Off the Grid

SensChirp June 11, 2011 0

Dear Bryan Murray, I will be on the golf course all day and then out at the cottage afterwards. If you could please resist the temptation to hire a coach today it would be greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to give the readers a heads up and let you know I will not be able to update the site until later tonight or Sunday at the earliest.

We are still working on adding the feature but as of right now I am not able to post from the Blackberry. Normally not a big deal but I just have this weird feeling Bryan Murray will know my guard is down and make the announcement today.

If that’s the case, I strongly encourage you all to follow me on Twitter if you aren’t already.  You can follow SensChirp here and I will do my best to update on there if I hear anything new.

I mentioned this last night in the comment section but apparently Kurt Kleinendorst has indicated that he would consider a spot as an assistant but it would have to be with the right head coach.  He has had offer to be an assistant as recently as this past season but prefers to be the head man.

Spoke with a contact yesterday who suggested the Sens are very much interested in having Kleinendorst as part of the staff. We’ll see if they can find a scenario that works for both sides. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Kleinendorst interview I suggest checking it out here. Always insightful and a breath of fresh air when compared to the traditional hockey interview.

Anyway, like I said I’ll do my best to keep things up to date on here today either through updates in the comment section or on Twitter.

Enjoy your Saturday folks!