Calling All Lurkers!

SensChirp July 21, 2011 0

I know you’re out there!

After having had the chance to meet a number of readers over the last couple of years, I know there are a number of people that read the site but don’t actually post in the comment section.  Well today I’d like to hear from you.

The comment section has been fairly consistent since the season wrapped up but we are always looking for new voices and new opinions to join the fray.  So for one day anyway, I was hoping some of those so called lurkers could join in the conversation.

What do you like about the site? What would you like to see more of? What features would you add heading into next season?

If you haven’t had a chance, I also suggest registering for an account here on the site.  It makes posting a lot easier and you will also have access to the forums which are currently only available to registered users.  We are also looking at some other possible perks for SensChirp members.

Currently sitting at 985. Would be great if we could hit 1000 registered users by the end of the day.  Click here to sign up for a SensChirp account.

You can also follow SensChirp on Twitter by clicking here, or stop by the SensChirp Facebook page.  I’m hoping the next SensChirp contest will integrate all the different avenues available.

  • On a side note, a few of you have asked and I can say that my goal is to have the new contest ready to go at the start of August.  I was going to try to get it out this week but I figure there is no need to rush.  August is going to be a long and quiet time for Sens fans so it will be nice to have something to help pass the time.  I was thinking another Duck Hunt would be good but I’d like to change things up a little. Still working out the details.
  • New Sens head coach Paul MacLean did an interview with That’s Hockey last night and was on the Team 1200 this morning. When asked which players he was most excited about, MacLean mentioned Spezza, Filatov and Zibanejad.  Interesting to see Zibanejad in the mix with those other two.
  • Remember to send in your audition to be the new SensChirp contributor by tomorrow evening. I will review the submissions over the weekend and then feature some on the site for reader feedback.