Murray Extension Close?

SensChirp January 10, 2014 31
Murray Extension Close?

According to Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun, the Ottawa Senators are close to locking up their General Manager for the foreseeable future.

As has been rumoured for the past couple weeks, Garrioch suggests that Bryan Murray has agreed to an extension that will keep him in the organization for at least the next few years.  In the article a league source indicates that Murray will remain as GM for at least two more seasons and that he’ll stay in the organization in a different role beyond that.

In a week where the Senators lost Tim Murray to the Sabres, it’s great to see the team lock up the guy calling the shots.  The deal will likely be made official on Monday.

First on his To Do list is to fill the role of Assistant GM, which Murray has suggested will be done through an internal promotion and should be done in the near future.  Pierre Dorion and Randy Lee are two clear cut favourites to fill the role.

  • gds

    just got back from work, bruce beat me too it!!

  • SensFanInMTL

    Losing Tim was difficult. Common knowledge is telling me for a higher paying role, obviously. With that said, some of the hacks on TSN make me laugh with the March 5th trade deadline. So called experts are saying that the Oilers are promoting Gagner on the 1st line with Hall & Nugent-Hopkins to showcase Gagner and boost his stock up as bait. Sources say that he’s not that the only one as Eberle & Yakupov could be on the move as well. Now before we start any trade rumors, as a hockey fan at the moment not thinking as a Sens fan, there is not much logic (in my opinion only) to even consider it a thought to move Eberle. I always visioned he along with Nuge & Hall as the three-man tandem to carry the team throughout many years to come. Anyhow this post caught my attention and made me laugh to a certain extent.

    Courtesy of TSN:


    4 hours ago – Gagner and Yakupov for Spezza and a 2nd rounder, then name Methot captain

    • Sandy

      Edmonton can keep Yakupov…

      • Richard Gough

        I would take the 1st over Yakupov
        When I see Yakupov I see Yashin all over again

        • Richard Gough

          Or Ganger and Klefbom

      • Laurence Babchyuk

        Yeah… Stay away from Russians ! The only Russian I would take on this team would be datsyuk and MAYBE Malkin. I wouldn’t want Ovi

    • Phoenix

      They can keep yak. The only pieces of interests is Nurse, eberle, hopkins, and the 1st.

    • Andrews theory

      I think ottawa would do that deal tomorrow if it was available

  • T K

    Best wishes for health, happiness and long life to Bryan Murray!

  • Sandy

    Happy this is done.. we can’t afford to lose two Murrays…
    Completely off-topic and how they stayed in a playoff position for as long as they did, but the Leafs have just 5 ROWs in the last 31 games… The Sens over the last 31 games have about 15 ROWs…
    Quite the difference..

  • Reazy

    Lock that man up!! Let’s make a cup run :)!!

  • Jacques

    Good move I love this senior citizen! Baby Sens just keep on rolling. Puempel and Prince are tuning their goal scoring touches!

  • The Apostle

    Happy with Murray re-signing. When left to his own devices he’s barely put a foot wrong since he was given the clear instruction to rebuild the roster. He does have a habit of overpaying for free agents (both our UFAs/RFAs and from other teams) but I genuinely think that’s a product of this market rather than weak negotiating practices. Fact is we have to pay a little more to get players to come to Ottawa, especially now we aren’t a perennial cup contender.

  • Millennium

    on the Assistant GM thing, Garrioch seems to indicate that they have settled on this:

    “It’s also believed when the Senators announce the extension with Murray the club will also confirm director of player personnel Pierre Dorion and director of player development Randy Lee as co assistant-GM’s to split the duties left by Tim Murray’s departure.”

    • Andrews theory

      So basically one less job on the mangmnt team as has been the trend.

      Quite certain, they’ll be expected to retain their current duties as well.


  • Sandy

    Murray signed a very good UFA this year in McArthur.
    I just hope they lock him up long term. 15 goals in 45 games and his career best is 21.. I think he surpasses that..
    This organization has some decisions to make with, apparently, more prospects leaving NCAA and CHL into the AHL.. It’s going to be interesting..

    • Andrews theory

      Quite possibly the best free agent addition in franchise history.

      I laughed when Toronto parted with Mac and Grabo. Their two best possession players

  • Sandy

    B-Sens won again…

  • LeafsSux

    Leafs on the verge of losing 4 in a row.. Gotta love that!

    • bluebuyyoo

      3-2 Caps – Final in regulation

  • Andersonfan41

    Glad the Leafs lost today!

  • Doc

    Awesome. Glad Murray will have the chance to finish what he started.

  • luckan20

    Please no more Russian players and its associated headaches. We have a good core and need a good winger to play along with Spezza and Stone.

    • Richard Gough

      Maybe Murray could pick up Drew Stafford from Buffalo

  • Luc Wolfe

    Off topic. .. Bryan murray pic is creepy… good for the guy though

  • Andrews theory

    Chirp, pretty sure Snoopy Senior wants to know when the game day post will be up

    • PraiseAlfie11

      Lol…the lineups should always be: Snoopy’s starting lines !

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  • Sensnation

    Seemed like all the rumors were hinting at short term renewal, but great to hear it will be more of a long term commitment. He’s been a great Senator and the longer we can keep him in our org the better off we will be!

  • Simple Jack

    Glad to hear, something had to be in the works if we were allowing tim to take another job. Hopefully we can trade some players to buffalo for picks or players that need to be upgraded.

  • NickofTime

    Good for BM, now send Pageau to Bingo asap & trade Conacher, Condra, Phillips & Corvo for picks or prospects & call up Boroeicki, Schneider & Grant to replace them.