Sens Headed to Minnesota

SensChirp June 21, 2011 0

With just a few days to go until the NHL Entry Draft, the Ottawa Senators are scheduled to depart for Minnesota at some point today.  Teams often like the get there a few days a head of time so they can begin to prepare for the busy days ahead.

With six picks in the first 66, the Sens will be one of the busiest teams this weekend.

It has been talked about a great deal on this site and around the internet, but there is obviously plenty of unpredictability when it comes to first round of the draft. In interviews posted yesterday, both Tim Murray and Pierre Dorion indicated that the approach will be to take the best player available.

Both guys mentioned that if Larsson was there at 6th, they would not hesitate to make the selection.  Obviously that wouldn’t be an ideal scenario for the Senators but it shows that they are committed to the idea of taking the best player on the board.

A few other points of interest from Tim Murray’s interview;

  • Obviously this is a very important draft for the team. They want to maximize the picks they have and strengthen the rebuild.
  • The Sens would not hesitate to trade picks away to get better quality than what is on the board.  There have been plenty of rumours about the Sens making a play for a top six forward. This seems to indicate that they would be willing to trade picks to get that player if the opportunity arose.
  • The team is ready for any situation-Moving up, moving down, or staying where they are. If they move up they would like to avoid moving that other 1st round pick but the decision will likely have to be made at the table. Teams have not indicated what it would take to make a deal and move up at this point.  Make no mistake, the Sens want to move up and that is their Plan A.
  • Murray also mentioned they are certainly willing to move up to #3 or even #1. The team would be willing to use draft picks and/or roster players to get a deal done.


And from the interview with Pierre Dorion

  • The team is confident they can get a good player at #21.  Said they are likely looking at a solid top 3 line player or a top six defenceman with that selection.
  • Indicated that it really depends who they get at #6 when it comes to whether or not they would be with the NHL team next season.
  • When asked about whether or not they would take a goalie, Dorion was quick to point to the success of Robin Lehner.  Sounds like if they do take a goalie in this draft, it wouldn’t be until the middle or late rounds.


Hope to have another update with a little more draft talk either late this afternoon or this evening.