Sens Looking for Toughness

SensChirp March 8, 2013 0

In the wake of last night's loss in Toronto, word tonight is that the Ottawa Senators are looking to add some toughness to their line up.

During the Insider Trading segment on TSN, Bob McKenzie indicated that after last night's fight involving Dave Dziurzynski the Senators are looking to add a physical player to their forward ranks.  Should be interesting to see who the Sens plan to target on this front.

Unlike last year, the Sens haven't really engaged in many fights but obviously management feels like this is something that needs to be addressed.  As McKenzie says, they are looking for someone who can "drop the gloves with authority."

Obviously the Sens GM didn't like the idea of Dziurzynski being put in a spot where he had to go with a much larger and more experience McLaren .  No matter where you fall on the "fighting in hockey" debate, the reality is it's still part of the game and obviously a need Ottawa feels they have to address.

Both Chris Neil and Zack Smith are capable of dropping the gloves but have been pushed into elevated roles this season and have been a little more reluctant to fight and rightfully so.

Preferably the guy Murray targets will be someone with enough skill to take a regular shift but those guys are pretty rare in today's game.  I'll do a little digging on my end and see if there any names attached to this rumour.

In the meantime- what do you think?  Do the Sens need to add toughness?