Canada Goes for Gold in Sochi

SensChirp February 23, 2014 57
Canada Goes for Gold in Sochi

60 minutes. Team Sweden. Erik Karlsson.  That’s what stands in between Canada and another Gold Medal in Olympic hockey.

After a nail biter of a performance against the Americans Friday afternoon, Team Canada now goes for Gold in the final day of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

It will certainly be a strange and somewhat stressful experience for Sens fans as we find out what it’s like to cheer against Erik Karlsson.  EK65 has been the best player for the Swedes in this tournament, registering 8 points so far. He has to be a focal point for Canada.  Karlsson is always looking to jump in the rush and can chance a game with a single rush.  Perhaps most importantly for Canada will be staying out of the box because there isn’t really much you can do to slow him and Daniel Alfredsson down.

Here is how Team Canada will line ‘em up for the Final.

St. Louis


Carey Price gets the start in goal.


  • Lorenzo72

    Erik! Erik! Erik! :)

    • SensChirp

      Tough start.

    • Top Shelf

      Not today bro…

  • Deadly

    Roll call..Florida..good start.

  • Dirk-Diggler

    Good game so far… King Henrik is playing well and so is Price. That’s what I want to see… A great battle between the best nations…

  • MikeS

    So is this what fans of other teams feel? Every time karlsson touches the puck i have a heart attack. Good game so far.

  • MikeS

    So Canada respects karlsson so much they are basically sending 2 men at him when he gets the puck on the PP, if that doesn’t signal that guy is amazing, I dunno what does

  • MikeS

    I wonder if Swedens coach is gonna stop being an idiot and play OEL in an attempted comeback

  • MikeS


  • BFR

    That’s the game!

  • Deadly

    Earlier when I posted I noticed that I had posted 99 times so I thought it sounded like a great number to leave up for the game.
    Not superstitious but….it worked.

  • SenaTHOR

    Karlsson risk reward…mostly risk today. Spezza hopefully watched and learned from the Canadian effort. NO COASTING.

    • MikeS

      0 goals against when he was on and only 1 real chance generated from his misplay. He played fine today but Canada`s team defense was just too good

  • sprucesens

    good win for canada, but wow did sweden look lifeless. There was barely any offensive zone time or pressure for them. Definitely not a good day for them to take the day off. Good game, and good win for canada.

    …so when does the trade freeze end so we can get some life on these boards again? lol

  • Millennium

    I’ve never really thought of Team Canada as a defensive juggernaut, but damn was that the most impressive display of shutdown puck control and neutral zone play I’ve ever seen. Unreal.

  • Spoons

    Couldn’t ask for a better outcome: Canada Gold, Ikea Silver, Russians and Muricans sulking in their corner.

  • MikeS

    All Tournament team `Lundqvist, Karlsson, Doughty, Selanne, Kessel, Granlund.”
    Selanne MVP

  • Floridasensfan

    Canada Back to back gold, Sweden had little offensive punch.
    Losing hurts for EK but Silver is better than every other country did other than Canada.
    Way to go Canada

  • MikeS
  • Andrews theory


    Greatest hockey nation on the planet.

    Other medals were nice but gold in Hockey is the only one that I was thinking about!

  • Simple Jack

    with norris trophy winner p.k. subban defending for canada…

    oh wait, that must of been a mistake.

    • things that make me go hmmmmm

      The scratched Pernell had all of his equipment on when he joined
      the team on the ice after the game was over

      STRANGE !

  • Daybreak Maidenhead

    too ta nuttin’

    da woist leed in Hawkey ?


  • MikeS

    Karlsson on what a silver medal is worth to him “you will see when I put it on ebay”

  • MikeS

    Karlsson was on the ice for 0 even strength goals against in the entire tournament . WOW

    • TookieIs100PercentRight

      He played around 12:00-13:30 a night, so basically a bottom pairing role. He and Ekman-Larsson were very sheltered, thus no goals against.

      • MikeS

        Actually he was playing like 30 minutes a night, he only got sheltered when edler was back and the coach decided to bench OEL because he didnt like him

  • Richard Gough

    I sure hope Erik comes back to Ottawa with the fire still burning after winning silver to push this Sens team into the play offs

    • Sensturion

      You don’t win the Silver. You lose the Gold. A part of me is worried about Karlsson upon his return.

      • Richard Gough

        I think he will be fine

      • Dirk-Diggler

        Any medal you get at the Olympics is won. EK will be fine… Don’t be that guy that panics over everything

  • Sensnation

    CANADA!!! What a game, and tournament. Great team effort through and through.

    Yzerman steps down after back to back golds.

    • Simple Jack

      its quite obvious then, the nhl will not be participating in the next olympics.

      • Sensturion

        With the amount of injuries this year? Doubt it.

  • BFR

    Does anyone know who asked what to get such an awesome response from Babcock?

    Not that it really matters in the end, it’s just damn funny.

  • Richard Gough

    When will the trade freeze be lifted
    Time to start making some trades

    • Tcharger

      Midnight if I am not mistaken

      • sprucesens

        ah, good to know. should be a fun week or so. excited! got my tickets to the heritage classic! can’t wait to go. anyone else flying in for that game?

        • Richard Gough

          I will be watching them in Calgary

        • Senator-Stanley

          I’m flying out on Friday morning! Can’t wait for the weekend.

          • sprucesens

            nice. i’ll be there saturday morning.

    • Sandy

      Bruce Garrioch ‏@SunGarrioch 4h

      Trade freeze is lifted tonight at 11:59. Some executives wondering if Buffalo GM Tim Murray will move immediately.

      • Richard Gough

        Let’s hope it’s to OTT

        • One Gun Mitty

          Ryan Miller traded to Saint Louis is my prediction

  • aegiszx

    Team Canada. Unbelievable. Top to bottom, so much talent. The most ridiculous thing is that half the team already has a cup or previous gold medal in various tournaments.

    I honestly cant believe people were bitchin’ about Spezza not even getting a serious look for this team LOL. After watching this team the past two weeks, you can see why… all responsible, defensive and two-way players with serious speed/skill.

    • SenaTHOR

      Canada uses a lot of give and go plays. Spezza gives the puck to the other team more often than not. He was not even close.

  • Gordon Ramsli

    Back to our team!

    MacArthur – Turris – Ryan
    Conacher – Zibanejad – Michalek
    Hoffman – Spezza – Stone
    Condra – Smith – Neil


    Ceci – Karlsson
    Methot – Gryba
    Borowiecki – PW46

    Trade Greening, Cowen, Tell Tim to take Corvo for the remainder of the year

    Trade only for prospects and draft picks, only make a move for a player if its a long term player no rentals.


  • Deadly

    If Hoffman is up,hopefully he will get a fair trial.

  • Jacques

    Hoffman called up, read a couple of rumors about Michalek for Callahan. Ottawa’s name is out there. Would love to get Edler out of Vancouver. Maybe Cowen and a young forward for him. You add Callahan and Edler and really give Hoffman a chance this time and this team is in business.

    • Aaron 2.0

      Without thinking about their contract situations, I would love that trade (Michalek / Callahan). Ottawa will hopefully spend more money moving forward on player salaries, but they would not drop the sort of cash that he is reportedly asking for (not for his skill set). With no real chance of resigning him, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Callahan on the Sens.

    • Zelle

      I don’t know why people like Edler so much. I hate him and have wanted him out of Vancouver for years (my second favorite team is the Canucks). He’s incredibly lazy and often makes mistakes in his own zone that can be directly attributed to goals against. No idea why the media drools over him. Very frustrating player to watch.

  • Millennium

    So Hoffman is up and SDC is left down. Is Stone still with the big club? Honestly can’t remember..
    Hard to deny Hoffman’s shot here, but I hope they give him a real chance this time, not that meagre stint he got earlier in the season. Give him to Spezza, play him 15 mins a night for a couple games unless he really blows a tire. Find out what we really have in him before March 5th, and it might change what we are asking for in any deadline deals.

    • Dirk-Diggler

      Stone was sent down a few days before the roster freeze. Once he was healed he was sent down.

  • Phoenix

    I really hope Erik was only joking about selling his Silver metal.

    • not YOUR wingman

      HUH ? WHY ?

      I wouldn’t keep a “first loser” medal either.

  • sprucesens

    hmmm. eklund at it again. “The Sens have interest in acquiring BOTH Steve Ott and Matt Moulson from Buffalo”

    i would assume we wouldn’t pay the price to get both of them. More that we have interest in EITHER player. Saw a rumour of michalek for callahan. That could be interesting. Rental for rental. I would think we would have to throw in something extra. Maybe SDC + Michalek for Callahan? Both teams having intentions to resign these players after the trade. Money would work, and fits our want of a power forward. Just not a winger for spezza. could be why they recalled hoffman? And yes, hoffman isn’t a power forward, in the typical sense. Plays like one, but is too small. But has the speed and skill, and drive to the net. I just hope hoffman is given a fair chance this time. Put him with spezza and another decent scorer please! The organization owes him the chance! He’s worked his tail off for years now.

    Its been a while. Go sens GO!