NHLPA Counters – League Calls Offer “Step Backwards”

SensChirp October 18, 2012 0

(UPDATE 3:53 PM)- The meeting in Toronto has wrapped up after just over an hour.  The NHLPA in fact presented three offers to the Owners.  Bettman indicated that the NHL felt as though the offer made on Tuesday was fair and balanced and that the offers from the Union just didn't come close to what the League was looking for and were in fact a step backwards. Sigh.

The CBA talks continued in Toronto today with the NHLPA presenting a series of counter-proposals to the one submitted by the league earlier this week.

Both sides attempted to show strength in numbers as the NHLPA brought a contingent that included nearly 20 members of the Union and after a slight delay in the start time, the two sides finally got together at approximately 2:30 PM.

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