Senators, Sabres Have Talked Deal

SensChirp February 15, 2014 93
Senators, Sabres Have Talked Deal

When the Ottawa Senators resume their season on February 27 against the Detroit Red Wings, they’ll begin what should be a frantic push for one of the last couple playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.  With just 23 games left, the Senators will need to start racking up points in a hurry if they want to keep pace with the rest of the conference.

And while the team on the ice needs to focus on winning hockey games, General Manager Bryan Murray has some important decisions to make leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline.  Teams will have less than a week after play resumes to decide whether they are buyers or sellers at this year’s deadline.  Here in Ottawa, it certainly won’t be an easy decision as Murray is clearly looking to add a piece but will also have to consider moving a couple guys as well.

One team you can be certain the Senators will be contacting during their deadline shopping- the Buffalo Sabres.

Tim Murray is expected to be one of the league’s most active General Managers.  He has a number of pieces he’ll be looking to move and unlike so many other teams, his team is clearly in sell mode.  Rumours suggest that Bryan and his nephew Tim have already discussed a few players.  Matt Moulson is the obvious one but I suspect the price will be a little too rich for the Senators.  A handful of serious contenders see Moulson as a great top six option and will be willing to pay a premium.  Drew Stafford is available and would be a far more affordable option.  Steve Ott, the Sabres Captain, would be a great addition for a playoff bound team and is a player the Sens definitely have interest in.

The Senators have also apparently asked about defenceman Christian Ehrhoff but I’m not sure the Sabres have any interest in moving him.  Worth a try though, Bryan.

There will be plenty of talk and speculation once things wrap up in Sochi but don’t be surprised if Tim and his Uncle Bryan find a way to make a trade of some sort before the March 5th deadline.

Now, back to the Olympics!

  • Conor_smythe


    Russia got robbed today against the Americans.. great shootouts by tj oshie and datsyuk.. and both goalies…but it never should’ve got that far.. disallowed goal late in the 3rd was questionable.. russia looks scary

  • Gordon of Riverworld

    2 more points for SDC last night

    no need for Ottawa to trade for a forward rental

    • MoeDozer

      agreed, also cant ignore the monstrous production of hoffman ever since being sent back down.

      im still hoping we make a move for a steady Dman thats arround 26-30 years. trading away one of our younger D (gryba/weirdo/borocop) in the package to make room

    • Jacques

      Hoffman 2 goals and one assist.

  • things that make me go hmmmmm

    Slovenia – 3 and Slovakia – 1

  • Conor_smythe
    • Conor_smythe

      Latvia looks Pesky

  • Millennium

    If its not Moulson or Ehrhoff, there’s not really anyone on Buffalo that I’d be interested in us getting.

    • Tyler Oakman

      Really? You don’t want ott? Stafford? Hodgson? Ennis?

      Come on man.

      • Millennium

        Hodgson and Ennis are centres no? I don’t see any reason for our team to go out and get a centre. We are deep at centre. Great players, not the right choice for our team considering the price they would fetch.

        Ott and Stafford, not really no.

  • karlsson65

    Stafford is a Sens killer. I say got for it if the price isn’t too steep.

  • MoeDozer

    i suppose to no surprise for us sens fans but EK is even more dominant if he wants to be with the big ice

  • Dirk-Diggler

    So I think that with the US/RUS game going to a shootout that if CAN/FIN or SWE win in regulation that they will be the #1 and #2 seeds going into the single game elimination rounds. I hope for a CAN/SWE final.

  • MoeDozer

    ive noticed karlsson is actually hitting the net now even with traffic. now i know the larger ice is a huge factor but IMO its more so karlsson. pay close attention, his shooting in the olympics has been more on accuracy than power.

    feels as though in the NHL he sacrifices a lot of accuracy (slap shot specifically) for power. (see also: mike fisher)

    i believe this tournament will help EK realize he doesnt need to try wiring the puck everytime rather just pick his spots

    • Millennium

      I’m no mathematician, but if the rink is 15 feet wider, there would be a ton more angles available along the blueline to shoot from, and that would make blocking shots from there much harder positionally I think?

      • math major mike

        I am a mathematician – you are correct.
        EK65 has that great lateral mobility and can find an open angle a lot easier.

      • MoeDozer

        as i said “i know the larger ice is a huge factor” but watch the decisions he makes. im not trying to put it in a negative way on how he shoots in the NHL. and factor in the lack of talent he is surrounded by in ottawa sometimes makes him feel that he should be shooting it everytime.

        its the 1 thing i give the edge to for subban over EK (and i really, really hate subban). he picks the corners rather than trying to force it through traffic and getting blocked. although subban has a underated star beside him feeding him passes (markov) for the 1timer.

  • FAB

    Voynov about to be on the NHL trading block ?


    “Accusations of cheating against U.S. goalie Jonathan Quick — made, shockingly, by Russian defenceman and Los Angeles Kings teammate Slava Voynov — underscore a tense response by Russia’s players, coaches and fans following Saturday’s memorable 3-2 shootout loss to the Americans”

    • sprucesens

      what kind of cheating…?

      • Millennium

        I think he was talking about the disallowed Russian goal and Quick apparently pushing the net off its mooring so that the goal wouldn’t count.

        “I play with him. It is in his style to do something like that.” – Voynov on Quick doing it potentially on purpose

    • Yukon Cornelius

      I think this is being blown way out of proportion and needs to be put into context.

      Here is the full quote: “This question is to the referees: Was the net dislodged, and why it was dislodged? Why didn’t they notice it earlier?” asked defenseman Slava Voynov.

      He knows Quick well, as his teammate with the Los Angeles Kings. Too well, maybe, because he said after the game that Quick may have dislodged the net on purpose.

      “I can tell you myself, because I am his teammate and I play with him. It is in his style to do something like that. Yes,” he said. “The question is why wasn’t it noticed? That’s the question to the referees.”

      Voynov is/was understandably frustrated but mostly with the referees. You can go back and watch the play on CBC’s website, Quck was out of position and aggressively slid across the crease to get back to where he should be. But reading the media’s response you would think Quick full out pushed the net.

      Let’s break it down, Voynov has 22 points for the Kings (second in scoring for D), his +/- is a very agreeable 0, just signed a reasonably priced 6 year contract and is only 24 years old. I doubt the Kings are going to try and trade him over one comment that can be easily resolved by Slava and Quick having one conversation like adults once the Olympics are over. Plus if Russia does better than the US I’m sure his frustration will be greatly reduced.

  • things that make me go hmmmmm

    Binghamton leading by a touchdown in the 3rd

    All 7 goals scored at even strength

    • Millennium

      final 8-0. Calder Cup is looking like a real possibility for those guys.

    • Jacques

      If Murray can clean out some of the deadwood on the big team 3-4 of those Bingo boys would be significant contributors on a very good Sens team!

  • SensFanInMTL

    The truth to all of this is that Tim is obviously secretly working for his uncle, which is why there is a trade in the works. Somehow, we will land Moulson. Then when we are ready to win the Cup, Tim will breach his contract, return to the greatest capital of any country and it will be magnificent.

    And God no to Ehrhoff & Stafford. We won’t accomplish any thing with either scrub. Moulson of course would be the ideal sniper to rip on goalies if Spetz gets the chance to play alongside with him.

  • Floridasensfan

    I would be fine with us trading some players for picks and bring up some guys from Bingo, worked for us in the past.
    Phillips, Michalek Corvo for starters, anything we can get for them is more that we will get season end. All three are players we most likely would not miss much.
    However we need an upgrade in Michalek for next season.
    We are going to need to spend some money to get to the cap floor next year.
    It would be rather pathetic if we stay as is for the rest of the season.
    On the Olympics Karlsson is absolutley tearing it up and Russians got robbed, rule or not.
    MEH not a gold medal game.

  • Jacques
  • SenaTHOR

    Karlsson has the best corsi YET the most on goals against/60 on the team, What does this mean? He is on for more shots on oppositions net than the other team gets against his own team yet he gives up the most goals PER60 minutes(levelled for all players)

    • Jacques

      Playing with a bad d partner and probably on the ice often with Spezza’s line.

  • Phoenix

    Ott would be a good choice for Spezza line as he would give that line some jam to it while potting a few goals. Erhoff I like but not his contract. Now if Buffalo shallowed some of it then it would be worth taking it on. I’d still prefer Edler or Smid.

    • will

      Erhoff’s contract is not bad for a non cap team. 7 years left after this year and owed 18million is a steal for a top 4 d-man. he is 31 so 38 or 39 when is contract is up.

      • Millennium

        Yeah he makes $4M a year, which is going to be a steal for a top 4 in a couple years. Not to mention his last 3 years are $1M each (caphit still $4M).

        The dollars of his contract are pretty decent imo. The term/ending age is probably what would scare most teams away.

        • Phoenix

          Those are some good numbers. If murray can send a body out for him with buffalo picking up a small percentage of retained salary it could be a win win for both teams.

        • MethotToMyMadness

          Erhoff’s front loaded contract was scary when first signed and Buffalo has already weathered that storm. The remainder of the contract is much more digestible and considering the cap rising and the cost of players salaries rising, his cap hit is very easy to take on.

  • Tcharger

    Man watching the games on the bigger ice surface and seeing who is far more effective(in all games) I REALLY wish that the NHL would move to that format over night.

    It would help our team(and style) SO much.

    • Murray_is_a_GENIUS

      I don’t think it would. The big ice punishes teams that hit and our team has 2.5 lines of hitters, and our “D” corps likes to grind and mix. It’s also a super positional ice, where you have guys in certain spots to cut off lanes constantly. That’s bad for guys like Cowen, Spezza, who have trouble navigating their own end.
      On top of that, it’s really low scoring. DOn’t let a few blowouts due to talent level fool you, this would be a massive change that wouldn’t necessarily benefit the league and might harm it in the long run.
      TOOKS100% OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  • things that make me go hmmmmm

    Price in net – “Norris” Subban not dressed

    If Kunitz is not playing with Crosby why is he even dressed ?

  • PraiseAlfie11

    Things that make me go :)

    Karlsson has 5 years to go before he starts hitting his peak.

    • Andrews theory

      Not necessarily…some players do peek early.

      If he does peek in another 5 years he’ll arguably be the best player in the world

    • TookieIs100PercentRight

      Yeah, his Norris season might BE the peak. At least he doesn’t have a NTC if things go sudo.
      TOOKS100% OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • PraiseAlfie11

        Do you pay attention to his play? I find he’s better than ever.

  • Millennium

    Quite a few Canadian forwards are pretty invisible this game. Not what you would expect from the quality we have.

  • T K

    2 thoughts:

    -Crosby dived (as if that’s a surprise!) on the penalty that lead to Canada’s goal. I hope that they can score on an earned goal.

    - I find it odd that 2 of the officials are Canadian. That’s a tough spot for them to be in.

    • James0079

      I heard something interesting today. Canada has only had 4 powerplays in 3 games so far in the tournament. The next team with the fewest has 8 powerplays, double what we’ve had. There was a few calls (or should I say lack there of) especially late in the game that the Finns Definitely got away with.

  • MoeDozer

    yeesh crosby getting away with a big tripping call late in 3rd then i believe it was tavares getting away with a huge slash in OT. lucky W for the canadians vs a beat up Finnish team, they’re going to need to be much better if they want to beat the swedes and Americans.

    • Andrews theory

      Was going to say the same thing…Im sure there are some pissed off Finns.

      Babcock needs to stop screwing around with the lines.

      It’s one thing over an 82 game season it’s another thing at the Olympics.

      Thank god we have the best defense in the world.

      To me Kunitz plays with Crosby or he sits. Pretty simple

      • MoeDozer

        i guess now we know where Pmac gets his approach of shuffling lines..

  • Sandy

    So Canada will play the winner of Swiss & Latvia.. Either one of those team will be tough..

    • SuperSENS

      Yeah, it’ll be a tough game, but I know Canada can rise to the challenge.

    • roon42 .

      Never underestimate the Swiss…. They beat a solid Czech team 1-0, and had their backup in for a 1-0 loss to Sweden. They don’t have a lot of offensive power, but they only need one goal most of the time.

    • MethotToMyMadness

      The Swiss are my dark horse team, in the sense of completing a major upset. The fact that they will more than likely be up against Canada on Wednesday is a little nerve-racking. I hope the upset has already occurred in the win over the Czech’s. But I’ve said it before, the Swiss play just like Canada (of old) as they actually hit more, but just can’t score the same way.

      Canada better bring their A game. And on that subject, PLEASE put St. Louis back in the lineup, he’s a better overall player than most players offensively. He doesn’t have a mean streak in him per say, and that may be required against a Swiss team who plays with an edge, but if you want production, he’s better than Kunitz at this point.

      And I fully expect Subban will be back in the lineup Wednesday. I’d like to see him come back with a major chip on his shoulder and produce.

  • SuperSENS

    I’m surprised that St. Louis was a healthy scratch; he played well enough in my opinion, unless I missed something. Also, a writer for the Montreal Gazette is upset about Babcock’s decision to scratch Subban from the lineup today. I’m not surprised by the decision or the overreaction by some Montreal fans (including the Gazette writer).

    • SuperSENS

      Also, there was some amusing talk in the comments section on a CBC article that Kessel is an early favourite for MVP. That made me laugh!

      • PraiseAlfie11

        As much as I hate the leafs, kessel is a good player.

        • SuperSENS

          No doubt he’s a good player. But 4 goals (3 of which were against Slovenia) doesn’t make an MVP at this stage of the tournament.

          • Millennium

            Nothing makes an MVP at this stage of the tournament. Its too early to decide that. But for the games played, Kessel is absolutely a shortlist for MVP. If he continues to play the same way, it will be a no-brainer to pick him.

  • CUP 2014-15

    Can Ottawa and Buff be involved in a three way with St. L. Miller and Stewart being the primes

    • MoeDozer

      it could potentially but IMO, its highly unlikely. as an organization, we have lost quiet a lot of youth already in the Ryan trade (Noesen, Silfverberg and 1st). the Blues are not lacking much in any position. They do lack high end prospects in the Center and Defense positions.

      i dont think we are in much a position to trade away more draft picks unless the scouts truly feel this years draft is as weak as some claim.

      i believe (and hope) zibby, ceci, lehner, lazar are 100% locks in ottawa. anyone else can be moved at the right price. although i hope puempel joins that list very soon.

      puempel can potentially hit 30g in his first full season in the AHL. hes even dropped the gloves this year. at 6’1 205lbs he can become the dangerous goalscorer we have been anticipating

  • Jacques

    Last night’s Baby Sens 8-0 victory, too bad none of these guys can help us(sarcasm of course)!

  • Dirtysweetness

    The more and more I see of Matt Duchene, the more I’d like him on our team. I wonder if Colorado would ever let him go…..

    • Andrews theory

      Not likely but yes he’s awesome…

      Three untouchables are

      Duchene, Landeskog and MacKinnon
      O’Reilly and Varlamov are likely on that list as well

      What a ridiculous nucleus to build around…

      If they can somehow bring in a couple higher end defenders they’ll be a powerhouse in no time.

      Statsny and Parenteau are both highly skilled and likely available for the right peices

      • MethotToMyMadness

        If you ask me, this season’s play (which most thought was a fluke to start) is a pure sign of the direction Colorado is in. They are already playing like a power house offensively, but you are correct, some veteran D and a true #1 Goalie would put that team into a pure cup contender position.

        They should look to acquire Miller from Buffalo or even Hiller from the Ducks, as those two are the only true #1 goalies available. A move like that would close the door on needing a net-minder. Then in the free agency, try to acquire a few solid D such as Timonen, Pitkanen, Zidlicky, Tallinder, Girardi or Robidas. If they could get 2 of those guys, they’d be in a much better position.

  • MethotToMyMadness

    I really think Moulson would be a good offensive addition to the Senators, but the price would be hefty for a guy known only for his scoring abilty. I think we could get similar (not identical) production from Ott for arguably a lot less return. On top of the production Ott could bring, I think his style of play is better suited for a Sens team looking to improve upon a reputation of being hard to play against, as Ott is a known pest. And Ott is also one of the better FO guys in the league. The added bonus is what he could bring to this team in the playoffs, when we make it.

    Ott has a history with Spezza, which most forget about. Ott, who has been primarily a Center his whole career did play Wing with Spezza, the last 2 years of his 3 with the Windsor Spitfires in 00-01 and 01-02. In those two season’s, Ott played 108 games, had 93 goals, 82 assists, for 175 points and did all that with a combined 342 PIMs. That was the most production offensively Ott has even produced and many believe he climbed the ranks due to playing with Spezza. And it’s probably true.

    Now I’m not saying add Ott with Spezza and he will score 40 goals. But where we are continually talking about Spezza not having a winger to play with, why not add a guy he’s played with before and see what happens? If he’s available, this would be a key addition to Ottawa’s team and right now is one of the only moves I want to see Ottawa make.

  • MethotToMyMadness

    Hey Chirp, do you know Yost very well? Just wondering, cause we won the Faces award for Blogger of the Year. His tie to Ottawa is that he blogs about the Senators, but he’s NOT from Ottawa, nor is he Canadian. Personally I think you should have been given a nomination.

    • Phoenix

      Found that too funny, explains why he doesn’t have any real info on the inner workings other than just analyzing the team

    • SensChirp

      He and I have never met but I know him a little bit. Seems like a good guy and is certainly one of the best Sens bloggers out there. His Faces Award campaign was sort of a running joke that it would be funny if someone not actually from Ottawa could win the award. And he did!

      Not sure how the nomination process worked but he was the only sports blogger in there.

      • SenaTHOR

        The guy probably solicited online votes using his twitter feed. This really is a shame since he is ONLY a blogger and by no means knows the team other than by stats.
        These bloggers who profess to know the game yet have never played at any level, have 50000 tweets are simply searching for attention. Must have a boring life.

        • Senatollah

          As much as I at time I cant stand Yost, I think your assertion that he is simply searching for attention and has a boring life is unfair. This is a job for him, and to his credit he takes it very seriously, especially on a site that is built on BS and hit mongering he has built a good following based on decent (mostly) articles. That said, we know who the real winner should have been, which is why we post to this site! Keep up the great work Chirp!

          • FBP

            I didn’t vote for him because he pandered. I voted for him because he got the Euge’s attention regarding an Ottawa related issue that is important to me.

          • TookieIs100PercentRight

            I voted for other people than Yost because he pandered and isn’t from Ottawa.

      • TookieIs100PercentRight

        Oh wow Chirp he sure isn’t one of the best bloggers.
        Typical Yost column:
        Corsi this Fenwich that Melnyk is stalking my blog some other thing.
        Here’s more Corsi! I never read him. His Twitter feed is the same thing.
        I guess if you get enough attention on Twitter you win a meaningless award. I personally would like people FROM OTTAWA to win an OTTAWA AWARD. If you live outside the city you don’t get it!
        TOOKS100% OUT!!!!!!!

    • Tcharger

      He just runs numbers…not that these awards held any weight for me before(never heard of them before a few weeks ago, and still don’t even know anything about them) but this made it a complete farce.

  • T K

    Is it time for a Sens game yet? I’m starting to suffer from withdrawal….

  • MethotToMyMadness

    Wow, Latvia is leading the Swiss 2-0. I totally didn’t see that coming.

  • MethotToMyMadness

    So Latvia is up 2-1 with 3 minutes to go. And Slovakia has now scored 3 straight to make a game out of it with the Czech’s, who had a 4-0 lead. Wow, they are making it interesting.

  • woof woof woof woof woof

    YEE HAW !


  • MethotToMyMadness

    Well it looks like Canada doesn’t have to play against my Dark Horse Swiss Team. I’m actually happy about that. Not that Latvia is an easy Team, but I do think Canada will have a much better game and have a better ability to continue working on chemistry.

    • Hax

      I agree. Can’t take anyone lightly (especially with Price in goal) but Latvia seems a bit less worrisome than the Swiss could have been.

      • MethotToMyMadness

        Boy, that didn’t turn out as either of us thought!! lol

        • Hax

          Yeah who knew their goalie was going to stand on his head? Wow. I think tomorrow’s game is the real gold medal game. If we can somehow beat the US then I expect that momentum to carry us to gold. But USA is the best team in this tournament right now – by far.

  • Tyler05

    Lets go team canada

  • Tyler05

    Why isn’t pk not playing????…

    • Deadly

      Very tough question.

    • PraiseAlfie11

      He’s playing?

      • Hax

        Slow Wisers clap for you sir.

  • Tyler05

    AppArently he’s not. he has the hardest shot on the team he’s one of the best power play specialist in the league. and Babcock has him sitting????

    • Sandy

      Now we know where McLean gets his stubbornness from..

    • SenaTHOR

      I suggest the other players are filling specific roles and are doing a great job. Babcock doesn’t care for ME guys and PK is the biggest me guy around.

    • BFR

      Weber begs to differ.

  • Sandy

    So with about 40M extra $$ next season.. the Sens will still be a budget team.. according to Melnyk..

  • sell the team Eugene

    After signing a massive regional broadcast deal for TV/radio that kicks
    in next year, Melnyk confirmed the Senators won’t be a cap team next
    year and they’ll continue to live within a budget.

    “This is not a money machine for me. It’s quite the contrary,” said
    Melnyk. “At the end of the day, at one point, you sit back and you say,
    ‘Any guy would have packed it in a long time ago and said get me out of
    here I’m not going to keep feeding this thing.’

    • 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

      Help us Billy Beane – you’re our only hope

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