Coach Talk- Welcome Back Winnipeg!

SensChirp May 31, 2011 0

Tim Murray was on the Team 1200 yesterday afternoon and confirmed what we already know; the Sens search for a new head coach is well underway. They have already spoken to a number of candidates and from what I have been told, are actually fairly close to wrapping up the interview process.

Soon the decision will rest in the hands of Sens GM Bryan Murray.

In total, the Senators are expected to speak to between six and seven guys. The majority of the interviews have already taken place so you would have to think the Sens GM is starting to get closer to a decision.

Let’s focus on what we know for sure.

Craig MacTavish, Kurt Klenindorst and Dave Cameron are all on the list of candidates.  MacTavish was interviewed over the weekend and from what I’ve heard, made a great impression on the team. MacT has some experience with a young team in Edmonton and was able to get a lot out of that Oilers team during their run to the finals.

He has been away from the game for a couple of years but he is a respected hockey guy who seems like a pretty good fit.

Dave Cameron is Eugene’s guy- there is no doubt about it. But from what I have been told, he is considered a long shot for the position. He has done a good job with the Majors and will almost certainly be an NHL coach one day. I just really don’t think it’s going to be with the Ottawa Senators.

Klenindorst has come out of nowhere in the race. He is going to get an interview and he absolutely deserves it. The job he has done with the team down in Bingo has been nothing short of astounding and you could make a real strong case for him being the best candidate for the job. If the Sens don’t look at Kurt for the head coach position, you have to wonder if another teams will.

  • It’s not related to the coach search but some good news for fans of the Sens as the French station TVA announced they will carry 25 Senators games this season. Great to see the organization expanding their territory a little bit.


The news of the day in the NHL is all about the city of Winnipeg.  It may not be the Jets (yet!) but hockey has finally returned to the province of Manitoba. Can’t help but feel good for the people of that city. They were heartbroken when the Jets skipped town but after today’s announcement hockey is finally back in the city.

I’ve had the chance to go to the MTS Centre in Winnipeg and think it will be a great place for NHL hockey.  The Sens will play the team from Winnipeg four times this season.

Welcome back, Winnipeg!!