Senators Release New Heritage Jersey

SensChirp November 28, 2013 38
Senators Release New Heritage Jersey

This morning, the Ottawa Senators released the jersey they will wear during the Heritage Classic on March 2, 2014 against the Vancouver Canucks. 

It’s a familiar look for the Senators, based off the popular black heritage jersey but with a vintage white colour as the base.

A quick take on the jersey? I like it.  I mean, the team had an opportunity to do something really creative with this jersey but instead played it safe and I get that.  This jersey is a nice compliment to the black heritage jersey and should be fairly popular among fans.  I suspect there are more jersey changes in the future for the Senators though because at some point they’ll need to change up the red home and white away jersey they are currently wearing.

Perhaps the new black and white jerseys could at some point become the regular uniforms for the Senators?  We shall see. Game Day post coming in a little bit but in the meantime, what do you think of the new Heritage Jersey?


    On one hand the new jersey is awesome and I will definitely pick one up. On the other hand, as you suggested Chirp, they really played it safe here, bordering almost on boring.

    • Tooks

      Yep, lame, I like the black one cuz that was new and cool, I dont dislike this one, I just think its lame to go with a white version of our dark Heritage classic. They had a good chance to do something creative instead go with something we already had.

      • Roar…

        It’s economics pure and simple. If they did something crazy few people would buy it. Meanwhile since they’ve done this I’m trying to decide if I want Ryan or Turris on the back of the one I’m going to buy. It would be a more fair point to say they should have done two. One specially for the game and one new “white version” of the black O. Simple enough eh?

  • SensChirp

    The good news is, I find the jersey looks a lot better than it did in the leaked image yesterday. The vintage white doesn’t seem as dramatic and seems a little closer to actual white.

    Yesterday I was skeptical. Today, I like it!

    • RUSH RLZ

      Yeah looks like they REALLY nailed the ‘white’.

      • LeafsSux

        Ill be buying mine on Dec 7th when the lil lady and I hit our first game of the season!! They look awesome!!

  • Steve

    I kind of prefer it to the black heritage sweater. Pretty nice.

  • Luc Wolfe

    The current home and away jerseys of ottawa are blah…. except for the logo. The new senator primary logo is very nice but the jersey is quite pathetic. Both heritage jerseys are awesome. I would not mind to see the sens make a new alternate with the other logo.

  • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

    Nicer looking than the leaked version, but the black heritage looks WAY better. Glad I grabbed the black and didn’t bother waiting for this.

    • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

      The white looks 1000 times nicer than Vancouver mind you

    • Tooks

      Yeah safe to say I wont be buying this one since I already have the Black, which is much nicer. I think that will be for most people…

      • spezzerman

        I’m getting one

  • xN1Cx

    I’m loving this colour scheme to be honest.

    Question is…Lehner or “The Lehner”?

  • spezzerman

    This is very sharp.

  • spezzerman

    Sens haven’t had much success when they try to get creative. I have no issue using a jersey that works and creating an away version. And ye, hopefully these become the regular jerseys and we do away with the current.

  • Doc

    Yep, I’m sold. Was waiting to see them on a player before making an opinion and man do they look good. Very clean. I would make these our away jerseys. Now to decide what player name to put on….

    • Tooks

      Greening, he’s our new fighter!

  • RandyCunneyworth7

    I like them a lot. Better than the current jerseys. I always thought they should have just stuck with the original centurion logo from the 90′s. Like it much better than the more cartoonish current one.

  • laffin681021

    I like them. I’m on the same boat to have the Heritage jerseys be the permanent home/away. Hopefully it Happens for next season.

  • Tooks

    Bigger question is, who starts tonight, hopefully its Lehner…

  • the dude
    • Tooks

      Yeah Ovie wasnt expecting that elbow for sure, haha, probably knocked the wind out of him!

      • the dude

        The title of this bloggers website makes it even funnier as well. Russian machine never breaks until he met Karlsson haha.

    • 10101111100101010101010111111

      There never seems to be a problem in the NHL when 2 star players go at it

      Nice to see that King Karl is learning how to protect himself

  • Jer6

    The jersey doesn’t look too bad, however I would of loved seeing the return of the gold stripes!

  • Tcharger – Ryan-For-51

    Just saw it in person… It is nicer than the pictures make it… But I still maintain the black one is WAY nicer

  • Ron

    Would love to see these used as the new home and away uniforms next season

    • 10101111100101010101010111111

      YEAH – never did like the Roman Soldier as a logo

    • yannrock

      Yeah I would also like to see the heritage jerseys made into home and away uniforms. The Centurion should be on a third jersey IMO

  • SensChirp
  • Yukon Cornelius

    I definitely agree they went with the ‘safe’ option here. It’s too bad the organizations wasn’t bold enough to go with the full barber stripe jersey with no crest on the front. But I understand it may not be as palatable for the everyday consumer compared to a jersey template the fan base already really enjoys.

    With all this talk of changing up the jerseys, I personally love the 2D centurion logo. Gives just enough of a classic feel, embraces the original logo while still feeling modern. If the senators had something along the lines of or they would be among the best looking teams in the NHL. I would find it hard not to buy a jersey like that.

    • Alcatraz

      I personally hate that logo, seems to “clip-art” for me

  • Tooks

    Cowen scratched! as per SC…but so it PW46…WTH??

  • Luc Wolfe

    now that’s our 13th jersey that the sens will have worn or promote

  • CrazyFish

    Way nicer then the Nucks jersey.

  • Luc Wolfe

    got mine! :)

  • Senator-Stanley

    Peace Tower would have e been great!

  • ReleaseTheKarlsson

    I’ll take all of them. Thanks. Even though this is just the same as the previous heritage jersey, I’m pretty damn excited about this game. I’m going to have to make the trip.