Voting Now Open!

SensChirp August 12, 2011 0

(UPDATE 12:30 PM)- It has been brought to my attention that a number of readers are having trouble with the current poll. Trying to sort out the issue and get the poll up and running.  Thanks for your patience, folks!

After two weeks of excellent contributions from SensChirp readers, it’s time to vote on who will be the next SensChirp Contributor.

Each of the three finalists brings something a little different to the table and I’m asking for your opinion to help decided who the winner will be.  The poll appears on the home page of the site.  Hope to leave it open until Sunday evening so vote while you can!

I’ll then announce the winner in Monday morning’s blog.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to participate or provide feedback on this contest.  I know this was something a little different but I appreciate you sharing your support and patience over the last couple of weeks.

Good luck to the three finalists!