Round Two Match Up Possibilities

SensChirp May 11, 2013 0


After the elation of taking down our Quebecois opponents wears off (well as much as it can) we’ll get to take part in the slightly less fun scoreboard watching until the next round. The meta sport is so much more fun if everyone has a good idea of what everything means, so here’s my round up of our possible opponents.

Pittsburgh: Who doesn’t want Jarome Iginla to finally have his shot at the cup? Me. Especially since it seems likely that we’ll end up going against them. I think that we match up well against the Penguins. Actually every team matches up well against the goalie that scored on his own net to lose the World Juniors. Never forget! It would be a classic offence vs. defence battle that could make the series great. Also at some point I’m fairly sure an anvil will fall on Sidney Crosby so he shouldn’t be a problem, though I reserve the right to pretend I didn’t say Crosby wouldn’t be a problem. Also Matt Cooke, but if I start writing about Matt Cooke I’ll have written pages before I realize what I’ve done.

NY Rangers: How awesome would it be to rematch the Rangers? With all the confidence we have after finally winning a series I think the Rangers would be a very winnable series. I’d be disappointed though that Matt Carkner isn’t on the team anymore because I hear he works as a Brian Boyle repellant. Also I’m not sure if I can make the transition from a shaky Carey Price to Henrik Lundqvist. I still have conversations about how great last year’s Rangers series was so it’d be a dream come true to play them again, this time with an even better chance to win. Our depth would match up really well against the Ranger’s lack thereof, even with their trade deadline deals. It’d be weird to think that Tortorella would be a down step in terms of post-game press conference amusement though.

Boston: Boston scares me; I always get this terrible feeling when we play Boston. Between Chara, Kelly, Redden and Daugavins you have to feel that they have something to prove. If I were Boston’s coach I would pair Redden and Chara together just to play mind games with Ottawa. Then I’d call a timeout with 10 seconds left. I do think though that the Sens could pull off a win against Boston. Anderson is playing amazing and even if he starts recklessly hacking at vegetables again Lehner is unstoppable against the Bruins. We’ve beaten Boston in the past and we can do it again, this year I think we can physically match them and have the skill to score goals too.

Toronto: ….. Come on