Tim Murray Remains a Candidate for Buffalo Job

SensChirp January 6, 2014 61
Tim Murray Remains a Candidate for Buffalo Job

When Tim Murray’s name first emerged as a potential General Manager in Buffalo, it was a little concerning for fans in Ottawa. Murray had long been rumoured to be the next in line here in Ottawa when Bryan Murray was ready to retire.

Losing him to a Division rival certainly wasn’t an ideal scenario.

I’ll admit, I sort of assumed it was a case of the Sabres being thorough in their search and in the end they would end up going with one of the other options on what was a lengthy list of candidates. Yet this morning, both Nick Kypreos and Bruce Garrioch are suggesting that Tim Murray may in fact be the favourite for the job in Buffalo.

Obviously it would be disappointing for the Senators to lose Murray. While some I have talked to suggest he wasn’t a slam dunk to be the next GM in Ottawa, losing him would be pretty unfortunate. Murray has always had a great eye for talent and is considered to be a huge part of the drafting success Ottawa has had in recent years.

Meanwhile the Senators will continue to work on an extension for Bryan Murray as Melnyk has already hinted that they would like to bring Bryan back for another season.

Will be interesting to see if Tim Murray does indeed land that job in Buffalo.

  • FBP

    The divisional rival party would be the worst. Good for him if he gets it though.

  • Matty5634

    Just don’t let him poach anyone from the scouting staff….

  • shestolemybeer

    I hope BM stays as long as wants, and if you’re TM you never turn down at GM’s job. Who knows when Melnyk finally loses it and fires everyone named Murray! BM has another nephew…. Todd Hearty, scouts for the Ducks…. Make the call Bryan!

  • FBP

    Damn. Buffalo has like 40 picks this year too.

  • matsoukas45

    If Ottawa was smart they shouldn`t let Tim murray go,he not bryan murray has bulit ottawa threw the draft and if Murray is ready to retire in the next couple years they shouldn`t let him go.It would be a big mistake especially since there are money issues with the owner you need good drafting.So most likely they will let him go and they will hire someone on the cheap so the owner can save money sorry ottawa fans if Tim goes this is the beginning of the down cycle in ottawa like the muckler years no good drafting I know this will put people in a frenzy but maybe it`s time to tell B.Murray to retire after this year and keep the younger guy.

  • MethotToMyMadness

    Hello Lads

    I’ve been away for 2 weeks, it was a great vacation, Christmas, New Years, etc. But I’m back and the Sens are on a 4 game winning streak. Bruins, Caps, Jets and Habs, most would have thought maybe 2 of 4, but 4 of 4 is splendid. Hats off to the boys for bringing Pesky back. Looking for a 5th straight win this week. If the bounces, calls and overall play continue as they have been, Sens still have a chance for a late push.

    Saw the update about Tim Murray. I’d really be upset to see him pack up and head to a rival like Buffalo, obviously there isn’t a plan to make him GM in Ottawa anytime soon, or you’d think they’d start that process now. BM is up for renewal, but he’s also close to retirement I would think. Couldn’t he be given a made up position of adviser or something, and then let Tim take over as the big guy? We’ve seen it before in other Teams. Tim has such a good eye, it would be a hard void to fill if he’s gone.


    • Senators Pundit

      Bringing Pesky back…nice.

    • CUP 2014-15

      Welcome back, hope you were somewhere hot where they serve large beverages with those stupid little umbrellas in them.

      • MethotToMyMadness

        If you call NB hot, then yes. :)

        • CUP 2014-15

          LOL, No I guess not, I am from the east coast many moons ago. Love Moncton, fun small town so if that was where you were then not so bad.

  • Eugenius

    If Tim does go to Buffalo, have to think that Pierre Dorion gets a long look when Bryan decides to step down.

    • Sensnation

      I’ve always preferred Dorion’s style to Tim’s. They are both bright individuals in their own right,and any team would be lucky to have either. It’s always interesting to see which guys can make the transition to GM successfully. Even previous players, some make great hockey management some not so much.

  • Alcatraz

    The only real major benefit of letting Timmy go is the ego that comes with scouts/GMS

    We’ve seen it with Murray. People love trading for players they helped draft. That means Bryan may be able to swing some deals with buffalo in our year long quest of quantity for quality.

    Case in point, players like Hoffman, Pageau, Stone, Petersson, Claesson, Gryba, Borowiecki, Smith all could wind up in Buffalo shortly

    • Inquiring Mind

      Buffalo has quality ?
      Draft picks I suppose.

  • sell the team Eugene

    Tim will take the job in Buffalo if it is offered.

    Working for the penny pinching Melnyk is probably becoming insufferable.

    • Sensnation

      Ya cause you know Buffalo has tons of cash rolling in and will always spend to the max of the cap!

      • s3nsfan

        They do now since Terry Pagulo purchased the team.

        • Sensnation

          I remember when Melnyk purchased our team and we thought the same thing!

          He’s a new owner, still learning you can’t just throw money at your team to win a cup and solve all issues. Eventually you have to have revenue that comes close to expenditures. They are now entering a rebuild. Should be interesting to watch.

          Buffalo currently sits 24th in total salary. I know they moved some pieces, but seems he’s already learning this lesson.

  • Sensnation

    I’m not convinced Tim Murray is the best option to follow Brian. Yes he is partially responsible for what’s been done here in Ottawa and full credit to him, but there’s a lot more to the Sens management and scouting then 1 or 2 guys. I’m also not convinced Tim will be a wizard with the full GM responsibilities, but I do wish him all the best. Buffalo will require a lot of work and could be a great launching pad to the next stage of his career if he’s successful.

    • Rick

      Why not move Brian to President of Hockey Operations and let Tim move up to GM? The last time we lost someone to a division rival he went on to take our best dman and win a CUP

      • Sensnation

        It’s pretty unfair to compare BM to the GM we had at that time though. I guess if Karlsson goes to Buffalo we’ll know ;)

    • sprucesens

      yes he is only one man, but if the scouting staff likes working for him and not the sens or something, it could be a big problem. Who knows, maybe the management is sick of melnyk too! it could happen. lol.

  • sprucesens

    I wish the lineups posted in the last section had pageau on wing with spezza and stone instead of smith. But we’ll see what happens. It would make 3 solid scoring lines and a checking line. I’ve learned now to not go by pregame lineups with maclean. Hopefully some chemistry is allowed to build now with some line’s staying the same

  • T K

    Tim: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (pant, pant, pant) oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • T K

      Don’t want to turn into the Montreal Expos of hockey: developing talent that other teams take advantage of

  • Gordon Ramsli

    I wonder if Tim did indeed become Buffalo’s GM if this would open up relations between the 2 teams given both organisations are ran by brothers. could be a neat thing for us

    • Sandy

      Tim is the nephew of Bryan, not his brother.

      • peetypuck

        Bryan’s younger brother Terry, was coach of the LA Kings before Daryl Sutter took over.

        • sprucesens

          and isn’t Anaheim’s gm or something somehow related to brian murray also?

          • peetypuck

            I have no idea if they are related.

  • Sandy

    IMO I think this would be a huge loss for Ottawa… so was Chiarelli. In hindsight… it should have been Muckler gone in favour of Chiarelli… but anyway.
    IF Tim does go… hands off Pierre Dorion. I hope he moves up to the asst GM… because I certainly don’t want to lose him… He is behind a lot of those good prospects the Sens have…

  • Tooks

    Wow, so in 2 years, we might lose both Murray’s…ouch.

  • jasonontheoldsenschirp

    We cannot lose Tim Murray keeping him is a must. He’s the default replacement for Bryan when he retires and is instrumental in everything this team does. It’d be a huge loss.

  • CUP 2014-15

    Like all business you need solid middle management to run the show, set the tempo, continue to hire and train the best and build a solid foundation as well as having a work environment that is breeds success. Your staff also needs to be able to put the organizations success as a priority. The Murray’s have done that along with bringing in a players coach. Dorion as well is very approachable. Let’s hope we can keep TM on board. Look at the Flames and think of how you would feel having Burk running the show ? Good luck signing free agents. The drive for five. lets get er done lads. GSG

  • sben

    please no. Please make it be a no…

  • sben

    On a different note one of the senators has been placed on a sochi team. Roman Wick will play for the swiss 2 olympics in a row.

  • Roar…

    Time to pay Tim more and guarantee him the big job when Bryan is ready to step aside. That or negotiate that he can go to Buffalo only until Ottawa is ready to make him GM. You don’t want to hold a guys career back but realistically we want him here long-term as the GM when Bryan is done. His work with scouting and player development alone is enough reason to keep him around at all costs. Management talent is just as important as players.

    • Sandy

      Maybe he doesn’t want to run a team that’s on a budget…

      • SensChirp

        Like I said in the article above, Tim wasn’t necessarily next in line here in Ottawa.

        • sprucesens

          and even if he was, and roar’s contract idea of only GM in buffalo until Ottawa wants to hire him back, would raise red flags all over the place. “i’ll just go here, trade away some talent, but not to Ottawa, cuz that’s too fishy, but for a lower price than I probably could. and voila, now i’m back in Ottawa having lowered an opponents ability to produce” not gonna happen.

          • CUP 2014-15

            It’s insane. Who would hire anyone, put them in control of your organization with the understanding that in the next year or two he will move over to your direct competition. LOL, I would fire myself as the owner if I did something this stupid.

          • sprucesens

            no you wouldn’t fire yourself, because like you said, you’d be too stupid. lol

          • Roar…

            Your comment is retarded for a number of reasons.
            1. NHL reviews & approves all trades. Any and all trades made would be under the microscope.
            2. There also happens to be assistant GM’s & the owner to answer to before any deals are made.
            3. Your comment suggests Tim Murray doesn’t have integrity, seeing as reputation is extremely important if you want to work as a GM – that’s kind of moronic.
            4. How is it any different than an NHL Assistant GM moving to another team. They could easily be “influencing” drafts or trades long before jumping ship if they knew about the opportunity in advance (which they wouldn’t do anyways – see -> integrity).
            5. You do realize professional soccer teams “loan” players to other teams all the time right? This would be an example of loaning management talent. We will go let T. Murray cut his teeth in Buffalo for 2-5 years. However, his contract must include an out-clause that allows him to return to Ottawa to take a GM position there if one becomes available and is offered to him.
            6. Yes, it’s a difficult decision as an owner if you want to have a GM that may only stay for 3-5 years, however, Murray is a great talent and maybe having him set you up for the long-term during a shorter tenure whilst the guy you want (LaFonataine) is groomed by him to take over when he returns to Ottawa.

            Yep. You look pretty stupid now don’t you?

        • jasonontheoldsenschirp

          If Tim wasn’t next in line, then Melynk is more daft than we know.

          • T K

            Heard of this other smart dude called Dorion? Maybe he’s the number two guy after Bryan. Maybe Tim is number three on the totem pole…

            In an ideal world, Sens find a way to keep all three happy.

        • Aaron 2.0

          Agree Chirp. There’s no way of knowing who will be interviewed for the next GM. From the little I see of Tim, he seems like a quality guy. We’d certainly miss his eye for talent, I think. I’m sure Detroit didn’t want to lose MacLean either. But, sometimes guys are just ready for the next step. If the Buffalo job goes to Tim, good luck to him! I wouldn’t read into this too much.

        • Sensnation

          Agreed Chirp, at most he’d have been involved in the process when the time came to it. Buffalo may be the best opportunity Tim gets for a while, wouldn’t blame him for taking it.

  • Sandy

    Chirp… if it is true that the Sens are losing hockey ops people then it’s time for Melnyk to sell the team. He is hurting them a lot more than helping them. If he can’t competently spend on the club to keep it heading in the right direction… it’s time to move out.

    With the extra approximately 20M he is getting next season… there is no need to not spend on the team..

    I don’t know how much leverage the league has to step in on this…

    IF the team is that poor it has to be getting revenue sharing. If it isn’t … then it is making a profit and Melnyk is taking that money elsewhere.

    I’m really growing tired of him and it is quickly becoming intense dislike.

    I know he saved the team.. but with hockey ops people leaving (and they have quality people) … then it could hurt the overall product on the ice… and then players that hit UFA go out the door…

    • Richard Gough

      Makes me wonder after the RedBlacks first season there owners will come and save use from this jack ass Lol

    • Sensnation

      The new CBA brought in different guidelines for revenue sharing. It really does seem like he’s just lining up to become close to profitable while receiving a reasonable slice of that pie.

      If Melnyk is just getting his business in proper order it should flourish going forward, but again that we won’t know for a couple years.

  • gds

    i can confirm the twitter post by senschirp that there is gonna be some hockey ops cut backs and other jobs will be affected, one reason ive heard is that there are to many people doing the same job, one person can do 2 peoples jobs with some job posts, in some positions you have 2 people doing the same thing, so its just a cost cutting move

    • sprucesens

      just so long as you stay on keeping us informed!!!

  • Jacques

    A part of an article I read that explains why our captain is now deservedly our 3rd line center.

    Let us start with comparing Zibanejad vs. Spezza’s offensive production relative to ice-time
    Zibanejad Points per game: 0.56 in 14:15 of ice-time night
    = 0.039 points per minute
    Jason Spezza Points per game: 0.77 in 18:48 ice-time per night
    = 0.041 points per minute
    As you can see, if Mika was playing the minutes that Spezza has been playing this season, he would be almost on par in overall scoring … and Mika is only 20 years old. This is pretty damning for the Captain, especially because his scoring is supposed to be a redeeming quality to make up for his abysmal defensive play. Case in point, only Milan Michalek has been on the ice for more goals against at even-strength among Senators’ forwards. In fact, Spezza is 6th worst in the entire league for on-ice goals against at even-strength per minute … worse than Hall, Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins who are never going to be Selke candidates and play for a team that might as well not have a goaltender. Hence, there is no excuse for Spezza to allow more on-ice goals against per minute than those players.

    • bluebuyyoo


    • Sandy

      And the play of the defense and the goaltending have nothing to do with it…

  • T K

    There are only 30 of these jobs to be had and it’s an honour to be offered one of them. While Pierre Dorion might have a better shot at succeeding Bryan here, it doesn’t mean that the grass would be greener for Tim in Buffalo.

    In addition to competing against his uncle, Buffalo, like Ray Emery said, is still the armpit of the NHL (and it’s a hairy, wart filled armpit too). The next GM there will need to spend at least 4 to 6 years trying to right that ship. The great unwashed hordes in that stink pot are very vocal and very impatient too. Who’s to say that the owner will be patient enough to trust the new guy to get the job done? Throw in the rookie factor into the mix and that GM could be facing a bitch of a time.

    I may be partially selfish in saying this but Tim might be better off here, keep paying his dues and wait for a better situation to come along.

    • SenaTHOR

      Your points equate very much to whats happening here.
      On a rebuild.
      Fans here are vocal and impatient.
      Owner here isn’t the greatest.
      Tim will be a rookie GM anywhere he goes.
      Why is it better here?

      • T K

        In Ottawa, Tim is sheltered by Bryan. He also has a support system consisting of other established professionals. In Buffalo, all eyes would be on him and he’d have to build up an entourage without violating any poaching rules. No wiggle room for making mistakes and learning on the job.

        • Deadly

          Some people relish a challenge,want to be leaders and build successful companies or organizations.
          Others want to be secure and not put themselves at risk.
          Like Terry Murray and Brian ,who gave up a teaching position the chase a coaching career, I think Tim might be the type to reach for the top.

  • Simple Jack

    so whats the plan when brian murray says he’s done? i thought tim was being groomed for the sens.

  • Phoenix

    Murray would be crazy not to take the job if offered. 2 top 5 picks to go with a solid young team and hopefully a great goaltending tandem.