Round 2 of The Search

SensChirp July 31, 2011 0

Thanks to everyone for being patient the last couple of days.

Like many of you, I was able to get away for the long weekend and could not access the site while away at a cottage.  Have a little bit of time today though and wanted to let everyone know what I have planned for Round 2 of The Search.

Based on popular demand, the writers from Day 2, Day 4 and Day 5 will be moving on to Round 2 of the competition.  In this round, contestants will be provided with a particular topic and will submit an article based on that subject.

Rather than have all three of the contestants write on the same subject, I think we will have each write something a little different.  So that’s where the readers come in.  In the comment section below, I want you to provide some ideas for an article.  I will sort through the best ones and assign those to one of the three finalists.

Because I understand that not everyone can submit an article immediately, we will post the entries as they are submitted.  Hope to have a winner picked out by the end of next week!

So let’s hear it folks…What would you like to see our finalists write about??

Had a brief conversation with a contact about the scoreboard scoop that broke a couple days ago.  It was suggested to me that if the scorbeoard is indeed a done deal, it’s news to a lot of people.  They have been working hard to get something in place for next season but there is still some work to do.

When I asked for details about the options they are looking at, I was told to expect something similar to the one in Pittsburgh.

As I’ve mentioned, the team wants to have the new scoreboard ready to go in time for the NHL All Star Game in late January.