Draft Lottery Tonight

SensChirp April 12, 2011 0


That is the chance the Ottawa Senators end up with the first overall selection when the NHL holds its annual draft lottery tonight at 8:00 PM. All the action can be seen live on TSN and a live blog will get underway here at 7:30 PM.

A few wins down the stretch have hurt the Sens chances at landing the top pick tonight but hopefully the Hockey Gods are looking out for us. Among the bottom five teams, Ottawa was the only one that played even close to competent hockey down the stretch so hopefully that effort is rewarded tonight.

Sens GM Bryan Murray will be in attendance for the draw.

I passed this along yesterday but thought I would share it again today. Steve Lloyd of the Team 1200 has done an excellent job breaking down the possibilities tonight. An excerpt from his Healthy Scratches blog shows you exactly what to watch for tonight…

Here’s a look at what Sens fan should watch for tonight:

“If Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly starts the show by revealing the 5th pick belongs to Boston(via Toronto), feel free to kick in your TV, as history will have been made by the 22nd place team winning the lottery. The highest seeded team to ever win. Meaning, the Sens will have definitely slipped to 6th and the rest of the show has been ruined, as we will know the other teams will stay in their respective top four positions.

If it’s revealed Ottawa has retained the 5th pick, then we know one of the teams 17-21 or 27-30 has won the lottery.

If it is revealed that the Islanders have secured the 5th pick, then it’s gets fun for Sens fans, if only for a moment.

4th pick – if it’s New Jersey, Ottawa picks 6th. If it’s Florida, the game is still afoot
3rd Pick – if it’s Columbus, Ottawa picks 6th. If it’s Colorado, keep playing along.

From here, Bill Daly will jump ahead and reveal the top pick. If it’s Ottawa, well, you know, Sens fans are happy. If it’s Edmonton, that means Atlanta has won the lottery, jumping from 6th to 2nd. The Sens will pick 6th.”


A reminder that the live blog gets started at 7:30 PM tonight. Hope to see some of you there!