Alfie Done for the Year

SensChirp April 5, 2011 0

In typical Daniel Alfredsson style, the Captain gave it one more chance. There was little left for the Sens to play for but Alfie just had to be sure. And now with just three games remaining on the schedule, the club made it official; Daniel Alfredsson will not return to the line up this season.

And there is at least a hint of speculation about his future beyond this season.

You can be sure of one thing. Daniel Alfredsson is going to do everything he can to get ready for at least one more kick at the can. The back issue that has sidelined him for the past couple months is obviously something fairly serious. It even sounds like an off-season surgery is a possibility depending on how the rehab goes.

It’s hard to gauge just how serious this injury is. I have a feeling that if the Sens were in a playoff push right now, Alfie would be in the line up. But with nothing on the line in the 2010/2011 season, he is able to shut down and get the rest he needs.

We have seen Alfredsson make quick recoveries his entire career and I fully expect him to push hard during the summer months and be ready to go in October. But for the first time, there seems to be at least a hint of doubt about his playing future.

When asked if he thought the injury might be career threatening, here is what the Captain had to say.

“No, not as of now. It’s been dragging on for a while. I’ve been limited to a lot of exercising and so forth, but I expect to be back next year.”

If he expects to be back, well then I think we should expect him to be back too.

Also on the injury front, it sounds like Erik Karlsson and Sergei Gonchar will both be shut down for the final three games. Karlsson with a cut to the thigh and Sergei Gonchar with a concussion.

With little to play for this week, there really is no need for injured players to rush back. The Sens are expected to announce as many as three call ups tomorrow morning before their game with the Flyers at SBP.