SensChirp Playoff Pool

SensChirp April 13, 2011 0

The NHL playoffs get started tonight and even though the Ottawa Senators aren’t involved, we can still find ways to entertain ourselves over the next couple months.  For the first time, we will be holding a SensChirp playoff pool.

I want to keep this as simple as possible because this is my first time organizing one of these things.

Think we have reached capacity on the pool. If you have signed up, be sure to get your picks in before 6:00 PM. If you missed the sign up check the comment section below for info on how you can sign up. Had to take the link off the main post because it appeared to be filling up.

And because everyone else is doing it, I figured I would offer up my picks for the first round as well.

Washington in 7/Philadelphia in 5/Boston in 4/Tampa Bay in 7

Vancouver in 7/San Jose in 6/Detroit in 7/Anaheim in 6