Best Wishes to Bryan Murray

SensChirp July 7, 2014 131
Best Wishes to Bryan Murray

This afternoon, the Ottawa Senators released a statement regarding General Manager Bryan Murray, who has been diagnosed with cancer.

OTTAWA – The Ottawa Senators announced today that General Manager and President of Hockey Operations Bryan Murray has been recently diagnosed with cancer. The Senators organization issued the following statement:

“Mr. Murray is undergoing further testing and will begin treatment immediately for this condition as prescribed by the team’s doctors in collaboration with specialists.

Mr. Murray’s treatment schedule may require him to be away from the Senators office periodically. During his periodic absence, assistant general managers Pierre Dorion and Randy Lee will be responsible for managing the Ottawa Senators hockey operations department.

On behalf of the entire Senators family, the team is asking that the thoughts, prayers and support of the entire hockey community are with Bryan and his family.

The Senators and Mr. Murray ask that you please respect his family’s privacy during this time.

There will be no further comment from the Senators organization.”

When you immerse yourself in a hockey team the way I, and so many other fans do, the management and players become central figures in your life.  Through all the ups and downs this organization has been through the past few seasons, Murray has always been front and centre.  Level headed about the team’s issues and clearly passionate about the work he does.

But obviously, some things are bigger than hockey.  Best wishes to Bryan and his family as they begin this fight.

  • Mat

    Well said Chirp. Here’s hoping for some off ice success for him this year.

  • Stephane Cantin

    get well soon…Hockey comes second in times like this

  • Aaron 2.0

    This is obviously our worse fear confirmed, with recent images of him looking like he had shed a lot of weight very quickly. My thoughts are w/ him. Anyone who’s lost a loved one from cancer knows how miserable the disease is.

  • Dirk-Diggler

    Let’s hope that Murrays treatments will be successful. Good luck to BMGM


    Wow, heartbreaking news, I am just flabbergasted, Possibly my favorite figure in all of hockey. Thoughts and prayers with Bryan and his family.

  • spezzerman

    Fucking Cancer. All we can do is hope that it’s treatable and Bryan can back at what he loves, asap.

  • Hax

    I’m sure the stress between the end of the season and today (ongoing) hasn’t helped. Hopefully he’s able to focus on his treatment/health. I don’t like to imagine how it might impact things if the Spezza thing was still dragging on or something. I’d expect he can still talk to Pierre/Randy daily and chime in but I’m glad they have two guys that can run the shop and allow Bryan to take the time he needs. Hopefully it’s something they caught early and/or can treat.

    • Pasky

      I’m sure Pierre/Randy are doing most of the legwork for anything else that comes up. Essentially once the framwork would be done then swing it by him and get his opinion on the matter or his OK to sign off on it.

      I think that even though his title will still be GM he would have more of an executive to hockey operations role ala Sakic/Linden, let others do the legwork and chime in your opinion and give the final verdict on transactions. It’s probably whats best for him so that he can stay focused on his health.

  • Max2166

    Courage and good luck to Bryan Murray and his family!!!

  • Doc

    Damn. Our “Grandpa” figure for the Sens fanbase. Best wishes to Mr. Murray and his family.

    Fuck you cancer.

  • random_dude13

    Best wishes to Mr. Murray – hoping for a speedy recovery.

  • Harv

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Bryan and his family. Having gone through these cancer treatments with members of our family and friends I know the next while is going to filled with stress and worry. Hopefully, Bryan’s prognosis is positive and he will be around with us for awhile.

    Thanks for putting this up SensChirp.

  • thepez

    If anyone can beat this it’s Mr. Murray. Best wishes and may God be with you.

  • Don Ciccio

    Best wishes to Bryan…..Glad to see that he is not stepping down.

  • laffin681021

    Kick the cancers ass BM! Best wishes to him and his family for a full recovery!

  • Cy Denneny

    best wishes to Mr. Murray. Our thoughts are with you.

  • Jakester

    Good Luck to Bryan and his family, get all the rest you possibly can and fight hard!

  • Dirtysweetness

    Sports are just a distraction in life. Brian, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • bluebuyyoo

    Good luck and best wishes to Mr. Murray and family.

  • Chadillac

    Proposed trade: BM trades his cancer for a speedy recovery!
    All the best Bryan!

    • Jakester

      That would be the best trade of all! Well said!

  • Merchaholic
  • peetypuck

    Bryan, you’re the best! The Sens Army is behind you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Max2166

    SENS ARMY is keeping you are in thoughts and prayers Bryan Murray!!!

  • KJ

    Best wishes to the Brian and his family as they start this fight. I know he’ll come through.

  • Deadly

    There are so many more successful fights against cancer now than years past. Hoping Bryan can add another victory to his incredible run in life and hockey. We want that book that we talked about him writing ,with not a mention of this speed bump.
    Get better Bryan.

  • sens88

    Such a classless move by Steve Simmons to “out” Murray’s health issues. Get well soon Bryan!!

    • Dirk-Diggler

      Steve Simmons is an idiot… What did the article say? I saw that there was something but the page was taken down…

      • peetypuck

        Forget Simmons. Bryan needs all of our positive thoughts and energy now.

    • Max2166

      Who cares about Steve Simmons? Take care Bryan Murray!!!

    • TookieIs100PercentRight

      How is it classless? HE WISHED HIM WELL. This would have got out either way, there were already users on HFBoards talking about his illness, you can’t hide this in a city as small as Ottawa.

  • Jakester

    Curtis Lazar wins the hardest worker award on the last day of #Sens development camp.

    MR Murray you have surrounded yourself with fighters!

    • Deadly

      Fitting finish to camp.
      Making a statement that he is ready to do whatever is required.

      • Jakester

        I have faith in this kid, winner written all over his face!

        • CR Sens

          …in pimples? let’s get the kid some Roacuttane

          • Jakester

            You seem to know the name of the product, your head must be a BIG PIMPLE!

          • CR Sens

            Not one big pimple, but i had thousands of the buggers in my teens/early twenties – so yeah, I know what I’m talking about ;)

    • Tooks

      Thats not a very good award to win, its like the kid who wins most improved or best team player, lol.

      • boom

        Yeah, that’s why they came up with the award – the player winning it should just give up.
        Can you stop being a dick for just one day, please?

        • Tooks

          Awards like that are for the kids that are just not good enough. Its like a pity award.

          Actually who cares really, its a worthless award at a training camp. From what I saw Lazar wasnt the best player out there.

      • sprucesens

        you would prefer he win the award for laziest, most non committed bad attitude, slouch working player? Is there a “good” award a player can have from a training camp in your point of view? Hell, can any senator do right by you?

        • TookieIs100PercentRight

          The point is it’s like the hard hat award some NHL teams have, it’s nice and it’s a feel-good thing but it doesn’t matter a whole lot.
          Remember when Brandon Bochenski was tearing it up and Dean Brown was saying he’d be an Art Ross winner? At the moment Lazar is a highly touted PROSPECT but he has to make in the NHL.

      • FistsofNeil25

        What a stupid stupid way to look at it. Like really man, the guys who have won this award in the past are usually late round picks like Borowiecki and Claesson who were both 5th round picks and had to work their asses off at development camp just to get noticed.

        Lazar is our highest rated forward prospect and was the highest Sens draft pick in attendance other than Ceci. There’s so much hype around the kid and so many people are already penciling them in to their Sens rosters for next season.

        He played a ton of hockey this year during the regular season, playoffs, memorial cup tournament, and WJC. He could have easily just gone through the motions at development camp and rode the hype all the way to training camp in the fall. Instead he stepped it up yet another gear and was named the hardest working player in attendance.

        Good for Lazar. It’s just another reason to believe the kid is worth all the hype.

        • Tooks

          Goggles anyone?

  • Pasky

    Hopefully BM can bring back Pesky with his fight against cancer. Best of wishes to you!

  • Dirk-Diggler

    Man, I had made a really good Sens lineup on cap geek and wanted to share it but now it’s not important anymore…

    • Pasky

      Yea save it for tomorrow, or whenever we get a new post up on the site for sure.

      • SensChirp

        Hockey talk doesn’t have to stop by any means. It won’t for Murray and shouldn’t for us either. Just wanted to make sure this news had it’s own post and people had a place to post messages of encouragement.

        • peetypuck

          I hope you send these, our best wishes on to Bryan.

        • Dirk-Diggler

          Regardless… Waiting until tomorrow is no biggie… BM deserves his own positive post…

          Maybe we could submit the top 5 Sens moments in BM history…

          #1 for me is him coaching us to the SCF in 06-07 (too bad for the result) but that’s still his best accomplishment in my opinion.

          • Tooks

            Jesus man, he’s not dead yet!

          • Dirk-Diggler

            Ahh Tookie, never change man… You’re always a ray of sunlight :P

          • Tooks

            Well shit, people just writing him off with farewell highlights of what he did and accomplised, lol…Poor Bryan, hat have you done for us lately…

          • laffin681021

            I think it would have been more appropriate to say he’s not dead. We can so without the “yet”

          • HamadBo$$

            then again we are all going to die sooner or later..

          • laffin681021

            That is true lol

          • Tooks

            ALL MEN MUST DIE…

          • Spoons

            How about what he did for Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood? He had a better deal in L.A. but sent Fisher to Nashville instead. How many GMs would do the honorable thing in place of the greedy thing? One of the most honorable moves I’ve seen in the NHL.

          • http://@CARLOSwSPECR1 CARLOSwSPECR1

            My best Brian Murray moment: When he became the Senators GM, getting rid of that old turd Muckler. F*&ck I hate Muckler….

          • TookieIs100PercentRight

            Yeah, I really miss going far in the playoffs and instead being a glorified AHL team, that really blows!

    • Tooks

      Murray would want you to post it :)

    • Jakester

      go 4 it, Bryan might discuss it with Pierre and Randy!

    • Deadly

      Post it so Tooks can slam it. Keep his brain focused on something until bedtime.

      • Dirk-Diggler

        Naa… Keep it for tomorrow… Respect to BM… Only good things about his tenure (until now) should be discussed today…

        • Dirk-Diggler

          But a hint, I traded Smith, Greening a 2nd in 2015 to Chicago for Sharp! (it was a fantasy trade) and Lazar was 4th L C.

          • Jakester

            Awesome move, would make Bryan’s Sens a serious contender!

          • SensChirp

            Then trade Stone and a d prospect for Yandle. Prince for Stewart. Sign Alfie. Win Cup.

          • Dirk-Diggler

            Let’s not get crazy…

  • Sicilian

    Wishing him a quick recovery!

  • zippy

    You can beat this Bryan! Our prayers are with you.

  • Tooks

    Damn shitty news, even a treatable cancer is bad news. I always wondered when it would happen, I mean, the way this team has been going, Bryan has been looking worse and worse. Hopefully he puts hockey on the back burner and concentrates on getting better.

    He should have retired 2 years ago before this mess, or even better, after the 2007 run.

    • thepez

      If there is a positive in this news, it is the fact the statement said that he would be out of the office periodically for his treatment. That hopefully indicates that they have caught this early enough and it is very treatable. It also indicates BM is nowhere near finished being the GM

  • Jakester

    Shane Prince and team Black supposedly won the 3-3 tournament, did anybody go?

  • Capouelle

    Keep up the fight Bryan! Kick that ugly disease ass! My thoughts are with you and your family.

  • AutoTurris

    Here’s an idea: Why doesn’t everyone leave their kind wishes and encouragements for one of the greatest GMs in hockey on this post, but for those that would like to talk hockey (myself included), why don’t we return to the previous post. Talking about hockey is not disrespectful and, indeed, Bryan will continue to talk hockey hopefully for no shortened period of time.

    Best wishes BM

  • Sensnation

    Very sorry to hear this news today and wishing Bryan and his family the best during these times. It’s been great to have him continue his rebuild of this org and can only hope he has a full recovery.

  • OverMind

    get well soon Bryan, a few words: Rick Simpsons Phoenix Tears

    its worked for people i know who where terminal.

    • EK65

      Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Glad that the people in your life aren’t terminal anymore, but let’s thank the doctors and be amazed at the human body’s ability to heal. Not some Hemp Oil.

      • OverMind

        You have no idea so do not slander what you know nothing about. medical marijuana is being prescribed regularly to cancer patients for the pain and to help with apatite officially. it has an acknowledged positive effect and i have personally seen what it can do in high constant doses to terminal patients that are not taking chemo anymore. The problem is one treatment is its own billion dollar industry and the other can be grown in your backyard for pretty much free. If you have nothing left to lose and weeks to live it is a highly viable option to consider.

        • Hax

          Not the place to debate medical marijuana guys.

          • OverMind


        • JayRuN

          Tryin to picture bryan murray smokin a big ass chonger in the press box watchin the playoffs lol.

          In all seriousness though
          murrays gonna beat this. My prayers are woth him and his family.

      • Harv

        Maybe you should grow up. Unfortunately, there is not a magic potion to making that happen.

  • CUP 2014-15

    There is not a more committed man in sports then Bryan Murray. Anyone can see that he wears his heart on his sleeve and I can’t wait until the playoffs to see BM fidgeting from a private box on every close call. Best of wishes and prayers to Bryan and his family during these tough days ahead. One thing is for sure and that is that cancer has a war ahead as BM is a competitor like no other. God bless BM win your battle and let “your team” win theirs.

  • Cicero

    You can beat this, Mr. Murray.

    You’ve led so many for so long by your hard-working example.

    Please allow your entire staff and the Sens organization and its army of fans to carry you for a while so you can focus on a full recovery.

  • Zelle

    Cancer is scary but you need to be tough to be in the hockey business and I am hopeful he will overcome this. Best wishes to Mr. Murray and his family.

  • MethotToMyMadness

    I never like hearing this news. Cancer has had it’s way in my Family and it’s never easy to digest. Wishing Bryan and the entire Murray clan a quick and speedy recovery.

  • WaitingSince92

    Really makes every other post seem irrelevant. Shitty, shitty news.

  • Sandy

    You had to know it was serious after seeing his rapid weight loss.
    I hope and pray they caught it early and he can have a fully successful and speedy recovery from this dreadful disease.

    • PraiseAlfie11

      As far as I can tell, you called it first.

      I wish you were wrong.

      • Murray_is_a_GENIUS

        Actually, I did. In the previous thread I mentioned Simmons article first and no one had discussed it. Welcome by the way.

        • PraiseAlfie11

          Hey! Another sun guy :)

          Sandy actually made reference to it weeks ago during the draft. Sandy said he looked sick, tired and thin.

          Anyways, its not important given the subject.

  • snipes

    Speedy recovery Mr. Murray.

  • karlssens

    If Murray can run a hockey team with an internal cap, he can most definitely beat cancer! Kick it’s ass Bryan, we are all praying for you!

  • peetypuck

    I’m joining BRIAN’S ARMY!
    Fight Brian Fight

    • Hax


  • jtf927

    i was very saddened to hear this news. Bryan Murray is a man of great character and integrity. he has made this organization into something to be proud of. best thoughts and wishes for Bryan for a speedy and full recovery. i want to see him sitting in the press boxes when the season begins. take care Bryan.

  • JayRuN

    Crazy how a lot of posters on here noticed something was wrong with him. I noticed he was skinnier but i didn’t think it was something that bad.

    Now i really want our sens to kick some ass this year for BM. The players should be extra motivated to bring out their best.

  • NickofTime

    We wish Bryan Murray & his family our prayers & best wishes during this time.

  • Senswest

    Get well soon Bryan!!! My thought and prayers are you and family!!! You are a great GM for our Sens!!!!

  • Kumar

    Wish Bryan speedy recovery. May the Force be with him

  • CR Sens

    This made me sicker than when Alfie was traded, this man is a class act and I’m sure he’s a fighter as well. Best wishes and a speedy recovery!

  • SensFanInMTL

    Get well soon, Mr. Murray. It’s not saying much but I was extremely bothered to read about his illness. God’s speed.

    • Senator forever

      While it is no consolation Mr. Murray, I was just diagnosed with lymphoma, rather it has returned after 4 years. The prognosis is good though as it is very treatable. I will wage this war with you and keep you in my prayers. You are not alone and you are in good hands.

      • Jakester

        Our prayers are with you too my friend, wish you well!

      • Cicero

        We all here have your back, and send what we can in support.

      • iamwickid

        What was your original diagnosis? I had hodgkin’s Lymphoma 4 years ago as well, this post kinda worried me. All the best to a speedy recovery. Thoughts and prayers.

  • LeafsSux

    Hoping for a speedy recovery. Prayers to the Murray family

  • Mitchell

    Murray you built a team for us, Murray we are the team here for you, keep pace, hope and leave the prayers to us.

    Were with you GM

  • whammer44

    I just heard this news and like everyone else I was saddened to hear of Mr. Murray’s illness.

    I would like to wish Bryan and his family all the best as he battles and conquers this disease.

  • Frankie Fives

    I lost my father-in-law to cancer last year so I know how tough it can be. Hopefully they caught it in the early stages and he can win this battle. I’m sure I speak for all Sens fans when I say that our thoughts and prayers will be with him during his battle

  • sprucesens

    best wishes bryan! hopefully your team can give you an excellent get well present this year.

    A very interesting video of how a trade at the draft comes to fruition is posted here.

    Only need the first 2 minutes or so of it. Makes you notice how much a GM leans on his scouts, assistant GM’s and the owner gives his blessing on trades. Let’s hope those individuals rally behind murray for both his health, and his will to win in the next couple years. He deserves it

    • Dirk-Diggler

      Wow, that’s a well done video. Hopefully the Sens can do something like that…

      I’d also love the Sens to do their own version of 24CH. Would any of you watch a 30 minute weekly show about the team that’s not like the SensTV segment on Rogers Sportsnet?

  • senate19

    It is interesting to see the relationship we as fans have with BM – really, we all truly care about his well being. CUP 2014-15 mentioned him fidgeting up in his box during the games, and truly, it reminds me how sad this is. This is a guy who’s been with Ottawa for a long time, and goodness knows he has a tough freaking job managing the budget.

    He should really take a rest for a while, but I doubt it’s possible for him. All the best, thoughts and prayers to Bryan Murray.

  • Dirk-Diggler

    Alright, it’s a new day… I can post that lineup I was hinting towards..

    I traded Greening, Smith and both our 2nds to Chicago for Sharp (fantasy trade I guess)

    And, then I demoted Ceci to the AHL to start the season…

    Signed Lehner to a 2 year deal at $2.25M per season

    A tribute to BMGM
    Patrick Sharp ($5.900m) / Kyle Turris ($3.500m) / Bobby Ryan ($5.100m)
    Clarke MacArthur ($3.250m) / Mika Zibanejad ($0.894m) / Mark Stone ($0.603m)
    Milan Michalek ($4.000m) / David Legwand ($3.000m) / Alex Chiasson ($0.867m)
    Mike Hoffman ($0.750m) / Curtis Lazar ($0.894m) / Erik Condra ($1.250m)
    Jean-Gabriel Pageau ($0.613m) / Chris Neil ($1.900m)
    Jared Cowen ($3.100m) / Erik Karlsson ($6.500m)
    Marc Methot ($3.000m) / Patrick Wiercioch ($2.000m)
    Chris Phillips ($2.500m) / Eric Gryba ($1.250m)
    Mark Borowiecki ($0.575m) /
    Craig Anderson ($3.188m)
    Robin Lehner ($2.250m)
    CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
    (estimations for 2014-15)
    SALARY CAP: $69,000,000; CAP PAYROLL: $56,884,167; BONUSES: $1,513,333
    CAP SPACE (23-man roster): $12,115,833

    Twitter Feed
    Follow Us @capgeek

    • Tooks

      You do know CHI is in the red? That trade would save them 1.363Mil but they would still be in the red. They would not want to take salary back, especially not Greening’s contract…

      But as you mentioned, Sharp is on the block so I figure if you remove Greening and add maybe Ceci or Puempel, Lazar, then maybe they would like it better, less $$$ coming back.

      Otherwise not a bad lineup, bottom tier of the League but what can you expect from our situation.

      • Andrews theory

        Not a snowballs chance would I give up Puemple, Lazar or Ceci.

        The market has already been set by Vancouver, Pitts and Ottawa, Chicago loses this deal when it goes down and it won’t be a blue chipper coming back

        • Deadly

          Tooks was talking about money,not skill of assets.

          • Andrews theory

            well he threw out specific names that happened to be the top prospects in the organization and he usually means what he says.
            I agree on the money side just saying it would take one hell of alot for me to move one of those 3 at this stage.

          • Tooks

            Well if its only 1 of those guys, then I would do it. None of em can produce like Sharp. Ceci I would be a bit harder on since he is a top 4 in my eyes. But the others are unproven, Sharp is proven elite.

  • Sens613

    Thank you very much Chirp for the update. Just arrived back from vacation and would like to our best wishes to Bryan Murray and his Family.

    Our thoughts and prayers will be with during these hard times.

  • Deadly

    Saw yesterday that a poster said ” the hardest working award” was one of the worst awards to win. As a business owner it is certainly one the atributes I reward and appreciate.
    Can anyone understand this kind of thought and attitude?

    • CUP 2014-15

      Troll mentality, everything is negative

      • Deadly

        Pretty well sums it up.

        • CUP 2014-15

          Well we all know who it is and the best thing to do is not feed the trolls and with any luck they will slither away to try and bring about anger on another site.

          • Deadly

            But on a slow news day, he really adds a comedic angle to the activities.

          • CUP 2014-15

            LOL, good point

    • Tooks

      Haha in professional sports the award is much different. How many Hard working awards has Crosby, Malkin, Ovie, Spezza, Kane, Hossa…won…

      Yet they are the best at what they do. Hard working in Sports mean you lack a bit on the skill side, therefore they give you the Hardest working…

      Its not a bad thing, its just not the Art Ross or Hart Trophy. Its like the Lady Byng, lol.

  • SensChirp

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words of support for Bryan Murray. We’ll leave this post up here for people that want to share their best wishes. In the meantime, a new post has been published here.

  • Phoenix

    You can do this….Leader of the Pesky Sens.

  • Matthew Rutldge-Taylor

    Be strong, Bryan Murray. You’ll get through this.