Ducks vs. Senators- Highlights

SensChirp October 26, 2013 23
Ducks vs. Senators- Highlights

  • T K

    There’s always the next game

  • SensChirp

    Haven’t seen much talk about it but I thought Andersen was excellent for the Ducks. Made a number of difficult saves and made them look easy. Great rebound control too. Shots that were going in on Wednesday weren’t going in last night.

    • Floridasensfan

      I thought the same thing but we need to find a way to beat great goalies,
      I thought we played well, they just played better at times.

      Next game.

      I get that phillips is a great guy and a great locker room guy and a leader in the team but is it bad I hope he retires after this season.
      The weather is nice here he can come play for the Panthers.

      On another note Methot played well last night I thought

    • MikeS

      Honestly I felt like he wasnt really that tested. Most of the great sens chances they never really got a shot off

    • Sensturion

      In my eyes, Andersen is just so big that he barely had to move. The puck kind of just hit him. Ottawa simply didn’t make him move enough.

  • Floridasensfan

    I cringe when I see Phillips on the Power play, starting to move from that to anger

  • NickofTime

    Even though the Sens lost the game they were in it till the end & were not embarrased again by the Ducks. They really only lost because of another careless blunder by Karlsson who has been very un-Karlsson like this season making so many mistakes & taking too many careless risks with the puck. He must be watching Spezza who also makes way too many mistakes & takes way too many careless risks with the puck. Imagine if these two guys were to cut down on those mistakes & risks how much better this team would be. And please don’t try to tell me that they need to do that because it’s part of their creative abilities with the puck & all great players do it. It wouldn’t kill either of them to manage the puck better, Turris is a good example of managing the puck & not taking huge risks.

    On another note, the Sens as a team have been playing a lot better since they called up Grant & Zibanejad. I really like that they are much bigger down the middle now, harder to play against, hit more, win more faceoffs & are also contributing on the scoreboard. With SDC & Pageau out we have two more to go with Condra & Conacher next as soon as Stone recovers from his injured shoulder. Stone would add a little more offence & Robinson would add some much needed size to that fourth line.

    • laffin681021

      They arent going to throw Stone in the line-up after he comes back from an injury and has only played 1 game so far this year

    • Jacques

      I agree with Grant killing penalties now, can we find Condra a spot in the press box. What does he bring, he just bogs down that 3rd line. No offence people the Smith line Is really the fourth line. Give Zibby a better winger than Condra and we can get some offence out of that line. I think Condra must have some compromising pics of the coach or GM. Neil needs to stop taking stupid f-ing penalties, another 4 minutes of bonehead crap last night. Maybe he needs to miss a game to wake-up!

  • MoeDozer

    im just really glad we finally did what ive been begging for. putting 4 forwards on the PP with the 4th forward being either mac or zibby for the big clapper. guess it took this long for our coaches to act up on the powerplay and realize a large handful of teams use 4 forwards on the PP…although i still hate seeing phillips on the PP.

  • jasonontheoldsenschirp

    This team is really frustrating me right now. Especially with the obscene amount of talent on the team. It’s almost as if the players, as well as the coach, are “overthinking” everything.

  • MoeDozer

    yesterday we had 16 giveaways compared to 2 by the ducks…although that stat seems to always be counted wrong..i dont doubt if the ratio was close to that..

  • Hax

    Any other rookie goalie or backup and we probably manage to win that game. Andersen made a few great stops and even better (for the Ducks) had very few rebounds.

    That said, still a sloppy game especially the first half for the Sens. Loved that power play group though. Putting Turris on the point takes away from the second unit but I’d rather someone else center the second unit so we can have Turris on the first.

    • MikeS

      I didnt mind turris on the point but I didnt like that they switched the side spezza was on. I felt he lost all effectiveness when he switched sides on the PP

      • SensChirp

        Disagree. Thought that was the most dangerous the Sens power play has looked in years. Also think they can rotate to bring Spezza on the other side if need be. So many options with that five man unit.

        • hq8

          hey SC, i think it only really looked dangerous on paper. had no material impact save for one shot which had all of anaheim scrambling but alas a spezza pass to karlsson went outside the zone (even though it was not a no-look blind one!).

          infact i think that what that five man unit showed was proof enough that the sens PP coach needs to be sent packing ASAP.

          • SensChirp

            Their third period shift was one of the best looking power play shifts I have seen from this team in years. Guess it doesn’t matter if they don’t score but put that group together for a few games and they will score some goals.

          • Hax

            Not sure if it looked different on TV or something but live that 5-man unit looked very dangerous. Several opportunities created and PK guys chasing their tails. No doubt in my mind that unit would produce points.

  • jasonontheoldsenschirp

    The good thing is that Mika’s back, and not only that, but he’s taking a shit on Paul Maclean and Bryan Murray for sending him down. Could have used him the previous 8 games tho

  • PraiseAlfie11

    So how does one get to and from ctc by bus? Is it much faster than getting out by car?

    I saw there’s a 400 series from Bayshore, but then there’s nothing about getting back with the 400 series?

    Anyone know any shuttles from barrhaven?

    • SensChirp

      400 is actually a pretty option getting there and back. Not sure about Barrhaven but usually the 400s are just parked out front right after the game.

  • Lehetetlen

    Anybody knows why was the sens in white jersey yesterday?

  • SensFanInMTL

    I believe that time spent in Bingo was really helpful for Zibby. He is looking better and better with each passing game. With a few games with Michalek – Spezza – Conacher, wouldn’t say they were awful but it appears there’s not much happening. I’d definitely look into having Michalek – Spezza – Zibanejad and see what happens.