Road Trip- A Few Options

SensChirp May 25, 2011 0

Going to delay the coach update until later tonight because I need to pass along a message first.  With the Binghamton Senators set to take on the Houston Aeros in the Calder Cup Finals, planning is already underway for the next SensChirp/RSU road trip to Binghamton.

We have come up with a few different options this time around and want your feedback!

Let me know which option you prefer by posting your preference in the comment section below. You can also head over to the Red Scarf Union website and cast a vote in their poll. We hope to finalize a plan by mid-day tomorrow.

Option # 1:

Head Down to Binghamton for Saturday and head back the same day as originally planned. This will be $5 more to make up the ticket price difference, but everything else stays the same.

Option # 2:

Head Down Friday morning and spend the night Friday and head home after the Saturday night game. This would add an additional game and a hotel stay but would mean some of us would have to take time off work. It would also bring the price up to approximately $170.

Option # 3:

We head down on Saturday afternoon watch the game and stay the night. This would allow us to all enjoy the night in Binghamton and we would head home the next day.

Ultimately we will do whatever everyone wants so make sure your voice is heard in the comment section below. If you have already signed up you will have received an email that lays out all the options.

There is a forum on the RSU website which can be found here. Also please check your answer in the survey. If you do not have an RSU account it is easy and free to sign up.