The New SensChirp

SensChirp October 4, 2013 109
The New SensChirp

With a new season finally upon us, I figured it was time to give this place a little makeover!

Thanks to some excellent work by our web design guy, we have a new look and one that should greatly improve the reader experience here on SensChirp.  Same ol’ content, just a new and more modern format that allows more options for both writer and reader.

While there was a time when SensChirp was all about the “updates” I provided, the site has evolved into something much bigger than that.  And while that inside information is something that keeps readers coming back, it’s the community that we have been able to build that is the real strength of this site.

The changes are designed to enhance and build on a community that has become one of the strongest on any Sens website.  Your profile will have more options that help you better define yourself in the SensChirp community. The comment section itself is easier to navigate and read.  You’ll need to sign up for a new account but I’ve done a couple test runs and it actually takes less than 30 seconds.

And like previous changes we’ve made to the site, we realize that it’s not going to be perfect right off the bat.  I encourage you to leave your comments and suggestions in the comment section or submit them directly using the Contact option at the top of the page.

So have a look around and let us know what you think.  Really looking forward to what should be an exciting season of hockey here in the SensChirp Community.


  • Dr.Hockey

    The Dr. approves!

  • Dr.Hockey

    Looking good!

  • beeblebrox

    Nice look, Chirp. Pity I had to re-register to log in.

    Hope nobody re-registers the “Tookie” handle. That would be a shame. *cough*

    • Dr.Hockey

      Just a heads up, posts that are flagged 5 times disappear. For future Tookie control :)

    • s3nsfan

      Yeah that really would be a shame if that name was already taken and just not used *cough*COUGH* lol

  • my2sens

    Had to re-register? Other than that, looks amazing!

    Love the brighter colors and the live scoreboard on the right is awesome!!

    Great job SC!!!!!!!!!!


    • SensChirp

      Yup. New comment system meant readers would have to re-register. A bit of a pain but worth it for the upgrade!

      • my2sens

        Definitely worth it! She’s a beaut!!

  • Radia

    Loving the new site Chirp, but the question that’s on everyone’s mind: does it function well with amazing tables?

  • Robert Lepage

    Nice changes, JC.

    • SensChirp

      Thanks! Still getting a few things sorted out but so far, so good!

  • FBP

    Looks great Chirp! It got so classy around here.

  • FistsofNeil25

    Love the new look Chirp! Excited for the puck to finally drop on the Sens season. I have high hopes for our team this year. They no longer play the role of the underdog.

    The Sens have a quality roster and with Spezza, Karlsson, Michalek, Cowen, and Anderson all getting healthy, and the addition of Bobby, expectations are high. It’s time that this team take the next step to becoming a contender. Let’s hope the hockey gods make up for last season’s bad fortune.


  • NO65*

    Love it. Can’t wait to see how it looks on my iPad.
    Go SENS Go

  • s3nsfan

    Love it!!!!!!

  • A Tain

    Looks good … easier on the eyes.

    • A Train

      Typo correction test

      • s3nsfan

        Grammatical, Analytical; Test!!!

  • s3nsfan

    Great job on the new site Chirp.

    Anyone else get all giddy hearing the promo for the new Sens season on TSN1200?


  • MaritimeSens

    Great new look Chirp! Now just waiting for the puck to drop.

  • GoSensGoEh

    Test Comment

    Sens game tonight, televised, in English :-)

  • Chris

    looks awesome, great job chirp.

  • Player-61

    Test test…good Lord there’s a Sens game tonight!! Beat them Sabres to kick it off on the right foot!!

  • Rob Stewart

    I like it! Great job!

  • ReleaseTheKarlsson

    Love the look! Can’t wait for the game tonight! Anyone heading to Hooley’s tonight?

  • sensarmy123

    cant wait till game time !!! sick new site chirp!

  • leisinger

    Like the look of the new site. Is there any way the comment box could also appear at the bottom of the comments? Also is there going to be a “quote” function?

    • SensChirp

      Good question. I know you can sort the comment section either to have newest at the top or the oldest. Does that work? Will check with web guy about quoting but what you can do now is reply directly to a particular post. Like this!

      • Go Sens Go

        I had mine sorted as oldest but my own post and any new ones showed up on top till I hit sort again.

      • s3nsfan

        I like this better than quoting, so then there is an actual discussion at the original comment not a bunch of quotes you have to read through and edit to fit in under 1200 characters

    • SenaWalrus

      You can sort the comments from newest to oldest, and reply from the top!

    • Go Sens Go

      I think if you just hit reply to a comment you won’t need to quote. Though if you need to then we may have to copy paste I don’t see anything else yet.

  • Go Sens Go

    Great job Chirp. One suggestion. It would be great to have a sticky blog or two where people post various streaming options and/or other non sens related topics that get discussed time and time again like the gamecenter discussion.

  • SenaWalrus

    Looking good!!!

  • sensarmy123

    is there a way to refresh the comments list

    • SensChirp

      Wondered that too but it seems to do it automatically.

      • SenaWalrus

        There is a “New Comments” button at the top when there are more comments…

    • Go Sens Go

      On the top I see a blue bar which says how many new comments there are and you can click on it to refresh. It would be nice to have that bar at the bottom as well.

  • SenaWalrus

    Does this site support fancy tables???

    • s3nsfan

      Even if it does there’s no comparison to the one that blessed the FORMER senschirp lol

    • The Apostle

      It’s a question that deserves answers.

  • SenaWalrus

    Once the season gets going, perhaps you could add a “standings” table to the top right next to the scoreboard?

  • boom

    Looks great to me Chirp, although I’m an old fart so take that for what it’s worth…

  • The Apostle

    testicles testicles 1-2-3

  • The Apostle

    Like the direct reply function. Now if a particular discussion becomes something not to your taste you can skip it all.

  • Go Sens Go

    Looks like the refresh only shows new comments on top even though I have selected oldest first. Small thing as I can easily select newest first ;-)

  • The Apostle

    Interesting function that means you can see who has voted a post up. Now we can finally discover who has a crush on who.

    • SensChirp

      You’ll quickly learn that I have a crush on EVERYONE. A good portion of my day is spent up-voting people because I didn’t like seeing so much red in the comment section.

    • Go Sens Go

      LOL. Looks like you can vote your own post up as well now. I just did to one of my posts.

      • The Apostle

        I did that too. Then I got embarrassed and voted it down.

        • Jorge Frasero

          I did a bunch of that too. Just checking out all the buttons. It’s called training for the game tonight and the upcoming season.

  • BonksMullet

    Test reply

    • sensarmy123

      yessssss bonksmullet is on senschirp nowwww

      • BonksMullet

        I’ve been reading SensChirp since the Dany Heatley saga.

  • Francis Carriere

    Test test! Looking good!

  • Ben

    This is awesome!
    I love the new “Tookie Control Feature” hahaha.

    Game day fellas!! Beyond pumped!

  • Alan Burns

    The New site look great. Can’t wait for tonight’s game!

  • Mac

    Awesome job looks really good ! GO SENG GO

  • GoSensGoEh

    Okay, so here’s my dilemma today.

    Today is my anniversary – yay!
    Senators game on tonight – bigger yay!!
    Wife works afternoons tonight – convenient!
    Wife almost came home sick last night – oh noes, hope she’s feeling better…
    Wife doesn’t like to miss work – what a trooper, game on still?
    Wife wants to spend anniversary with husband not watching hockey – huh, but hon, we’ll have another one next year…

    • FBP

      Go to a restaurant that will have a TV on that will show the game. Or just go to The Senate and after being seated, be like, “Oh nooooo I thought this was a fancy 8 course kinda place where Senators eat.”

  • laffin681021

    Looking good Chirp!

  • disqus_VcD936WmV2

    Comments were a pain…

    • BonksMullet

      You got a catchy username though.

      • disqus_VcD936WmV2

        Damn Disqus

    • SensChirp

      Any particular issue or just hard to catch up? Takes some getting used to but this new system will be much better once everyone is adjusted.

      • disqus_VcD936WmV2

        Well, I used to just type in a valid email, any display name I wanted and post a comment. I used to post under the name Sicilian all the time. Anyway, this time, I’m asked to login, disqus says I have an account already but then it generates a user name for me and won’t let me change it.

        I’m going to deactivate this account and try again

        • SensChirp

          Ah. Keep me posted and let me know if there are issues.

          • Sicilian

            Ok, I got it. I just had to change the “Full Name” field on Disqus profile. Everything is good now :)

  • procdaddy

    I think you’ve now bypassed in the webdesign department.

  • Mat

    Nice work Chirp!! Exciting day in Sensland. To all of Sens army, here’s to a freakin awesome 2013-14!! The quest for the Cup continues!!!!

  • iSens

    Love the new look! Look at you all grows up!

  • Dr.Hockey

    If anyone doesn’t want to make a Disqus account you can sign up to Senschirp only and comments will work with that as well.

  • senate19

    My initial thoughts:
    -Can Chirp still BOLD his posts
    -Remove the “Load more comments” at the bottom. I want this thing to just go right to the end.

  • ReleaseTheKarlsson

    This is going to be the longest…….ever…

  • benchwarmer

    Nice redesign! Looking good!

  • Ray Emery

    Let’s go boys!! Can’t wait to get this season going!!

    PS…leafs suck!

  • Sicilian

    Hey site looks good on my cellphone too but has anyone been able to log in? I can’t seem to do it but I’m not sure if I’m just messing up the password

  • Sens39

    Howdy Chirp! Great site!
    Go Sens Go!!!!

  • Smash88

    Looking good!

  • johnny T

    senschirp is new and improved….SUCK IT PHANEUF!!!

  • SENSible_Fan

    Love the updated look… much easier to read and cleaner looking.

    Just a suggestion, is a way you can have a streaming window where Sens fans could come to your site to watch the game online while we could comment on the game live? There may be copyright issues making this difficult but if not, would bring even more viewers/readers to your site and not just once a day and be done after they’ve read your daily blog.

  • Tookie

    Too many bells – not enough whistles

    • s3nsfan

      I thought you were supposed to monitor the old site? :P lol

      • SensChirp

        I think that may be an imposter, actually. No sign of the real Tookie yet.

        • s3nsfan

          We can only hope lol.

  • Guest

    I really love the “reply” option as opposed to the “quote” option.. things were getting ridiculous when somebody would quote 9 paragraphs just so they can add a quick 1-line response

    and then 10 more people would re-quote the entire comment just to reply to the reply. Too much scrolling on my phone, my thumb was about to fall off

    I seem to remember Old-Old-SensChirp had a setup more like this one.

    Well done!

  • SensChirp

    Bout an hour to go until our first Game Day post on the new site! Sens are on the ice for their morning skate shortly.

    • Robert Cyr

      Could not for whatever reason, log in as Snoopy Senior, so I logged in via my e-mail address and voila, I’m now the real Robert Cyr

      Amazing layout and truly much clearer to the eyes compared to old site.

      GO SENS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • SensChirp

        Yup, you need to set up a new account here on the site. Old log in info is no longer active.

  • yannrock

    Looking good!!!!!!!

  • Robert Cyr

    Hey Chirp,

    Left you a comment on your new site, just under your post about the game day post,
    coming up in about 1 hour. Could not log in as Snoopy Senior, so am now under Robert Cyr


    GO SENS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Site looks fantastic Chirp. After being a reader for years I finally decided to register for an account. Really good job on the re-brand.

    • SensChirp

      Thanks! An upgrade to the old design has been a long time coming. Good to hear you (finally!) signed up for an account.

  • my2sens

    So excited/nervous for tonight’s match up…

    At least we have this fancy new site to gawk at!

    • my2sens

      So it seems you can see who voted up/down for comments other than your own only?

      Hmmm… now I cant take names and Kessel someone for voting me down…

  • Eric

    NICE! Love it Chirp. New and shiny–AND functional!

  • Sean

    Looking good, SC!!

    Go Sens Go!!

  • SensChirp

    Game Day post is up!

    • Alcatraz

      where? lol

      • SensChirp

        As the most recent post on the home page. See it?

  • MethotToMyMadness


  • NickofTime

    The new site looks great …. look forward to reading all of your posts.

    • SensChirp

      New Game Day post is up! See you over there.

  • Millennium

    Anyone else having problems loading the new site in Chrome? I have to use Firefox to get the page to load properly.

    Love the new site, Chirp!

    • s3nsfan

      Nope been using chrome all day at the office.

  • sscr

    Chirp, looks great.. good job.

  • s3nsfan

    Boys and girls just a shade over 3 hours left until game time. Hockey is BACK!!!!!!!!