ChirpEd- Spending Melnyk’s Money

SensChirp February 10, 2014 76
ChirpEd- Spending Melnyk’s Money


Step right up folks, it’s “The Price is Right”!

Thanks to TSN, Eugene’s getting his money. Now the fans are ready to spend it! It’s been years in the making, but thanks to the new CBA, the growth of the NHL game and the passion of Canadian fans, our “small market teams” are now in a position to become not only profitable, but even thrive in the next chapter.

While the focus of the country is on the upcoming Olympic hockey tournament, the talk of this town is now about the very near reality that this Sens team is on the brink of becoming a Stanley Cup contender. The core is strong, the incoming youth are growing and learning, and the veterans are doing their best to keep up with the faster and increasingly talented game each generation brings with it. Though the hard numbers are not known, here are the best estimates out there:

Annual Revenue $83 million (Forbes)
Estimated annual losses $10 million (random Melnyk quote)

2013-14 Team Payroll $56.5 million (Capgeek)
2014-15 Team Payroll $48.3 million (16 players signed)
Difference +$8.2 million

Old National TV Deal $6.3 million (SBJ)
New National TV Deal $14.5+ million (Lebrun, Garrioch says $17-20mil up north)
Difference +$8.2+ million

Old Regional TV Deal $7 million
New Regional TV Deal $33.3 million max (Garrioch)
Difference up to $26.3 million

Old Scotiabank Deal $1.3 million (Forbes)
New CTC Deal $1.5-2 million (Forbes)
Difference +$0.2-0.7 million

Total Increase from New Deals up to $35 million

This total hinges on the accuracy of the new numbers, however even using a conservative 80% of this number gives the team an annual windfall of about $28 million in revenue. Following the CBA’s 50% share, the team could realize up to an approximate $14 million increase in player salaries while maintaining their current “negative” balance sheet at the end of the year. We can add and subtract all day, but these are the numbers we have to work with, so let’s spin the wheel and see what we can buy!

Pending UFAs: Milan Michalek ($4.333 mil), Chris Phillips ($3.083mil), Matt Kassian ($575,000), Joe Corvo ($900,000)
Pending RFAs: Robin Lehner ($870,000), Eric Gryba ($562,500), Cory Conacher ($871,250), Da Costa ($825,000)

Let’s take a look at the players we know:

  • Michalek will either be back or replaced with a similar $4-5mil winger.
  • Phillips re-signs cheaper or is traded/released with plenty of in-house replacements already here or available in Binghamton. A $2-2.5 million estimate is safe here, with the later option coming in even cheaper.
  • Corvo, gone. Thanks for coming back and having a better note to end on though. Glad we could all make up!
  • Kassian is not the most significant piece and should come in near the same salary or be replaced by a slightly more expensive prospect. Let’s say $800,000-$1million.
  • Gryba, Conacher and Da Costa should all easily double their current salary assuming they return, but one of them would not be counted as they are Stone’s injury replacement for now and his salary is on the books next year already. So $2.5-3 million.
  • Lehner is the killer. His salary could jump anywhere from $2 million to upwards of four or five on a longer term (7-8yr) deal. Let’s say it averages out to about $2.5-3 million between all the scenarios.

Add that all up and we have anywhere from $9-14 million to re-sign what currently costs $8.2 million. Leaving us with $9-13 million new revenue money to spend for our good pal Eugene on 2 top end players, whether top 6 forwards or a top 4 defenceman. With that much money the hockey world is our oyster!

Who are you spending it on Sens fans? Free agent frenzy or quantity for quality trades!

  • MethotToMyMadness

    Nice write-up, good review of the numbers. As you said, nobody really knows all the true values, but you have a pretty good adjustment in place for what could be expected.

    One of the bigger questions that have come from all this, will Eugene decide to finally try and pocket a return on his long time investment? Or will he really spend as heavy as some say he will to field the best team. That could put a small damper on the overall amount being seen as well. Just some food for thought.

    As for signings, I think we all agree Corvo isn’t here after this season. Lehner will earn his pay, but he will be paid based on games played, not his expectation as a future #1. Another reason why i think he’s riding the pine more this year, to lower his negotiation rights. And at least 2 of our current D won’t be here either. Da Costa has shown some good signs in his brief showcase, but hard to see Ottawa paying him more than he’s making to let him ride the bus back in Bingo after Stone returns. And Conacher, he will probably stay for a small signing, as Ottawa doesn’t want to admit it was a bad trade for Bishop just yet.

    Michalek is the strange one, he will only gain interest as a last minute trade to a team who’s competing this year, but if that doesn’t happen, he’s going to FA and he’s gone for nothing. I know the hope is he will sign for cheap, but it’s a business and it’s his livelihood. While a 1 Mil difference may not sound like a big reason to pack up and move, consider what that would do in your current job situation? In the end, it always comes down to money.

    I see Ottawa having to pull off another quantity for quality, just to ensure assets aren’t lost for nothing, as well as an FA signing. What those end up being, that’s the biggest question.

  • boom

    Good job!

    Given the (irrationally bad?) mood around here, your timing couldn’t be better.

    Perhaps looking to the future will put everyone in a better frame of mind than obsessing over the current one game losing streak has.

  • sbs138

    we can’t get too far ahead of ourselves here…Eugene could use the extra money to start paying down the debt, then he’ll really be making a profit. we could be a few years away from some big time spending.

  • SenaTHOR

    I agree that Lehner is being screwed for contract negotiating purposes. The fewer games he plays the longer he remains an RFA without arbitration. Gryba is near the point(I think 4games) where he can file for arbitration and I;m sure he will. With Cowen getting over 3 and Wiercioch over two he will want something fair. With arbiritation, a panel will look at his numbers, opposition, and 8 d man situation and give him the league average based on the numbers. Then it will be up to Murray to either pay or release him as a UFA. Gryba playing with Methot certainly isn’t helping the team out for negotiating purposes. Playing him with Karlsson would be a guarantee to drop his numbers into a slop bucket as it has with EVERY player that plays with him.

    • MethotToMyMadness

      Yeah, I mentioned Lehner in that regard and your point about Gryba is true as well. I’m not pointing fingers at Management specifically in a bad way, but in the business of sport and revenue it all comes down to Money. These things happen all the time, they just aren’t usually public knowledge.

  • Hax

    Well researched, well written.

    • Sensnation

      Thanks Hax, much appreciated! Glad you are all enjoying the read.

      • PraiseAlfie11

        Agreed. Good post! Only thing I would submit is the $10M figure is because of the two lockouts…he said this himself.

        I guess the beauty of owning a team and the arena and the parking, etc, is that he can make up all kinds of numbers. That way, he can cry poor all he wants and nobody can call him on it.

        I really think that 10M figure is super inflated. I mean saying “I need help here city of ottawa – let me have the casino” is hard to do when you’re saying you’re making money, right?

  • sben

    I just scrolled down to the comment section only after reading the title and nothing else and I have two words: Mason Raymond.

    • bluebuyyoo

      Actually, Sensnation took the time to put together a very good summary of the Senators’ finances and pending RFA/UFA players . You would likely be doing yourself a big favour by going back up to the top and reading the article.

    • Doc

      And now I’ll do the same while going through the comment section and reading your username, and nothing else.

  • SensChirp

    Combinations from first Team Canada practice

    Benn-Bergeron-St. Louis-Marleau-Duchene as extras so far.


    • Millennium

      Look at that scrub fourth line!

    • MethotToMyMadness

      So much talent there. And it wasn’t until you put Kunitz on the top line with Crosby (which we all knew would happen) that I had to somewhat wonder how guys like Benn-Bergeron-St. Louis-Marleau and Duchene are considered extras.

      I’m a big Kunitz fan, and love his game. Would love to see him in a Sens jersey, but it’s hard to believe how far he’s come over the years and just how high he’s viewed now.

  • Corey Trevor

    Great article, though I hope CP4 hangs ‘em up for good at the end of the season…

  • Corey Trevor

    I ran some numbers to predict the EC final standings based on Quality of Competition (QC1, 2 and 3) and Home and Away games remaining. Basically, I came up with 91pts for a playoff spot and the following match-ups: PIT-OTT, BOS-TOR, TB-MTL, and NYR-CBJ.

    I used the Top 7 teams in the NHL as one bucket of competition (ANA, CHI, STL, PIT, SJ, COL, BOS), possible Playoff teams as the second (QC2) and the Bottom 5 teams as the last Quality of Competition bucket (NYI, CGY, FLA, EDM, BUF). I weighted each game remaining as follows… HOME GR: QC1(GR x 0.75pts) + QC2(GR x the AVG points per Home GP) + QC3(GR x 2pts)… AWAY GR: QC1(GR x 0.5pts) + QC2(GR x the AVG points per Away GP) + QC3(GR x 1.75pts). There was an exception for Top 7 teams, in that I upped the points they receive for GR against other Top 7 teams both Home and Away (QC1). Top 7 teams were given a point for games against other Top 7 teams, where as other teams receive 0.75pts per Home GR and 0.5pts for Away GR.
    I wasn’t expecting OTT to make the playoffs based on these calculations, but they did…

    Atlantic: BOS – 119pts, TB – 103pts, MTL – 95pts
    Metropolitan: PIT – 116pts, NYR – 94pts, CBJ – 91pts
    Wild Cards: TOR – 95pts, OTT 91pts

    Others: DET – 90pts, NJD – 90pts, CAR – 89pts, PHI – 89pts, WSH – 85pts

    • TookieIs100PercentRight

      No need for fancy stats, just use reality.
      Points accumulated / Games played * 82 = total points. That’s all you need to know.
      The NHL isn’t using your system, they use points after 82 games, then tie-breaks.
      Adapt or move on.

      • Corey Trevor

        Hey Troll,
        Saying ‘just use reality’ doesn’t make sense, since I posted about the future (and reality always takes place in the present)… and the NHL doesn’t use this system because they aren’t in the business of ‘predicting’ outcomes. So, you’re out to lunch, like almost all of your troll-like comments.
        Using (pts/gp*82) doesn’t capture quality of competition or venue, which is statistically significant IMO (unless you believe a home game against Edmonton is the same as playing in Chicago). So, if you don’t understand something just move on and don’t comment cuz, now more than ever, you look like an idiot.
        So, thanks for coming out and looking like a real dumb-dumb.

  • NickofTime

    I think there could be a little more money available if BM were to trade Phillips, Conacher & Condra to Buffalo. Phillips could be used to mentor Buffalo’s young defence, Conacher went to school in the area & could be considered home grown & Buffalo could always use a PK specialist & a guy who can drive possession numbers in Condra.

    I doubt those three alone would get you Moulson but if BM were to add Puempel, a former 1st rd pick & Claesson a very good all around defencemen than maybe BM could get both Moulson & Stafford or Ott. This is the kind of bold move BM needs to make to shake up this roster & add two good veteran forwards if they have any hopes of making the playoffs. Stafford is signed for next season & Ottawa can afford to re-sign Moulson if they want to. Ottawa doesn’t need just one forward they could use two good ones & Buffalo has two that would help Ottawa down the stretch & in the playoffs. Get it done BM.

    • sprucesens

      those 3 players aren’t going to get you anywhere near a moulson. puempel in could help, especially if claesson is too. But why we would do that unless it was a guarantee for moulson to resign, is beyond me. Puempel may be the goal scorer we need as is. Claesson has been playing well enough that he will be fighting for a spot next year. I’d sooner hang on to him, until we see if cowen is going to improve this year and next, before we trade him away.
      I really don’t know if we are going to see anything from murray this year. Probably just corvo for a 5th or something to a contending team. Maybe even boston. Murray was very patient during our terrible streak at the start of the year, and probably won’t see a reason to overpay at the deadline to get a rental, unless we plan to resign any rental we aquire. It’ll likely be a let them play approach, but if we can get a hemsky or cammy or similar with a small combo of 3rd and later picks/prospects, we are likely in for a snoozer of a deadline.

    • Mitchell

      How would Phillips mentor? A finger painting class maybe

  • Lorien

    One thing missing:
    The falling Canadian dollar. Or more accurately, the rising American dollar. That is going to have an impact.

    • Senatollah

      there is more than one thing missing, but its still a great starter for a good discussion. The costs to run the team will also increase (this is real money out the door) which will lower the amount of money available. Such as how the new CBA impacts teams including i) more travel out west -change in scheduling, ii) accommodation changes – more private rooms. The cost to do the same business increases also when many States/Cities keep implementing more ‘local’ taxes (new hotel taxes, new tourist taxes, etc)

  • ProudSens

    I keep hearing Q for Q trades since we started our rebuild/retool. How many times did we heard it or hoped for it. I don’t think it will happen. Need to spend $ in the free agent market or do a magical trade (that turned out by the way) like the Turris Deal. I don’t think other clubs will give us Quality for the picks that are available. Go Sens Go

    • s3nsfan

      Hey give Murray credit if he can make signings like MacArthur or trades like Turris and Methot, I think we’re in good hands.

  • goof

    Has anyone seen this:

    Count the goals scored in that video: Seven.
    7 goals scored and 3 of them were against the Sens.
    That’s 40% lol. And they were all consecutive!
    Granted, the Ovechkin and Tavares goals were nice, but what? they couldn’t find a better highlight of Subban?
    Am I the only one who finds that a little ridiculous?

    • Mitchell

      I often notice this myself. Even during Saturday night intro highlights. One thing I’d also like to point out is when the sens play on CBC vs anybody they usually talk about a team not playing. Don Cherry especially

      • goof

        EVERY time.
        Every time… It’s laughable.
        Leafs broadcasts, it’s all Leafs, all the time.

      • aegiszx

        I thought I was the only one who noticed this… So many highlight goals for Ovi/Sid/Hawks are against the Sens…

  • Mitchell

    The time to trade is now. Hoffman, stone, da costa. They’ll all end up on one ways just like Butler. I really like Hoffman and Stone but if we are turning in to contenders it’ll be hard to carry 3 new players for there first full year pro. They have all shown glimpses of what they could be. Non-of-them defensive bond. I’d like to keep them all but the reality of keeping them on 2-ways aren’t reality after the length of time they’ve been on two ways.

    Which makes me wonder if a team would trade for them knowing they’d want one-ways.

    • Doc

      Serious question: Do you see the Sens turning into contenders anytime soon?

      • Mitchell

        the only reason to spend more money is to become contenders. no one spends for fun

        • Doc

          Well I guess you’re more optimistic than I am. I don’t see us becoming contenders any time soon, even if Melnyk decides to spend to add a few pieces.

  • A-Train

    I don’t see the player budget necessarily increasing, especially not if you pro-rate against a rising cap. EM will probably want to stabilize finances a bit.

    Though I’m optimistic that IF a big potential move comes along Murray will have more leeway to make it happen.

    • Sandy

      That was a very good article..
      But I too don’t believe Melnyk spends much more than just over the floor going forward (since the cap will just keep rising). He should.. but I’m not sure he will.

  • SoCal

    Let’s trade quality for quantity! We should also sign that Finnish women’s goalie as our backup next year…

  • Dirtysweetness

    I don’t think we trade…we’ll be lucky to get into the playoffs. It would be a different story if we were in at a 3-4 position in the standings and needed a piece to put us over the top. Why sacrifice the future?
    As for the Stewart rumor, don’t we already have a player of his ilk? (Greening)

    • sprucesens

      stewart scores more regularily. Greening hit 17 goals once. Stewart has hit 28 goals twice, and then had a short season with 18, and has 15 so far this year. Same style, but a much better and more effective player. Age 26. Fits well if the cost is low.

  • Cicero

    Thank you, Sensnation, for a great article and important questions to ask! Thanks Chirp for posting!

    • Sensnation

      Much appreciated Cicero and huge props to Chirp for not only posting our user submitted articles, but also for giving us such an awesome place to chat with other hardcore Sens fans!

  • Jordan

    I would love for the sens to make a pitch for stewart. But what does st. Louis need they seem to be stacked in every position.

    • Deadly

      Cap space maybe.

  • goof

    Off Topic (again) but I was watching some old Team Canada clips as we get closer to the games actually starting (can’t wait!) and I wondered:

    Is this the best powerplay unit ever created?

    Messier – Gretzky – Lemieux
    Bourque – Coffey

    Has anything ever even come close?

    • CUP 2014-15

      Close, take Mess out, move the Great one to the wing and drop Hawerchuck in the middle and you have the forward line that scored the game winner V Russia 87′ best line ever with Murphy and Coffee

      • goof

        Meh, trip induced goal.
        I don’t think trading Messier and Bourque for Hawerchuck and Murphy makes a more dominant 5 man unit.
        Also, Hawerchuck was out there for the D-zone faceoff.

        • CUP 2014-15

          Anyone who watched a fair amount of hockey in the 80′s knows Hawerchuck was the third best player in the league. He was player of the game in that win and yes he would be the one to go to in the DZone. Mess had Gretz, Anderson, Kurri, Coffee etc. Hawerchuck had……Oh ya, Paul MacLean

          • goof

            lol fair enough

          • TookieIs100PercentRight

            “Anyone who watched a fair amount of hockey in the 80′s knows Hawerchuck was the third best player in the league”
            Peter Stastny begs to disagree.

    • Ghost of Moose Vasko

      Beliveau – Moore – Richard – Harvey – Geoffrion

      The powerplay unit that made the League change the rules

  • Phoenix

    I’d pass on stewart, greening has half the points as stewart but comes considerably cheaper in salary both this year and following years. I’d rather the assets go into a stud dman.

  • Dirk-Diggler

    Let’s assume Phillips retires or is traded (best situation based on quality of play)

    I think that leaves us with approx $20M to spend.

    Here’s what I would do…

    Anderson $3.1875
    Lehner $2.9 (same money as Bernier but I can see it being a 5 year deal)

    I’d also like to see Anderson get a 3 year extension

    D: The following are on one way deals (cap # reflected)

    Karlsson $6.5
    Methot $3.0
    Cowen $3.1
    Weircioch $2.0
    Ceci $0.85
    Borowiecki $0.575
    $16.025 M

    I think we can add a D man around $4-5M on the roster that can eat a lot of minutes. I’d prefer someone like Ehrhoff and I’d trade Gryba, 2015 2nd and Conacher.


    Too many players to list… but I’d go hard after one of the following: Callahan (unlikely he’d sign here though I’d pay $5.25 for 7 years (same as Clarkson)), Gaborik (I know that’s a contentious choice but I’d offer him a 3 year deal at $6M/season), Cammy (3 year deal at $5.5), Moulson ($5.0 for 6 years)..

    I’d let Michalek go unless he’s willing to sign a two year deal around $3.5/season

    Find a trade for Greening and Neil… Both can be replaced

    • Sandy

      Sorry, no to trading Neil. He is not an elite scorer.. but he does bring a lot to the Sens in his own way. That guy bleeds Sens red and is proud to play here..

      Gaborik… no thanks, more injured than Michalek.

      Callahan — no thanks.. will cost too much to get him from the Rangers and he wants top dollar and long term… he’s not getting top dollar in Ottawa..

      • Millennium

        The team won’t trade Neil if for no other reason than to avoid the tidal wave of outrage that would follow given what happened with Alfie so recently. That’s not to say they shouldn’t consider it though. Business is business at some level.

    • Millennium

      If Callahan would take 5.25/7 Rangers would lock him up in a heartbeat.

    • Senatollah

      Ehrhoff would be a great addition. Great value, long long term deal. Even near end of deal would probably make a great 5/6 role at a reasonable rate.

      Any moves the Sens make they really need to acquire someone currently under contract for more than 1 or 2 years. Forget signing UFAs in the summer unless they are cast offs from another Canadian team. They can sign for less money in the US however take home more real dollars at the end of the day.

  • SENSible Voice

    I hate being the pessimist here but this team came back down to earth this season in a big way. Remember the experts who predicted Ottawa would be a cup contender this year. Seems like that was such a long time ago, doesn’t it?

    The reality is that our over-achievers could not duplicate this year and our veterans have begun regressing. So where does that leave us? In a sad state if you ask me.

    Up-front, things fall off dramatically after the MacArthur-Turris-Ryan line. Spezza will need two new wingers next year but are there even two top 6 forwards available that can compliment him? Perhaps it is time to promote Zibanejad to 2C and find him some wingers. A Spezza trade could fetch us a nice 2nd line winger. You can then focus on finding one more top 6 winger.

    On defense, it’s become abundantely clear that Cowen is not, and likely will never live up to expectations. We need a top 4 D badly. Those are not easy to find, no matter how much cap space you have and the willingness to make use of it.

    So with that said, it’s clear that Ottawa is at least one significant trade away and two acquisitions short of being the team almost everyone envisioned back in September.

    • Zelle

      I think your outlook is too bleak. If you watch Ottawa play when the whole team shows up you can see them beat or at least compete with the best teams in the league. The problem is two fold, in my opinion: either lazyness or apathy is on show during every other game. You can see that the skill is there. Not enough yet to be a true Cup favorite obviously, but definitely playoff material. I just don’t understand why the winner mentality is so lacking.

      • runningbear1974

        I wonder if it has anything to do with the way we’re playing… Could be we always have certain weaknesses, and some other teams are able to take advantage of them… The teams that are able to take advantage make us look bad…
        We sometimes win against strong opposition… But, does anyone feel we have a chance against strong opposition in a playoff series? Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, LA, Anaheim…
        Everyone has good and bad games, that’s just life… But, some people have bad games even when they’re also having a good game…
        I’m worried about certain players (those that are not adapting to a defensive minded game)… 1) why can’t someone adapt their game? 2) it seems some players are not able to appropriately assess the dangerous situations in a game (they’ll do what they do regardless of what’s happening)…
        If someone can not adapt, then it’s the coaches job to hide that person’s weakness, that’s not so bad if just one person, but if several people doing their own thing, then becomes increasingly difficult for the coach…

        • Zelle

          Sens definitely have weaknesses and no I don’t think it’s a Cup contender just yet, as I mentioned. A winner mentality will show itself in the effort and the drive. When the team hardly skates or checks or battles for pucks, they’re obviously not trying, it’s not a weakness thing. How come SDC, Conacher, and Pageau battle for pucks and sometimes win but then bigger players like Spezza, Cowen, Greening can’t seem to. How can a team compete hard against St-Louis but then barely win against the Sabres who had played the previous night against Pittsburgh. It’s really odd. Not to mention the often lackluster performance in the last 10minutes of almost every game. Sure against Tampa they still won, but then against Colorado they ended up losing in OT.

          Inconsistency frustrates me to no end, especially when I see sparks of brilliance. It’s not like the team just plain sucks.

          • runningbear1974

            I’m curious… What exactly do you feel is winner mentality?

            I agree we’re lacking in winner mentality, but I don’t think it’s because of laziness or apathy… I think it’s because of mental capacity… They just don’t have the brain power to recognize what matters, and what doesn’t… Either we lack mental ability to recognize what matters, or we lack in physical ability to do what we recognize as important…

          • Zelle

            Basically to push yourself past where you think your abilities will get you. To try everything you can to win no matter the game, the stakes, the hurdle. To have the confidence to know you can win, no matter what people say are the odds. The ability to move past failures. I feel these are qualities that winners have. Apathy towards the outcome of a game or general lazyness, to me, suggest a lack of this mentality.

            It could be physical too, conditioning, all that. From what I hear though most of the players are in excellent health so even a compressed schedule shouldn’t affect them. Granted though I’ll never know what kind of physicality it takes to endure the sport at that level.

    • Sandy

      I’m not ready to give up on a 22 yr old defenseman yet..

      • runningbear1974

        I think of Cowen as the incredible hulk… We just need him to get really angry more often…

        • s3nsfan

          That’s his secret, he’s not always angry.

  • SensChirp

    The loss to the Bruins before the break was disappoinTing, but you have to admire the fight the SenatOrs havE shown the last month and a bit. Visually, they looked like a tEam that was down and out early on buT they have managed to battle their way back into playoff contention. Sens will need to play some damn good hockey down the stretch but at least they’ve made it interesting.

    • Deadly

      I am so bored I am trying to figure out if you are sending us a hidden message with the scattered capitals. T-O-E-E-T.
      Hmmmm..Toronto -Ottawa -

      • SensChirp


        • Deadly

          Is that good or bad?

          • SensChirp

            Have another look…

        • Doc

          Lol…noticed that too. Initially thought that someone else might have written your comment, since you’re not known to make these types of ‘mistakes’.

          Sounds like Tweet? lol…

  • Conor_smythe

    Chirp any news on Phillips? I heard he was a key piece in the Parenteau trade and possibly might be the reason the trade fell apart… something about ‘tying up loose ends in Ottawa’ and also ‘the logistics of a sign and trade’

    I almost wet myself when I heard this.. you hearing the same?

    • SensChirp

      Had certainly heard the Parenteau interest but nothing about Phillips being involved. Not to say your information is inaccurate though. I’ll ask around.

      • zippy

        I heard (TSN I think was speculating) that Colorado put a hold on because they lost other wingers to injury and needed him.

  • Miguel

    great job Sensnation, that breaks it down so well, that even a layman like me could make sense of it, and realize that EM, should not complain about “small Market… losing 10M per year” for the near future.
    EM open up the wallet, and watch the crowds overflow at the CTC, when we build a cup contending team!

  • MB

    If Murray ever wants to win a cup he would be wise to spend Melnyk’s funds. There are a few holes that need to be filled and it’s not just for the sake of filling them, it needs to be the right players at the right position.

    • SenaTHOR

      Your right but add at a rock bottom price. We want to sell ours high and buy theirs low. Seems like the only way it works here.