NHL, NHLPA to Resume Talks

SensChirp November 2, 2012 0

Good news has been hard to come by in the CBA talks so even the slightest hint of progress is worth passing along.

Moments ago, Pierre LeBrun indicated that Bill Daly and Steve Fehr have agreed to resume negotiations.  The two sides still need to agree on format, location and time, but for the first time in a couple weeks it at least suggests a step in the right direction.

According to the buzz this morning, the league still plans to cancel the Winter Classic later today.  If that announcement comes as expected, you would  think the owners can really start to put the pressure on the NHLPA.  If Friday comes and goes without a cancelation, it might be an indication the two sides are finally on a similar page.

We’ll see what happens…

  • After Sens Owner Eugene Melnyk made comments not far from what you’d hear from any passionate hockey fan, you had to know this news was coming.  This morning, an article in the Ottawa Citizen indicated that the league is investigating Melnyk’s comments.  The League has strict policy about teams discussing ongoing CBA talks.  Seems unlikely Melnyk would get in too much trouble but you never know with this league.
  • The CHLPA story is downright bizarre.  I won’t even begin to attempt to explain the whole thing but you can get a pretty good break down here.  Really have to feel for any players that got involved with this group.