Redden in Ottawa? Not Happening.

SensChirp January 15, 2013 0

Based on the discussion in the last post, it's pretty clear that the Rangers pending buyout of Wade Redden has caught the attention of Senators fans.

With the recent ruling by the NHL, the New York Rangers are now permitted to buy out Redden. What does that mean for Wade Redden? It means he'll be an unrestricted free agent. What does it mean for the Ottawa Senators? Well, not a whole lot based on what I've been told.

While the Ottawa Senators do have a clear need for help on the back end, and even though Bryan Murray has been fairly vocal about his desire to add another defenceman, I was told late this afternoon that the chances of Redden returning to the Nation's Capital are extremely low and boardering on non-existent.

On the surface, you can see why some fans may have an interest. Redden was always a solid player for this organization and the possibility of bringing back a fan favourite to hit the 1,000 game milestone is an interesting storyline.

But it just doesn't make sense for the team right now. Redden hasn't played an NHL game in more than two seasons and is a little long in the tooth at age 35. Add to that the fact that Murray has gone public with his support of Patrick Wiercioch and you can see why this isn't a move the Sens are dying to make.

A couple local media have also quickly poured water on the idea of a Redden return here, here and here.

The good news is Redden will get a chance to return to the NHL and will be able to hit that important 1000 games milestone.

It's just not going to be here in Ottawa.