A Quick Rant

SensChirp May 20, 2011 0

Posted this in the comment section but figured a post of its own was necessary.

A bit of an aside here but a reader passed along some comments made by Toronto Star writer Damien Cox that in my opinion, were completely unacceptable. Especially considering this afternoon’s news that Boogaard passed away from an accidental mixture of alcohol and oxycodone toxicity

Here is what Cox had to say…

–The death of the NHL’s top heavyweight, 28-year-old Derek Boogaard, was a stunning tragedy for his family and reverberated throughout the sport on the weekend. Answers to how he died could make his passing yet more meaningful to those outside the family.

He was rocked by a Matt Carkner right cross to the button on Dec. 9th and never played again, although it sounds like his training was going well. Sadly, he was challenged by Carkner after landing a good, perfectly legal bodycheck in the open ice on Jesse Winchester of the Senators. That the sick nonsense the NHL needs to crack down on but doesn’t seem to want to. Boogaard knew his job and accepted it, but surely the guy had a right to be able to play the game within the rules without having to scrap every single time.

In the aftermath of the tragic death of Derek Boogaard, and only a day later for that matter, Cox had the nerve to draw conclusions between a Carkner/Boogaard fight from earlier in the year and the sudden passing of Boogaard.

Boogaard was one of the NHL’s top heavyweights and on the play in question, in no way did Matt Carkner jump him or force him into an altercation. He challenged him and the two dropped the gloves. To imply that Carkner did something wrong on the play is absolutely ludicrous and to have the nerve to tie it to Boogaard’s tragic passing was irresponsible and in my opinion, completely uncalled for.

I understand that Damien Cox is anti-fighting but to use Matt Carkner’s name in connection with this incident was unfair on the part of Cox. I don’t know much about Damien Cox but I sure hope he addresses this is the very near future.

The NHL lost a fan favourite in Derek Boogaard and at the all too young age of 28. That’s the story here.