The New Site- Ten Days Later

SensChirp March 20, 2011 0

With the Sens having the day off today, I thought this would be a good time to assess the new SensChirp to this point.

What I seem to be hearing so far is that just about everyone likes the new site but that there are a number of small changes the readers would like to see.

The new site is obviously a fairly substantial shift from the old classic design. I tried to cling to those elements that made the other site popular, and then plug in optional additions that had the potential to improve the reader experience.

Yet so far, I have observed a slight dip in traffic. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the time of year but I wanted to make sure I took some time to address any issues with the readers. In the comment section below, I’d like to hear your general reviews to this point.

What do you like about the new site? What do you miss about the old one? (Keep in mind that Mr. Yost is still on the way!) The strongest element of this new design is its flexibility. Changes are possible and can be made relatively easily.

I want to hear what you really think of the new SensChirp!

The draw for the pair of tickets to the Caps/Sens next Friday has been completed and the winner has been notified. Thanks to everyone that took the time to sign up for an account.

Later this week or next, we’ll holding a series of contests to give away 10 tickets in the Wiser’s 100 level suite for the Sens and Flyers on April 5th. Keep an eye out for contest details.