          True I feel like they probably should have sit Bobby. And if Karlsson is injured then him as well. These are young stars that I would like to have on the Sens for the foreseeable future and don’t want them fighting lingering injuries throughout their careers.

          • MethotToMyMadness

            It’s easy to say sit Karlsson if he’s injured, but we also don’t know all the factors involved. This is only one area of thought, but many of these players have bonuses in contracts, that are related to point production.

            If EK has some type of bonus structure that says he gets X amount of points, you’ll be damned to pull him from the lineup, if he’s close to that number.

            We don’t see these or hear of them much but believe me, they do exist. I heard that Ovi has some strange structure that he worked into his contract that he negotiated, in relation to goals scored or something along those lines.

          • Zelle

            Interesting, I never considered that. Thank you for the insight. I’d find it odd that Karlsson has it in his contract to score more than his career best though, so at this point couldn’t he be safe to sit? He’s probably the type of guy who just always wants to play and would be difficult to sit, injury or no.

    • Senatollah

      0.4 Sens problem – what imaginative internal cap has hurt the team this year. All the BS of a tight internal cap and the team has been over it all year. They are building the team for the future, not this year or next so we will have to be patient fans. The sens could have thrown money to a full 2nd or 3rd line this year but the players would have been overpaid (big time) and shunted the development of other players who are important to the long term development of the team (i.e. Zbad, Stone, Hoffman) who happen to be on ELC which means only so much $ can be spent on them.
      Flexibility is a concern? the team carried 8 defencemen for most of the season. what is the argument
      Should we all be pissed at the contract the sens signed with Turris? Seriously, that ridiculously low amount will always be haunting us as our team payroll will be lower for top line guys than other teams.

      all that being said – maybe i’m just tired of it being an excuse when you look at the 50 contracts the Sens have, plus the others that will be signed, where do you throw the extra money too? As this young team ages money will need to be spent to keep the players that are RFAs, other than CP4 signing its been mainly money well spent

      • CUP 2014-15

        Love it . Could not have expressed it better. Spending money is one thing, handcuffing yourself with contracts with our young guns coming due, etc…

    • s3nsfan

      Yeah we could be 449.7 km to the southwest.
      Well said on your points and on point 3 i completely agree
      worst thing to happen to this team was making playoffs first two years of rebuild.

  • Misaow

    A lot of weird penalties this game, calls against Ottawa for lightly touching the other teams players, then no call on NYI for hard slashes and high sticks to the face…

    That 9MM goal was one of the ugliest goals i have witnessed in person.
    Personal highlight of the night is when EK65 hipchecked Anders Lee at his bench and the door opened to hit another player in the thigh…

    Not much else to say about the game…

  • whammer44

    You can definitely hear the Fat Lady making her way to the stage…hopefully someone puts a donut tray in her path!

    Here’s what we need to happen…

    Sens 5W-1OTL – 89 pts (games vs Habs, NYR, NYI, Devils, Laffs, Pens)
    CBJ 2W-4L-1OTL – 88 pts (games vs. Philly, Hawks, NYI, Yotes, Stars, Bolts, FLA)
    Laffs 3W-2L – 88 pts (games vs. Bos, Jets, Bolts, FLA, Sens)
    Caps 3W-2L-1OTL – 88 pts (games vs. Devils, NYI, Blues, Carolina, Hawks, Bolts)
    Devils 4W-2L – 88 pts (games vs. Caps, Carolina, Flames, Sens, NYI, Bos)

    • my2sens

      I ordered 2 dozen from Tims.

    • Doc

      Can’t see Columbus losing 4 out of 7 in regulation.

      • my2sens

        They could lose to Hawks, Bolts, Stars… not sure about 4th though.

      • whammer44

        Me either. Also can’t see Sens getting 11 more points to even possibly be in the mix but still prefer to scoreboard watch until its over

  • Pasky

    Sums it up pretty good…

  • FistsofNeil25

    Finish the rebuild Murray! If we’re going to continue to be a budget team then trade away the vets, Spezza, Neil, Phillips, Andy, etc. These guys aren’t going to be around by the time Ottawa’s new core players are in their prime and ready to contend. Our window of opportunity is still a few years away.

    Murray and Melnyk can tell us all they want that they’re trying to go for it all in the next couple years but with their internal budget and inexperienced roster, most people know that we’re not close to contending.

  • John Q. Spartan

    Phillips is #4. Gryba is #62. 6-2 = 4. Coincidence? I think not!

    • Zelle

      Mind: blown.

    • CUP 2014-15

      Cowen #2. PW. 46. 6-4=2??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • MethotToMyMadness

    Normally with Spezza out of the lineup, we see the Sens come together and play a very good systematic game. And while they did play a good defensive style (even with some breakaways given up) we managed less shots against in the last 2 games than we normally do.

    But, we also only scored 2 goals in the last 2 games. So yes, Spezza’s abilities have been missed. I won’t say Ryan is missed as much, as we’ve been productive with Stone as his replacement, but we surely do seem to be missing Spezza these last few games.

    Where do we go from here?

    • Kohlmanator

      To the tee.

      Let the young guys play.

      • MethotToMyMadness

        To the tee, as in Golf tee? Or spot on!! ;)

  • Miguel

    if you think you can better your chances of beating one of the worst teams in the NHL with complete plugs and cement hands of Smith, Condra, Neil, Phillips, who were on the ice for most the start of the third period, including the start on the PP…. and keep your top point getters on the bench… In the words of the great Manning and Tortarella…. your an IDIOT!
    to MacLean Live by the shit plugs, die by the shit plugs,
    as many have said, this is typical of the season, and PM himself has helped to piss away approx 10 points,

    • Doc

      * you’re

      • boom

        That bugs you too eh?

        • Doc

          Just found the irony funny is all. :)

    • Don Ciccio

      100% agree with you……Smith, Neil and Greening will be taking up close to 7 mil in salary cap space for next year and you just can’t have that for 4th line players. Maclean uses them as a 3rd line which they are not. Smith and Neil also take some of the dumbest penalties and yet they are always on the ice. And, don’t get me started on how our second most talented dman has been sat for most of the year in favour of Phillips and Cowen. Just stupid coaching

    • sell the team Eugene

      Eugene Melnyk = Charles Wang 2.0

      Ottawa Senators = New York Islanders 2.0

    • I’m just sayin’

      The absurd parade of AFTERNOON games caused by Melnyk pissed away the 10 points

  • MethotToMyMadness

    Was reading the story on TSN about Kane being accused of Assault in BC. The more I read the story, the more I’m happy Ottawa didn’t try negotiating with Winnipeg. He’s a talent, and the claims haven’t been proven at this stage, but that’s the type of distraction that a Team does NOT need.

  • SensChirp

    New post up here (Pull up a chair, it’s a long one)