New Scoreboard Coming- Day 5 of The Search

SensChirp July 29, 2011 0

It has been a topic that Sens fans have been asking about for quite some time.

And according to a recent design leaked by the company rumoured to be directly involved, it sounds like Scotiabank Place could have a new scoreboard in the very near future.

Now there is no word if this will be in time for next season or not but a high profile technology installation company has leaked this image which appears to show the design for a new scoreboard at SBP.

Kudos to the guys over at SensTown for digging this one up.

Looks good at first glance but unfortunately it does not say anything about when the scoreboard would be put in place. Would be great to have it in time for the NHL All Star Game to be hosted in Ottawa at the end of January 2012.

Final installment in The SensChirp Search coming a little later on today.

  • See below for the 5th Finalist in the SensChirp Search.  Will post details on how the next round will work at some point tomorrow.


You’ve read about it. You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen it first-hand. Scotiabank Place can sometimes be unbearably quiet. This can be attributed to many things.

Some would tell you that the fans here lack passion. It’s a government town that fills the lower bowl of SBP with corporate stakeholders and public servants. Others will tell you that the franchise is young. Its fan base hasn’t had time to grow. And some will tell you that the Sens are pure garbage and, depending on who you ask, the Leafs/Habs/Bruins are the only teams worth cheering for because they have “history”.

This year, the Ottawa Senators are celebrating their 20th season in the NHL. This means that for the last 20 years, a fan base has been growing in the Nation’s capital. When you really get down to it, that’s not a very long time at all. I am 23 years old. I consider myself a die-hard fan, but for 3 years of my life the Senators did not exist. This means that the only people who can say they have been a Sens fan “their whole life” are a mere 20 years old.

In hockey crazed Canada, people grow up watching hockey. For example a 45 year old fan had 25 years to cheer for another team before the Sens came to town. The majority of people who fill the stands on any given night at a Senators home game are middle aged men and women who have grown up at some point with another team being “their team”. Why do you think you can find Scotibank Place filled with Leafs and Habs fans anytime Toronto or Montreal comes to town?

This is a turning point for the Ottawa Senators. This upcoming season will mark the first year of a true rebuild in Ottawa. We have seen many veterans and core players traded out of town to make way for a new generation of players. These players will grow together and will find themselves as fan favourites similar to Mike Fisher and Chris Kelly. Soon our beloved Captain will retire (Praise Alfie!) and we will have a new leader guiding the way.

This is how you build a fan base.

Kids will grow up knowing nothing but the Ottawa Senators. They will witness players grow and retire in Ottawa Senators jerseys and they will tell their kids about the mythical Daniel Alfredsson and the time he scored the game 5 overtime goal to send us to our first Stanley Cup Finals.

This season presents an opportunity. It is a year to start fresh. To start new traditions. To become fans of new players. And to fall in love with the Senators all over again.