From the Farm- BSens Drop Game 1

SensChirp April 28, 2013 0


What can one say being a fan of a minor league sports franchise?

The Baby Sens entered the 2013 Calder Cup Playoffs a much different team that entered the regular season. Sure we are used to call ups, trades, injuries. But to lose both goalies, 3 starting defensemen and 3 top line forwards…well plain hurts.


Binghamton is a pesky town and this is a pesky team. We don't match well against Pittsburgh's sibling. They have a well rounded defense and by-the-numbers the best goaltending in the league.

Staked to a 2 zip lead Scranton/Wilkes-Barre looked to dominate.

Prince/Stone dashed that reality to give us hope. A cocky Chad Kolarik staked a dagger in overtime to set the tone for the series.

It's easy to point blame for what went wrong in the game and to praise what went right. But to stick with a "we are in this together" mentality I have faith in Richardson and Sterling to close the gap for tomorrow night.

And as always Ottawa feel free to send someone down! ;)

Night all…