NHLPA Submits Latest Offer

SensChirp November 21, 2012 0

After Gary Bettman and the NHL suggested the two sides take a couple weeks off, the fact that the owners and players were back at the table this week seemed like a step in the right direction.

And when word came out that the NHLPA might finally submit an actual proposal, again it seemed like both sides might actually start to take this negotiation seriously.  This morning Donald Fehr and the players presented that proposal and this afternoon the two sides will discuss where they go from here.

A couple quick comments on the speculation around today’s proposal

The offer put forward by the Union is said to be five years in length.  A term that should make hockey fans all across the world, roll their eyes in disgust.  The thought that the NHL could be back in this position again in just five short years is ridiculous.  Everyone involved should want a longer term deal at this point so hopefully that element is quickly dismissed by the Owners.

Also, according to Donald Fehr, the latest offer is a significant move in the Owners direction and may actually represent the best offer the players are prepared to make.  That kind of talk is ridiculous in a negotiation because you know both sides still have more to give.  I mean, I understand why he has to say BS like that but it obviously isn’t true.

The two sides are expected to be back at the table around 1:00 PM.  We'll have a better idea where things stand shortly after that.