Welcome to the New SensChirp

SensChirp February 25, 2011 0

Welcome to the new and I believe, improved SensChirp.

Same old blog format under the SensChirp tab but a revamped home page, a tab for new contributor Travis Yost and a brand new forum where you can talk about anything Sens-related! Fully expect that there will be changes as we move along so please don't hesitate to send your suggestions to me. You can email me directly or use the handy new contact tab up top. 

Take a look around!

Obviously there are plenty of issues that will need to be worked out as we all get used to the new site. I encourage you all to register for your very own account, which I have been told is quite easy to do.

The comment section is fairly similar but with some added features that have been requested by readers over the past few months. Comments can be made directly under the post or in a separate pop up window.

The forum will take some getting used to. May need moderators in there at some point but I think we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

New SensChirp contributor, Travis Yost has his very own tab up top where you can go to read his stuff.  There's also a promo tab for contest and promotions and a contact tab where you can send email directly through the site.

The plan is to build off this as we go. But for now, welcome to the new SensChirp!