Chirp of the Week- One Man Show?

SensChirp April 15, 2011 0

Here is the first entry in the Chirp of the Week feature. Received this email shortly after I made the announcement that Travis Yost would not be joining the site. I think the reader makes some great points about the regulars on this site and the direction of SensChirp moving forward.

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Chirp posts (typically) a single blog per day. Yet, I personally am good for at the very least, 10 site visits per day. I am very sure that I do not stand alone in this. Although I very seldom post/participate in the comments section, I read it obsessively and consider the views and opinions of the intelligent hockey posters we have on SensChirp when forming my own opinions. That is what separates us from other blogs out there. We are a solid group of knowledgeable hockey people, and although we sometimes disagree, we are able to remain self-mediated (usually) and (again, usually) remain right on topic.

This is a win-lose situation for Yost. Win in that he does not have to adjust to a single-team website, potentially losing some valuable numbers, along with (possibly) some cash. Lose, however, in that he misses out on the opportunity to be appreciated by the best fan base the NHL has to offer. He loses the opportunity to blog for a group of intelligent hockey people, who could offer him insights he has never had the opportunity to witness where he currently blogs. He loses the opportunity to instantaneously and dramatically improve his credibility by leaving a site of pure speculation. He loses the opportunity to be adequately appreciated for what he does.

Whether Yost reconsiders in the future or not, it doesn’t change how invaluable this site is to all of us, particularly with the off-season approaching. I for one will be starving for hockey news, and may even succumb to the insatiable appetite that all of us have and pay Yost a visit. What I won’t do, however, is stop visiting SENSCHIRP every single time the opportunity arises. I will continue my sporadic posting in the comments and forum, and I will continue to use the hockey intelligence that all of you possess to make myself appear much more hockey intelligent than I am.

The only person that suffers in Yost not coming to SensChirp is Yost. We at SensChirp still have the pick of the litter with regards to bloggers, and the format is pretty unbeatable. Yost or no Yost, SensChirp is still SensChirp. With or without him, we will continue to thrive as a hockey community.


Game Two of the opening round of the AHL playoffs goes tonight in Manchester. Binghamton dropped the first game by a score of 2-1 and will be looking for the split tonight. The Sens will again be without top scorer Corey Locke but they are still hoping he can return later in the series.

All the action is live on the Team 1200 starting at 7:00 PM.