Proposal- The SensChirp MVP

SensChirp August 12, 2013

WRITTEN BY SENSCHIRP READER BRYAN I am a die-hard Sens fan living in Montreal…I am also a soccer fanatic. The reason why I bring that up is because for years now, here in Montreal

Bought Out

SensChirp June 17, 2013

WRITTEN BY SENSCHIRP READER- Alex C As the excitement of the buyout and free agency period continues to build, I’ve been thinking a lot about players that may soon become available. I’ve listed the

On Last Night’s Game

SensChirp May 20, 2013

WRITTEN BY SENSCHIRP READER- Glenn So I couldn't watch the game, which was a drag. And the TVs in the casino where I work were only showing the Spurs-Grizzlies game. My wife Kayla was

Round Two Match Up Possibilities

SensChirp May 11, 2013

WRITTEN BY SENSCHIRP READER- Michael After the elation of taking down our Quebecois opponents wears off (well as much as it can) we’ll get to take part in the slightly less fun scoreboard watching

Toronto’s Overhaul

SensChirp May 1, 2013

WRITTEN BY SENSCHIRP READER- Cooke-d, Alex C Looking at the Leafs roster, a few things jump out at me. First, the team has only dressed 7 players this year that were drafted by the

From the Farm- Second Verse, Same as the First

SensChirp April 29, 2013

WRITTEN BY SENSCHIRP READER- timwrx Scranton and ill penalties combined to put the Binghamton Senators on the brink of elimination tonight with another 3-2 win. Down 2 games to nothing Coach Richardson needs to

From the Farm- BSens Drop Game 1

SensChirp April 28, 2013

WRITTEN BY SENSCHIRP READER- timwrx What can one say being a fan of a minor league sports franchise? The Baby Sens entered the 2013 Calder Cup Playoffs a much different team that entered the

The Myth of an Ottawa Rebuild

SensChirp April 18, 2013

WRITTEN BY SENSCHIRP READER- Cooke-d Looking at the Ottawa Senators roster, I’m struck by a few things.  Firstly, they’re a young team; I can count over 20 roster players under the age of 30. 

A League Wide Perception of the Sens

SensChirp April 13, 2013

I’ve always wanted to know what people think about me, and while the technology is almost here I get the feeling that I don’t need a listening device to know people are making fun

Forward Thinking on Senator Contracts

SensChirp March 31, 2013

With some excellent drafting, some smart trades for young players and some great work in general within the organization to develop from within, the Senators now find themselves with one of the deepest and