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SensChirp October 3, 2013 5

Do you have an opinion about the Ottawa Senators or hockey in general? Well of course you do. We all do and that’s what makes the SensChirp community one of the best on the internet.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to set up a new blog section for the loyal readers of this site. Building on the success of our Chirp of the Week feature, ChirpEd is a place where you can make your voice heard and have your opinion featured and discussed by thousands of diehard hockey fans.

This section, which now appears under its own tab at the top of the page, is for those times when the comment section just isn’t enough.

When you have a longer, more in depth opinion or analysis on an issue and want to make your voice heard. Now I don’t want you to think you’re limited to just the Senators either. If you have a take on the a player, a rule, a trade or the NHL in general, or even something that’s going on down in the American Hockey League, this is the place to share it.

The comments underneath each submission will focus on the issue presented in the submission. Our usual comment section banter will continue under my daily post.

All you have to do is email your ChirpEd submission to me at and I’ll post the best entries in the new section. I’ll work with you on any editing that may be required and will post the best entries as they are submitted.

If you have any questions about the new section, feel free to email me directly or ask in the comment section below. Really look forward to seeing what you all come up with!

  • NickofTime

    A Bigger Tougher Skilled Team
    While many will argue that this current roster of Senator players may be one of the best teams Ottawa has ever had & some crazy Sports writers have picked Ottawa to not only make the playoffs but one crazy poll had Ottawa winning the cup.

    I have followed the Sens from day 1 & was even one of the people who put money up to bring a team to Ottawa. We have had some pretty good teams in the past in Ottawa & I think we have a pretty good team now, I just don’t think they are big enough or tough enough with the lineup they have for a long playoff run. IMO Ottawa cannot win the cup with Conacher, Condra, Da Costa & Pageau in the lineup at the same time. They are just too small & too soft but we also have a few more soft players to add to this, but they at least have some size as a deterrent.

    I like our goaltending a lot & think that these two could be together for a good five yrs even after Lehner takes the #1 job from Anderson, Anderson could still be a very good backup. I like our defence especially with Gryba playing instead of Corvo against tougher opponents. It’s the size & softness of our forwards that bother me & even though it’s the talk of the hockey world right now, I doubt very much fighting is outlawed this season or anytime soon. So what can be done about our size?

    We have some decent size in our organization that may not be quite ready yet but could be part way through the season, maybe even before Christmas. Mark Stone & Zibanejad are two good sized skilled forwards which should be in Ottawa sooner rather than later. At some point I want BM to make a deal & move out at least two players from the current roster & specifically two of the four mentioned above with at least one or more prospects in Bingo who are also undersized.

    If BM can manage to traded Da Costa & Condra & Petersson as an example & bring in a big, tough & skilled top 9 forward around 25 yrs old with some NHL experience this team would certainly improve it’s chances of winning a cup. My guess is that this won’t happen until the trade deadline & BM will play it close to the vest, analyse what other team’s needs are, who may be available & whether what he has to trade will be enough to get what he wants to compete for a cup. I would like to see two trades made this yr & one of them has to be to bring in a bigger & tougher every day player for that gruelling playoff run. What do you think?

    PS – great site Chirp, you may want to add a bold/underline tools bar & maybe a emotioncons thingy. Hey, what happened to the space between paragrahs?

    • SensChirp

      This is great. If you want to submit it as a post in this section, email me at the address listed above and we can post it in the next couple days!

      • NickofTime

        Sure but I should warn you that I take a lot of abuse on message boards for my preference for bigger, tougher players. Most people think I always mean goons when I mention bigger, tougher players but it’s not what I mean at all. I prefer bigger, tougher & skilled players. While people point to Martin St Louis let’s be honest, there is only one Martin St Louis & just because he was successful doesn’t mean our smallish players will be just as successful.
        Pageau had a great playoffs against Montreal but IMO it was because they have a small, soft team plus his extra motivation being a francophone. He has also had a very good preseason but again let’s wait until he plays against teams with a full compliment of NHL players. I like Pageau & respect the kind of heart he shows but Ottawa IMO can not afford to have Condra, Conacher, Da Costa & Pageau all playing in a playoff game together. This would make Ottawa to vunerable to tougher teams.
        Trading for a player like Umberger would bring in an experienced, big, tough, fast player who could play on a 3rd line with Stone & Zibanejad to create another big, fast scoring line who won’t be pushed around in the playoffs. He has a four yr contract which tells you what Columbus think of him so the offer would have to be significant to get him. He’s an example of what I think Ottawa needs to move forward.
        Anyway, have a great weekend Chirp & you can tell I love to tak Sens. All the best & GO SENS GO..

  • Al

    How do I read other peoples blogs

    • SensChirp

      Not sure I entirely understand the question but if you click on ChirpEd at the top you can see other entries in that section. Or click home and you can see all posts on the site.

      Let me know if that works.