Karlsson, Anderson Shine on Broadway

SensChirp March 25, 2011 0

The Rangers didn’t exactly play like a team battling for playoff positioning but perhaps a lot of that had to do with the Sens playing a nearly air tight road game. The Sens made life pretty tough for the Blue shirts and were able to get the job done in the shootout

Defenceman Erik Karlsson scored the winner in the 5th round and silenced the MSG faithful.

It wasn’t exactly the most exciting hockey game as the Rangers seemed content to sit back for the majority of the game. It wasn’t until the final twenty that they actually showed an interest in generating offence.

The pace certainly picked up over the final 25 minutes. An ugly play allowed the Rangers get on the board in this one as Phillips tripped up and Brandon Prust was able to walk in and beat Anderson on the blocker side.

Both goalies stole the show from there and went toe to toe in the shootout. Only Erik Karlsson was able to score as he snapped a hard low shot on the glove side that beat a fellow Swede in Henrik Lundqvist.

Thought Craig Anderson looked sharp in his return to the crease, particularly in the third period. Rangers had a ton of traffic in front of him in the final period and overtime he made terrific stops. Loved his performance in the shootout too.

It’s not often you see a goalie that makes the shooter guess but that is exactly what Anderson did through all five rounds of the shootout. Rangers shooters looked like they had no idea what to do against him.

Ryan Shannon continues to flourish since being moved to the centre ice position. He seems to be a much more confident player the last little while and scored the Sens only regulation tonight. Shannon is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year but is making a strong case to be a part of this team next season. You would have to think the Sens are interested in keeping him around.

The Sens return home immediately after the game and will host the Washington Capitals tomorrow night.

Here is a look at the bottom five after tonight’s win in New York and Colorado’s loss to the Leafs.

NY Islanders 75 29 34 12 70
Florida 74 29 35 10 68
Ottawa 74 28 37 9 65
Colorado 73 28 37 8 64
Edmonton 74 23 41 10 56