Filatov to the KHL

SensChirp December 12, 2011 0

After an extended stay in the press box, the Ottawa Senators have decided to assign Nikita Filatov to the KHL.

Over this recent stretch of games it was pretty clear that Filatov did not fit into the team's plans for this season.  Important to note that because Filatov is being assigned, the Sens will continue to hold his rights.

Disappointing to see the Filatov experiment end this way. 

Obviously there is still a chance he could return to the organization next season but it's pretty obvious he has some work to do.  For what it's worth, I thought Filatov worked hard in the games he was given but like I've said before, practice may have been another story.

It is speculation on my part but you have to assume that Filatov's decision to threaten returning to the KHL if he wasn't given a shot with the big club really didn't sit well with the organization.  Since Paul MacLean's arrival in Ottawa he has made it clear that ice time is to be earned and in his assessment anyway, Filatov did not earn that time.